Oasis Thistle JB

Chef Kamal presents Grilled Seafood
Platter [Left] and Pan-Seared
Salmon Steak
Over the years, Oasis, the restaurant by the pool at the Thistle Johor Baru has established a strong reputation as a popular watering hole for thirsty guests.  Even on weekdays, parties are happening there as hotel guests and regulars drop by to enjoy drinks at the island bar and linger on to dine.  It’s aptly named because this is an Oasis of refreshment for guests who can appreciate the charming ambience, great company and exciting meal menu.

Renowned for its unique menu of Western-Japanese cuisine, the Oasis continues to be the choice of a wide spectrum of discerning guests who know they can enjoy the best of both worlds in one restaurant.  Since this concept was introduced in 2010, the menu has been improved and expanded to offer selections of popular Italian and Western dishes as well as Japanese ala carte items and set meals.  Chef de Cuisine Md Kamal Damiri is working closely with Executive Chef Imran Hamid to upgrade the menu and present more creative cuisine to tempt the taste-buds of regular diners.
The mouth-watering main course of the Gyuhire To Kaisen or Beef & Seafood set meal

Grilled Seafood Platter comes with a generous slab
of cod fish
They know that one of the challenges in Japanese cuisine is to serve food that tastes as good as it looks.  The Gyuhire To Kaisen or Beef & Seafood Set comes highly recommended as it comprises a main course presented in an attractive and colourful platter of mussels, scallops, salmon steak, prawns and tender beef chunks grilled in teriyaki sauce.  This satisfying set meal includes a starter of fresh vegetable salad, a side of piping hot miso soup and a generous bowl of fragrant garlic fried rice as well as green tea caramel for dessert!

Pan-Seared Salmon Steak
The Western version of a Grilled Seafood Platter is made with the same seafood ingredients as the Japanese set but the beef is replaced by a generous portion of cod fish.  The freshly grilled seafood is served on a bed of seasonal vegetables and buttered potatoes with a wedge of lemon to drizzle over the seafood. 
By using the same fresh, quality ingredients, the versatile chefs at the Oasis have created a menu of interesting Western-Japanese cuisine to delight discerning diners. 
Our Margarita Pizza is finishing fast!
Pan-Seared Salmon Steak is another signature dish in Chef Kamal’s wide repertoire of specialties.  A generous portion of steak comes topped with pesto crust, resting on a bed of buttered fettuccine with seasonal vegetables and garnished with creamy Florentine sauce.  If you are a fan of salmon, you will love the contrasting taste between the tender insides with the crispy outside, in every bite.

Another popular choice is the range of pizza that are made from scratch with fresh ingredients and served oven baked to perfection.  Good pizza need not have elaborate toppings and fresh tomatoes, a little tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and oregano in the Margarita Pizza is a classic example of less is more. 
With melted cheese stretching mile-high when each wedge is separated, it’s no surprise that the warm wedges seemed to disappear very quickly!

Green Tea caramel dessert is part of the Japanese set meal
The generous portions in their set meals and platters certainly meets the expectations of diners with huge appetites so they are best savoured when shared among small eaters.  While the evening poolside ambience at the Oasis is casual but smart, it allows diners to relax and linger over their meals. 
So whether you choose to eat with chopsticks, fork and knife or decide to use your fingers, there are no hard and fast rules especially when you are enjoying the tasty food and wonderful company!

The Oasis at Thistle Johor Baru is open daily for dinner from 5.30pm and will accept last orders at 11pm.  On weekends, Oasis is also open for lunch from 11.30am to 3pm.  Tel: 07 – 222 9234 and Fax: 07 – 222 0114 for reservations and to plan your private parties.

A version of this article was published in The New Straits Times, Streets Johor on 2 August 2013

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