Eat Well, Heal Well, Live Well

This is the tagline promise from caterer, Go-WellSpring, the first home-delivery food service for healthy and nutritious meals in Johor Baru which opened recently.

Go-WellSpring kitchen team serving samples of the healthy
and nutritious food items at the soft-opening event
At the soft-opening event, guests were given a thought-provoking challenge and reminded that eating healthy food and having good dietary behavior, are essential to preserving good health and preventing disease.

“Eat your food as your medicine or you end up eating medicine as your food!”

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist and Health Activist, Dr Sharifah Halimah Jaafar, who is the founder and CEO of Go-WellSpring was pleased that JB now has a food service resource that meets with the community needs to help with recovery after surgery, post-natal confinement or simply because people wish to eat healthier.

Facade of the Go-WellSpring catering outlet in Johor Baru
Dr Sharifah shared her experience with patients who eagerly anticipated the birth of their baby but were at a loss as to what to eat for post-natal confinement.

In the Asian tradition, whether Chinese, Malay or Indian, the confinement month is an all-important time for the mother to heal and restore her body to normal health.

While the new mother’s mother or mother-in-law may be on hand to help with the first child, modern couples who live away from their parents have no alternative but to manage by themselves especially when the second or third child arrives.

A sample set from the Confinement Meal Menu
Even if the family was able to engage a confinement lady – a role which is getting more and more scarce – or move into a modern confinement centre, it would be a challenge if the family has a few young children when the newest addition arrived.

Go-WellSpring offers a solution where the family, complete with young children, may remain comfortably at home while the nutritious and balanced confinement meals – designed by a team made up Dietitian, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Physician, experienced Chefs – are delivered right to their doorstep for lunch and dinner.

Mixed Grain Rice Balls
Similarly, people who live alone, elderly people with medical conditions, post-surgery patients as well as those seeking a healthier fitness diet, can have their meals conveniently catered and delivered to their doorstep.

As the community gains better nutrition knowledge and awareness towards healthy eating that will enable them to achieve a better quality of life, the team at Go-WellSpring aims to provide confinement meals, recovery meals and therapeutic meals, reset meals as well as customized meal plans – conveniently delivered to homes in JB.

Dr Sharifah [3rd from Left] with her team at Go-WellSpring
Incidentally, Go-WellSpring is the first-of-its-kind home delivery service in the city which is backed by a professional team that comprises a Medical Doctor, Dietitian, TCM physician, experienced Chefs and nutrition experts who work together to maintain high standards of quality in food ingredients.

Here, each meal is carefully crafted and calibrated for its calories, nutrients and taste so that the food will not only taste delicious but will also be packed with nutrition and meets with individual calorie requirements.

At the event, guests were given a glimpse of the set meals and the opportunity to taste these food samples later.

Sample of attractive and nutritious set meals
There were items like Signature Chicken Herbal Soup, American Ginseng Steamed Chicken sandwiched in Mantou Bun, Halba Fish sandwiched in Mantou Bun and Osmanthus Jelly from the Confinement Menu.

From the Recovery Menu, there was Lemongrass and Toman (fish) Soup, Soy Ginger Chicken Yakitori (on skewers) and Mixed Grain Rice Balls.

And in the Healthy Reset Diet, there was Asian Assorted Vegetable Glass Noodles and Tuna Pasta Salad.

Another sample of a set meal that includes
Basil Leaf Chicken [Top Right segment]
Go-WellSpring also offers dietary consultation service to customers who may require a customized diet plan, especially for people who aim to lose weight or have a medical condition and may need a special diet.

At the event, Dr Sharifah introduced members in their professional team made up of Dietitian from Life & Style Health Consultancy, Royston Teoh Wei Jie, TCM Physician from Shun Zeng TCM Clinic, James Soo Kai Sheng, Confinement Chef, Christina Heng and Chef Consultant, Andrew Thee.

She explained that to provide healthy and nutritious meals in the Healthy Fitness Diet plan, the food is carefully calibrated for its calories, portion and nutrients to what is needed by the individual.

Portions of Osmanthus Jelly with Mantou Bun sandwiches
[in the background] filled with Halba fish [Left]and
American Ginseng Steamed Chicken [Right]
There are 12 sets of Healthy Combo Meals to choose from that includes Lunch and Dinner, which start at RM21.80 only (not including delivery charge).

The food packages include Herbal Soup with health benefits, Healthy Combo Meals and the Fit-Fit Diet, a low-carb diet designed to support those who are keen to lose weight healthily without losing essential nutrients.

To eat right and speed up the post-surgery recovery process, the Recovery Diet comes in a range of packages from 5-Day, 7-Day to 14-Day packages, complete with herbal or non-herbal soups, based on the recovering patient’s preference.

Go-WellSpring is equipped to offer a special service in nutritional counselling, monitoring and providing a customized meal plan that may include ingredients that are low-sodium, low-fat, diabetic-friendly, low-calorie, gluten-restricted, low-acid and other requirements.

Dr Sharifah [Left] with
Chef Consultant, Andrew Thee
The post-natal Confinement Meals uniquely combines Asian traditional recipes with a variety of International recipes for main dishes where key ingredients are carefully selected for its nutrients and benefits for healing and milk production.

Served in 7-Day, 14-Day and 28-Day packages for two meals or a single meal per day, these meals are also calibrated for its total calorie count so that it meets the requirement of the mother, with enough to restore her to normal health without extra weight gain.

Go-WellSpring aims to inspire communities by connecting everyone to healthy food, educate and encourage people to embrace healthy eating habits and help to reduce the prevalence of obesity and risk of obesity related illnesses through eating healthy and balanced nutritious food.

Meals from Go-WellSpring are suitable for all communities and prepared fresh, free from preservatives and MSG.

To have your own experience of Go-WellSpring food, just walk-in to their catering outlet and make your order. Contact them for single meal or customized packages.

You may order online or telephone: +6011 1618 4480 and +6011 1618 5006.

Go-WellSpring Catering is located at No. 145, Jalan Perisai, Taman Sri Tebrau, 80050 Johor Baru, Johor.

For more info, visit webpage: