Hello Kitty Town

A warm welcome from Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel
to Hellow Kitty Town in Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park
There’s something special about soft toys, especially those of our favourite cartoon characters and while they are cuddly comfort companions for kids, serious fans keep them in pristine condition in their priceless collections.  I remember Hello Kitty as a popular collector’s item in 2000 when a fast-food company promoted a series of Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel plush toys with their meals and created quite an amazing frenzy among fans. 

Now the nostalgia and thrill of Hello Kitty and a family of familiar characters like Barney the Dinosaur, Bob the Builder and Thomas the Tank, can be relived and introduced to a new generation of children at Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, the first outside Japan, and The Little Big Club, right here in the Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park.

My ticket to the attractions at Puteri Harbour Family
Theme Park in Nusajaya
I’ve so much about it and am proud that children of all ages can have fun in several interactive play zones with their favourite cartoon characters all under one roof in nearby Nusajaya.  I’m in the park lobby when a throng of excited pre-schoolers and students arrive and they scream and wave with excitement when they spotted Angelina Ballerina peeking down from the second floor balcony.  Keeping my distance, I tag along with the youngsters for a taste of the park, seen through their young eyes as they meet life-size cartoon characters, enjoy fun rides and take part in interesting interactive experiences.

Painting my Hello Kitty cookie at the Wishful Studio
Hello! Hello!

At the bottom of the escalator leading to the entrance of Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, I’m tagged with a wrist band and given a Park Map & Guide, an Entertainment Schedule along with a Daily Activity Card to collect Hello Kitty stamps when I visit each attraction.  I take a closer look of the card and realise that I’m should present the card for stamping at the start of each activity in the Wishful Studio and for entry to Black Wonder and Hello Kitty House.  A quick scan of the floor plan gives me an idea of the layout but before I plunge into the park, I halt in my steps because visitors ahead of me are queuing to meet with the charming life-size pair of Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel!

This way into the Black Wonder
The furry felines oblige the visitors with posing for photos at the entrance of Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and went on with more photo shoots because shortly after that, I spotted another queue of visitors waiting to pose for photos with them at the Gazebo.  I pass this queue and earn my first stamp as I enter Hello Kitty House to admire the fantasy home of Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel.  The décor here, rich with Kitty-shaped and themed artifacts from furniture and knick-knacks in the living room, kitchen and bathroom to canopied beds in the bedrooms, is a dream for die-hard Hello Kitty fans.

Youngsters having fun in Black Wonder finding answers
to a puzzle that will free Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel
I head into the Black Wonder, a dark labyrinth where student visitors are working in teams to find the solution to a puzzle so that Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel can be released from their kidnappers.  The air is thick with excitement, fun and wonder as the youngsters rush around to find and piece clues together for the answer in this hi-tech interactive game.  At the Wishful Studio, I check out the activities in Costume Dress-Up, Nail Salon, Jewellery-Making Factory and Cookie Studio and cannot resist joining the group who are each painting a Kitty face-shaped cookie with chocolate sauce and strawberry jam because I will get to eat my crispy orange-flavoured cookie afterwards!

Students having fun dancing with Angelina Ballerina
in Angelina's Dance Studio
Little Big

Happy gales of giggles and excited squeals led me to Bob the Builder’s Play Structure where I see pre-schoolers having fun in a playground.  To these kiddies, the short ride down the smooth slide does not seem enough as they happily tumble into each other at the bottom of the slide.  With rosy cheeks and determined faces, many turn right around and attempt to climb up the slippery slide again, probably for another quick slide down but the supervising park attendants gently guided them to the right track for another go.

Everyone can have fun on retro dodge 'em bumper cars!
I peek into “Angelina’s Dance Studio” and see visiting students in a dance class with Angelina Ballerina, a fictional mouse dressed in her signature pink tutu.  In this activity, the little girls were dressed in pink tutus with matching headbands that feature mouse ears and each had a pink wand in their hands.  I watch, amused at the cute but clumsy attempts to follow Angelina’s ballet steps but it’s lovely to see them have their first taste of ballet and wonder if this may inspire them to take ballet up seriously!

As I leave the second floor where kids are exploring Barney’s Yard and Pingu’s Igloo, I ride the escalator up to join Thomas & Friends and am delighted to discover more fun rides that are suitable for children of all ages.  The Windmill and Thomas Train Ride are popular with younger children while those with stronger stomachs are enjoying joy rides on Harold’s Helitours, Bertie the Bus and the Colin Crane Drop.  It’s pure nostalgia to see retro dodge ‘em bumper cars at the “Bumping Buffers Steamies & Diesels Ride” and it did not take long for me to decide to join the queue for my own fun challenge behind the wheel!

Brace yourself to face many desirable
souvenir items in the Gift Shop!
Fast Facts

Enjoy family fun in air-conditioned comfort at Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park located in Nusajaya, Johor, adjacent to the Puteri Harbour and Traders Hotel.  The park is easily accessible from Johor Baru through a network of highways, just 10 minutes away from Legoland Malaysia and 20 minutes drive from the Second Link to Singapore.  Hot snacks and meals are available from Red Bow Café, Cinnamoroll Café and Mc Bunn Café and private parties with the cartoon characters, can be arranged in the park. 

Open daily from 10am to 6pm except Tuesday but open on Tuesday during Malaysia and Singapore school and public holidays.  Tickets are priced separately for Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and the Little Big Club with a special rate of RM85 per person when you buy both park passes.  For more info about tickets, visit website: www.playtime.com.my or Tel: 1300 88 FAMILY (326459).

A version of this article was published in The New Straits Times, Life & Times on 11 April 2013

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  1. Its such an awesome place to visit especially for small girls. Will definitely consider taking my daughters there again.