Discovering B.A.M, the Burger Joint

Local and house-made. These two words jump out and resonate with a warm familiarity as I’m considering the menu choices at B.A.M Burger Joint.

Facade of B.A.M at Jalan Tebrau, Kim Teng Park, JB
Standing in front of the friendly young lady at the order counter, I scan the menu posted on the wall for my pick. At times like this, when I’m hankering for a good burger, I wish to try everything on the menu …

“Mmm…,” mulling over the items, I read about their locally sourced meat and vegetables, potato buns freshly made by a local bakery, house-made fries, sauces and dressings, house-made lemonade, ice-tea and even house-made ice-cream!

My mouth is watering and I think I feel a small rumble in my tummy.

On the poster, I spot simple white stickers next to the listed items, each marked with a dark outline of a silhouette depicting a cow (beef), pig (pork), chicken (poultry) and leaf (vegetarian) as a quick guide to the menu choices.

Linda [Right] placing her burger order at the order counter
This is my first time at B.A.M – short-form for ‘Bread And Meat’ – so I know I should start with tasting their B.A.M Burger before trying anything else. I reasoned that if it was any good, then I will be back to taste the other choices…

In a quick flashback to my experience of awesome burgers, Alfred’s Kitchen at Guildford, near Perth, Australia, comes to mind so I know my expectations for quality burgers is somewhat … high!

I turn to my friend Linda, who is seriously studying the menu poster, to ask if she has reached a decision on her choice. While she continues looking and pondering, I conveniently ask the order-taker if she has any recommendation.

In spite of its red-hot lighting, there is a cool vibe here!
“The ONG Burger!” she replies helpfully, pointing out that it’s a limited edition choice for the Chinese New Year season. [No, ONG is not an abbreviation. In Hokkien dialect, the word, ‘Ong’ simply means good fortune!]

While she goes on to describe that this white-bun burger is stuffed with braised pork belly, bak kua (barbecued pork!), charred pineapple, garlic mayo and greens, Linda and I look at each other and raise our eyebrows in glad appreciation.

So Linda decides on the ONG Burger (RM27.90) while I pick the BAM Burger (RM26.90).

The order-taker volunteers the info that the ONG Burger comes in a promo set (RM10) that includes a can of Shandy (beer mixed with lemonade) and a portion of sweet potato fries.

This is what the sign says ...
The very sound of sweet potato fries decided it for us because I know it’s somewhere at the top in the list of Linda’s favourite snacks!

We go to sit at a table, carrying our drinks on a small tray, while the order-taker assures us that our freshly-made meal orders will be served later.

Our burgers are served together and they are identified by the stickers pasted on the outside of the neatly folded grease-proof paper, wrapped around the burgers.

The colourful red sticker with a Chinese character – I believe it should be for ‘Ong’ – is decorated with the ubiquitous emblems for good fortune at Chinese New Year like a tael of gold, a pair of mandarin oranges, peonies and of course, the pineapple!

The ONG Burger stuffed with tasty ingredients
Half of the Ong burger is visible under its wrap and we see the chunk of braised pork belly, slice of bak kua, edges of a charred pineapple ring, oozing garlic mayo and frills of generous greens, all sandwiched between the split white bun.

As for my B.A.M Burger, the first thing I notice is the slice of cheese with its melted edges curling against the sides of the beef patty.

When the serving staff returns to the table to serve the portion of freshly-fried sweet potato sticks, we can’t help but taste it’s distinctly sweet aroma, rising up from the fries.

Deeply grateful for the pleasure of a simple but sumptuous meal, we unwrap our burgers and try to – I say ‘try’ because it’s near impossible! – eat our burgers in a civilized manner.

Freshly-fried sweet potato sticks
Of course, there is no better way to enjoy a good burger meal than to hold it in our hands and chomp through it…

The cool vibe at B.A.M coupled with the subtle lighting is where we can chill out and sink our teeth into the juicy burgers with no qualms because other diners are also doing likewise!

I take my time to savour the caramelized onions, garlic mayo and dill pickles, in a contrasting balance against the 100% Australian beef patty – done medium rare – in each beefy bite of my B.A.M burger.

The sauce dispenser is nearby for diners to help themselves to chilli and tomato sauces but Linda and I agree that our burgers are so full of flavour that we only wish to enjoy its original tastes.

Check out the melted cheese curled against the beef patty
on my B.A.M burger!
As I wipe away a dollop of mayo from the corner of my lips, I realise that we have found a place in JB to come back again (and again!) for a satisfying burger meal.

It’s near closing time when we leave B.A.M but a few tables of diners are still lingering at the outdoor section.

We pass the chalkboard outside with a pause to take a closer look at their opening hours and unanimously agree that we are coming back for yet another taste of burgers here.

One thing for sure. I must be back with more space for a taste of their house-made ice-cream, especially that choice in salted caramel flavour!
. . .

Well done, Chef Mui and your hardworking team! Keep up the spirit of Sprout and continue to create more exciting choices for diners in JB to enjoy!

B.A.M Burger Joint is at N0. 61, Jalan Tebrau, Kim Teng Park, 80300 Johor Baru. It serves a NON-HALAL menu daily from 5pm to 11pm. Saturday 12pm to 3pm, 6pm to 12am. Sunday 12pm to 3pm, 6pm to 10pm. Closed on Tuesday.

For daily updates on the cool happenings, check out Facebook page for BAM.JB or send your enquiries to email:

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