Choices! Choices!

One side of the illustrated menu at U Desserts
Have you been to a restaurant where you can spend more time selecting from the menu than in finishing your meal?  I mean, you can spend so much time scanning the menu to pick a choice because the menu is so wide that you are simply spoilt for choice!  This is what happened when I went to U Desserts for what else, but a spot of dessert. 

The menu has so many folds that I’m reminded of the folds in an accordion – and it’s filled with rows of items not just on one side but an equally large number of items also with pictures on the reverse side. 

Reverse side of the menu!

After I got over the shock of seeing so many choices, I realise that the wide variety of items are categorized under sections like Tofu Pudding, Red Bean, Black Glutinous Rice, Herbal Jelly, Mango Specials and traditional healthy desserts. 

A little order slip with a pencil is provided for you to write in the item code numbers with quantity and return to the waiter to place your order.

I must confess that I’m a dessert-person, always saving a bit of space in my stomach for that sweet ending, and U Desserts is where I can indulge in both hot and cold Chinese desserts.  I’m quick to overlook the fruit juices, ice-blended and soft-drinks in the menu only to zero-in on the durian and mango specialties. 

Slicing through a mango pancake dessert
When I first discovered mango specialties in Hong Kong, I somehow found ways to indulge in some mango dessert everyday during my stay!  And now here’s a one-stop shop for a range of similar desserts almost at my door-step, along with a mind-boggling variety to enjoy!

I like illustrated menus because it gives me an idea on what to expect when I order food.  Of course, most menus print a small disclaimer to state that, “Pictures are for reference only,” because very often what is served may not turn out like what’s shown in the photo. 

A selection of delightful desserts at U Desserts
But I’m delighted to see that what’s served here bears a striking resemblance to what’s illustrated in the photos!

It’s easy to understand familiar items listed as “Chinese style (hot and cold) desserts” that include Peanut Soup, Sesame Soup, Sweet Ball in Almond Soup but don’t miss the mysterious “Secret Recipes of Coolen Soup” under the Coolen Soup category. 

The latter is marked with a star icon as a recommended “Must Try” item so you should put your worries to rest.  This coolen must not to be mistaken with your car coolant but is a dessert believed to have similar “cooling” properties that can soothe and heal the opposing “heaty” conditions.

All-time favourite, plain "naked" tau foo fah!
I must also confess that since I discovered U Desserts, I’ve been to all three outlets in and around Johor Baru – first in Taman Sentosa, then in Taman Sutera Utama and recently at Taman Mount Austin.  Just as in any food service, hygiene and good service is a priority so I guess their mod décor, family-friendly ambience, generous portions and tasty choices will keep Chinese dessert fans coming back for more. 

With such a wide variety to indulge in, maybe I should make another visit to try out more items in their menu!


Choices picked on a visit to U Desserts, Mount Austin outlet

More choices picked on a visit to Plaza Sentosa outlet

Florence [Left] and Auntie Lilian at U Desserts, Mount Austin outlet
on 21 January 2012


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