10 MOM phone app for modern mums

Couples expecting their first child may be thrilled with this exciting chapter of their lives but may also be unduly stressed if they do not have the advice and support of experienced family members.

Expecting a child is an exciting chapter in a couple's lives!
As the joyful news sink in and the expecting couple goes through changes, not just the physical but also the emotional ups and downs, this experience can become overwhelming.

And as the pregnancy progresses through the months, the expectant mother will long to seek antenatal and postnatal information and advice from her mother, aunt or grandmother.

But what if they were no longer around? Who do they turn to as a reliable source of information and advice?

Founder of 10 MOM and a mother of one, Fiona Wong, has channeled her own experience into creating a revolutionary mobile phone application to streamline antenatal services with confinement services and post-natal education.

The 10 MOM phone app is available for download now
from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Dubbed 10 MOM, this one-stop-centre for antenatal and postnatal activities and information aims to benefit future parents or family planners as well as professionals in pregnancy care services.

“10 MOM acts as the “mother” app to couples who don’t have such support groups,” said Wong.

“It is not just an information and services platform but is also a medium for education,” she added.

She explained that by using this app, the expecting parents would feel safe and secure, knowing that all the services listed are legitimate.

Statistics reveal that out of the daily 440 newborn babies, the mortality rate is five. Very often, this was due to lack of postnatal care and professional training.

Saddened by these statistics, Wong felt the need to help married couples to experience the fulfilling joy of welcoming a baby into their family by creating a phone app that provides access to professional advice and training.

YB Liow Cai Tung [Third from Right] with event VIPs
at the launch of the 10 MOM phone app
Created to match users in this age of digital information, the 10 MOM app aims to maximize the sharing of information and accessibility to proper and certified antenatal and postnatal care information and services.

The 10 MOM phone app – developed by technology from Hong Kong with traditions from China as a product of Malaysia – was launched in a simple ceremony held at a local hotel, witnessed by Johor Women Development and Tourism Committee Chairman, YB Liow Cai Tung.

The mobile app at 10MOM.com.my will eventually be available in three languages: Chinese, Malay and English.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by representatives of 10 MOM Sdn Bhd, Southern University College, Wisdom Synergy Management Centre Sdn Bhd (a subsidiary of 10 MOM) and Training Qualification United Kingdom, to mark the partnership in providing proper training and education.

VIP representatives with the signed Memorandum
of Understanding witnessed by YB Liow Cai Tung [Centre]
The education programme includes training courses in post-natal care through the Professional Diploma in Postnatal Care offered by the Southern Institute of Technical Education (SITE) at Southern University College, backed by certification from Training Qualification UK.

This professional diploma course is the first of its kind, offered in Malaysia. Aimed to raise industrial standards, this training will regulate and certify the practitioners.

10 MOM Director, Henry Pang, said that this app will change the way we look at pregnancies.

“Instead of being anxious, confused and unprepared – all the mixed feelings when expecting a baby – the couple may refer to the 10 MOM app for all the information on antenatal care like nutrition, confinement services, pre- and postnatal massage services, baby products and a host of other information,” said Pang.

The 10 MOM phone app is a new platform that
 changes the way expecting couples handle confinement
On this app, expecting parents are assured that all confinement ladies, agents and centres that 10 MOM collaborates with, are certified with proper training on general confinement knowledge and methods.

While traditional methods may vary according to culture and religion, 10 MOM plans to offer confinement services based on the different traditional ways with proper methodology as a standard that others may follow in the future.

The phone app also acts as a platform that provides job opportunities to locals and foreigners who have graduated from the relevant courses offered in Southern University College.

Experienced freelance confinement ladies are also welcome to join 10 MOM to increase their opportunities to provide their services in this emerging market.

While modern mothers may enjoy the convenience of using the 10 MOM mobile app, the traditional practice of breastfeeding continues to be encouraged for all new mothers.

10 MOM supports the Health Ministry’s breastfeeding campaign which encourages mothers to feed their newborn with breast milk, the primary source of nutrition for newborns.

In 2017, Southern University College set up Southern Institute of Technical Education or SITE to provide technical education in various professional training courses like Aesthetic Treatments and Body Therapy, Hairdressing and Hair Design, Unreal Engine Virtual Reality Architecture and Funeral Business and Management.

For more info on 10 MOM, visit website: www.10mom.com.my and Facebook page www.facebook.com/10mom.com.my/

For enquiries on the training courses, visit website: www.southern.edu.my/site