Comfort food at The Terminal Cafe

Most of us enjoy travelling and exploring other cultures and cuisines but if we stayed abroad for longer periods, we often miss the taste of familiar food.

Facade of The Terminal Cafe in Taman Pelangi, JB
The Terminal Café understands this craving and offers a menu of comfort food, both local and western, that’s both familiar and reminiscent of our travel destinations.

Designed with an airport terminal theme, the café even has a menu on the wall that resembles a flight information board for diners to order at the counter for takeaways or to eat-in.  While waiting for your meal, browse through well-thumbed travel guides that will inspire you to plan your next travel itinerary.

sVivian Ching and her friends who enjoy food and travel, said they started this café with a terminal concept for diners to enjoy food that satisfies like the first taste of favourite food after an extended trip abroad.  

The nasi lemak set meal served on a tray
To remind diners of their travels, some meals are even served on trays, reminiscent of in-flight meals, complete with a chilled pudding dessert.  Ching said each main course order comes with a complimentary pudding dessert.

Homemade nasi lemak with fried chicken wing, egg omelet, roasted peanuts, sambal ikan bilis and papadam crisp, is a chef’s recommendation.  Familiar favourites like laksa noodles, Nyonya assam fish with rice and Curry Chicken hor fun or flat rice noodles, are also popular choices.

Curry chicken hor fun or flat rice noodles
Quick-service is part of the terminal concept for travellers who may be in a hurry to catch flights.  And to serve meals more efficiently, the café uses order forms for customers to pick their food choices.  The All-Day Breakfast platter comes in three sizes for diners to pick choices of either three, five or seven side items.

Western main meals like the Terminal Chicken, fish & chips, chicken chop and grilled salmon, come with two side dishes in choices like buttered fried rice, mashed potato, garden salad, pasta, mushrooms or garlic bread among other side items.

Vivian Ching with a serving of Flaming
Chicken on a bed of Guinness
If you crave for fresh US oysters in half-shells or mussels that you tasted on your travels, just ask if a fresh batch is available.  Or indulge in a whole Flaming Chicken resting on a bed of Guinness, drizzled in the chef’s secret sauce.  The café also has a menu suitable for vegetarians.

The Terminal Café [No Pork or Lard] G-09, Block A, Plaza Mentari, Jalan Kuning, Taman Pelangi, Johor Baru.  Open daily 10am to 10pm.  Closed on Tuesday.  Tel: 07 – 3305643.

A version of this was published in the February 2016 issue of The Iskandarian

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