Cafe Twelve

Chef Bryan Chong presents his version
of Macaroni & Cheese!
Born on December 12, Chef Bryan Chong will turn 28 on his next birthday.  After working with 6 professional chefs in various food outlets in Singapore in the last 8 years, this Johor-born chef decided to continue his culinary career in Johor.  When he met Jack Tan, another enterprising young man whose birthday is also in the twelfth month, they discovered a shared passion for good food and decided to work together to serve world-class cuisine at affordable prices in a café they call, Café Twelve.

Café Twelve is like a breath of fresh air in Kulaijaya because Chef Bryan is applying his experience and expertise in café cuisine to create a chic menu in the café.  Here, you can pick a complete meal from Starters to Main courses with desserts and coffee or have as small a meal as you like.  Whatever you choose, you can be sure that it will be unlike what you may often find in other cafes. 

If you have a big appetite, you can start your meal with a choice of rich soup – Pumpkin, Leek & Potato, Carrot & Sweet Potato or classic Mushroom – made from fresh ingredients.  Then whet your appetite with a slice or two of Bruschetta topped with tomato salsa flavoured with extra virgin oil and basil.  Fresh Garden Salad made with lettuce leaves, tomatoes, onion rings and mango tossed in balsamic-caramel vinaigrette is another refreshing and healthy appetizer. 

Bruschetta topped with tomato salsa flavoured with extra
virgin oil and basil [Foreground] and Fresh Garden Salad
If you are a fan of Macaroni & Cheese, then you will simply fall in love with Chef Bryan’s version of baked macaroni filled with apple chunks in cheese gravy.  Several mains in a choice of fish, beef or chicken, are popular with discerning customers who have discovered that these dishes are meticulously prepared to local tastes. 

Imagine sinking your teeth into moist and tender Stewed Farm Chicken Leg, slow-cooked with tomato sauce and served on a bed of linguine pasta.  Be warned.  Even if you don’t enjoy pasta in a tomato-based flavour, don’t be surprised if Chef Bryan’s recipe will change your mind. 

Bread & Cheese crusted fillet of Sea Bass on a bed
of caramelised leeks
Café Twelve boasts of a delicious Braised Beef Chuck, where the meat is braised for 6 hours in bean paste veal jus and served with a side of potato mousse and daily vegetables.  This main course dish is certainly a meat-lover’s choice prepared with local beef.  If you prefer fish, try the Bread & Cheese crusted fillet of Sea Bass on a bed of caramelised leeks, drizzled with fondant and cherry tomato halves.

End your satisfying meal with a slice of freshly baked cake or savour a choice of special desserts.  Bryan’s Chocolate Mousse comes highly recommended as it is not only a feat to coat squares of creamy chocolate mousse with crispy cornflakes but its contrasting textures taste delightfully smooth and crunchy.  Chocolate lovers may find the delicious dark chocolate oozing out of the Chocolate Lava simply irresistible while the tangy tangerine flavour from the orange compote with silky cream Panna Cotta is just heavenly!

Stewed Farm Chicken Leg on a bed of linguine pasta

Chef Bryan uses local ingredients from Halal sources and is exploring ways to create interesting flavours that are unique to Café Twelve.  Look out for the “specials” as they are introduced into the expanding menu in this contemporary café.  Items marked with “V” denote a Vegetarian dish and no pork products and no wine are used in all dishes.

Café Twelve is located on the street level of Jeta Care at No. 1, 2 & 3 Jalan Susur 1, Taman Seraya, Kulai Besar, 81000 Kulaijaya.  Open from 11.15am to 4pm and closed on Sunday.  Tel: 607 – 663 6888.

Chef Bryan's desserts: Chocolate Mousse [Left]
and Orange Panna Cotta
A version of this article was published in The New Straits Times, Johor Streets on 4 October 2012

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