D'Coast Mediterranean

Chef D'Cuisine Johari Mat Noor
presents Barbecued Spare Ribs
Picture the Mediterranean, an inland sea that borders nations like France, Spain, Croatia, Italy, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Algeria, Morocco and Cyprus with 46,028 km (28,600 miles) of coastline.  The culinary wealth from these nations is the inspiration that led Azmi Affandi, better known as Chef Benny the Senior Culinary Director of The Puteri Pacific Johor Baru, to present a multi-cuisine menu at the hotel’s Mediterranean restaurant aptly named, D’Coast.  

Award-winning Chef Benny, whose culinary career includes training in Luxembourg and stints in Michelin-starred restaurants in Luxembourg and France, is now sharing his experience and expertise with the team in D’Coast.

The recently refurbished hotel has dedicated an entire section of the lobby to the restaurant which boasts an open-kitchen concept.  Designed in contemporary colours with a split-level dining hall and lounge, the subtle lighting is just right for convivial gatherings and corporate meals.  Now the kitchen team is visible from the lobby and you can even watch as your food is being prepared. 

Atlantic Cod Fish drizzled with sun-dried tomato butter sauce

“We have a daily 3-course set lunch menu that is very popular with corporate clients,” said Chef Benny who went on to say that the menu has a main course with dessert and another item of either a soup or salad. 

“We make our own ravioli and bake our own breads,” he added, proud of the restaurant’s signature trait of every diner being served with a starter of freshly baked bun of focaccia bread with pesto sauce dip.

Carre D'agneau, slow-coasted Rack of Lamb

For a satisfying meal at D’Coast, you can start with delicious Potato & Leek soup which is served with a side of tasty croutons that stays crunchy after you sprinkled them on your soup.  

If you are a fan of lamb, try Carre D’agneau, a slow-roasted Rack of Lamb with a crispy provencal crust, served with garlic and thyme jus’.  Or pick from the March promotional menu that features well marinated Barbecued Spare Ribs and Atlantic Cod Fish drizzled with sun-dried tomato butter sauce. 

Delicious Chocolate Cup Cake with a side of vanilla ice-cream
If you have a sweet-tooth, you must dig into their Chocolate Cup Cake that has moist insides and tastes heavenly with vanilla ice-cream.  Equally irresistible is the generous portion of creamy Tiramisu.  Their 2-flavour Crème Brulee and Apple & Cinnamon Tart with vanilla ice-cream are two more reasons to dine at D’Coast again!

Since D’Coast opened in December 2012, it was the preferred choice for patrons who had Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s Day celebrations here.  A 10-seater Chef’s Table is set aside to host private parties that are tailored-made by Chef Benny to the client’s tastes and requirements. 

Facade of D'Coast Mediterranean restaurant at the
lobby of the Puteri Pacific Hotel, Johor Baru
“This gives discerning diners an opportunity to savour something special outside of the ala carte menu,” said Chef Benny, adding that diners can enjoy his personal touch in an 8-course dinner for a minimum sum of RM110++ per person.

While restaurant patrons are mostly in-house guests and from nearby corporate circles, their satisfied dining experiences are keeping the kitchen team at D’Coast busy.  Portions are generous and light eaters will appreciate the comfort of a simple soup and salad meal.  Don’t worry if you are not familiar with Mediterranean cuisine because the menu has brief descriptions of the food preparations but best of all, prices are reasonable!

D’Coast, located at the lobby level of The Puteri Pacific Hotel Johor Baru, is open for lunch from 11.30am to 2.30pm and for dinner from 7pm to 11pm.  Daily 3-course set lunches from Monday to Friday and live music entertainment in the adjacent lounge starts from 9pm.  For reservations and to plan your private party at the Chef’s Table, Tel: 607 – 219 9999 or Fax: 607 – 227 9876.

A version of this article was published in The New Straits Times, Johor Streets on 20 March 2013

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