A little East, a little West

Selection of sumptuous cakes and pastries

WHEN I first heard of Niniq, I wondered how the word is spelled. As my friends extolled its wonderful menu, I realised that it’s the name of a Bistro & Bakery that is fast gaining popularity in Johor Baru.

What does “neenik” mean? I found out that it’s an Indonesian pet name for a girl and a polite way to address a young lady.

What’s Special

At Niniq, I found out what happens when you combine the culinary skills of Malaysian-Indonesian Chinese parents with the talents of an oversea educated daughter with a passion for creating and perfecting exciting recipes. It’s a unique blend of traditional Malaysian, Indonesian and Chinese cuisine mixed with European and Australian fare.

An Australia education and work experience in the food service industry here and abroad have given Angela Ho, the proprietor of Niniq Bistro & Bakery, an advantage.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Initially too modest to discuss how she applies her Business Degree to café business operations, she becomes more animated when talking about her recipes. It is obvious that she has a deep passion for creating food that not only tastes great but must also be well presented.

Niniq’s in-house bakery offers a selection of exquisite cakes and pastries to go with floral teas and freshly-brewed Italian coffee. If you have acquired a taste for it, this is also one bakery that produces freshly-baked European sourdough breads.

Regular guests often enjoy wine with their meals at Niniq, so if you like, you are welcome to Bring Your Own. The best part is that there is no corkage charge!

The Recipes

Growing up with mum’s Indonesian flavours and dad’s Taiwan-influenced Malaysian recipes, Ho inherited an interest for good food. Her Niniq menu has soups, entrees, meat and poultry, pasta, rice and noodles, gourmet sandwiches, cakes and pastries, with East-meets-West varieties to match diverse tastes.

Lamb Gule with saffron rice and side of egg sambal
Sauces and soups are made from fresh ingredients and some of the spices, not available here, are imported from Indonesia. Popular specialties are Lamb Gule and Ayam Goreng served with saffron rice, a side of spicy egg belado and fried tempe while Rawon, a traditional beef soup is served with plain rice and half a salted egg.

Connoisseurs of buah keluak will appreciate Rawon’s distinctive flavour, rich with tender chunks of beef, long beans and cabbage.

Another delectable favourite is Gado Gado, a vegetable salad drizzled with crunchy peanut sauce.

Authentic Asian cuisine, Western gourmet specialties and scrumptious cakes and pastries in a chic ambience – it’s easy to see why Niniq is on everyone’s lips!

Getting There

Located at 40, Jalan Perang, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Baru, Niniq is open from 11am to 10pm from Monday to Saturday. For reservations, call 07-333 4800. The restaurant is pork-free.

This article was first published in The New Straits Times, Travel Times on 21 November 2006

Info Update:  Niniq opened a new outlet in Taman Setia Tropika, Johor Baru in December 2010.  More on this new outlet with bigger premises and wider menu, later.

Niniq recently closed its outlets in Taman Pelangi and Taman Setia Tropika.  Fans of Niniq can look forward to a new concept dining experience from 1 March 2017, at their outlet in Taman Molek.  Watch this space for more updates!

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