Taste of Full Taste

Chief cook Lai Mun Kuan doing what
he does best at Full Taste Restaurant
It was an ordinary Saturday evening when my sister asked me to join her for dinner with some visiting relatives.  I know Ah Peng and her husband too so I happily agreed to drive us to where they had planned to meet.  These relatives were originally from Temor in Perak but have made Cheras their home and are here for work-related matters. 

My sister had an address in Skudai and she navigated using Google maps on her mobile phone as we headed into the weekend traffic.  I asked her for more specifics and she guided me to the route towards Gelang Patah off the Skudai main road, saying that we were going to a shop in Taman Mutiara Rini.  Her navigation skills are getting better and better and even in the dark, we located the corner coffee shop, quite easily.

It turned out that Ah Peng and her husband are familiar with the chief cook and his sister who operate Full Taste Restaurant in the Mutiara Rini Restaurant.  The chief cook, Lai Mun Kuan, and his sister, Yeen Har, are her friends who also hail from Temor and since they opened this restaurant in early 2013, Ah Peng had wanted to taste his cooking.  And if she went only with her husband, she felt that two people may not be able to sample a wide range of food, so she invited us along to enjoy the food too.

Chinese pork chops are named Kung Fu Kuat because the
irresistible tasty sweet lemongrass flavor is created with skill!
Full Taste serves a “cook and stir-fry” menu of Cantonese food flavoured by Lai’s experience and special touch.  Lai said he started training as a kitchen apprentice with a restaurant in Taman Sentosa, JB, when he was aged 15.  He then went on to learn the tricks of the trade from master chefs whom he worked with in East Malaysia and Singapore.  With more than 25 years of cooking experience, Lai decided to venture out on his own with the help of his sister and opened their restaurant in Skudai, Johor.

With the regular return of loyal customers, their restaurant seems to have achieved a measure of success.  A glance around the restaurant shows proof of their popularity because tables were filled by diners who are happily enjoying his food.  And later, as dish after dish was served up by Yeen Har and her staff, I discovered that every dish was so full of flavours that I felt that their restaurant was aptly named!

It’s quite easy to order from their menu but if you like, just ask Yeen Har and she will gladly recommend some of her brother’s signature dishes.  Just ask her for any special dishes and she may even suggest some recipes that are not on the menu! 

Mango Fish is made with Red Talipia fish deep-fried in light batter to preserve its tender flesh,
topped with slices of fresh mango and favoured by delicious mango puree in the sauce
Tai Ou Mai Fun, named after a Hong Kong island, is a soft rice vermicelli dish
stewed in delectable seafood and meat stock
As its name describes, Wong Yau Har Meen is creted with yellow noodles and whole prawns
stewed in a yummy rich garlic butter sauce
Fleshy mud crabs stewed in Ng Kar Pei, Chinese rice wine, is kept warm on a gas stove
and small bowls are provided for us to savour the tasty soup!
Lai's recipe for Salted Egg Crabs comes with a salted egg gravy with a hint of sweetness
Look for the corner shop with the sign that reads: Mutiara Rini Restaurant.  Full Taste Restaurant starts serving from 5pm and the last order is accepted at 1.45am.  This is a no-frills kind of family restaurant where the drinks are supplied by the coffee shop owner while the meals are provided by Full Taste. 

This non-halal restaurant is located at No. 1 Jalan Jasa 64, Taman Mutiara Rini, 81300 Skudai, Johor.  For reservations and takeaways, Tel: 019 – 339 3628 and 016 – 295 4595.


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