My book at Ponderosa Golf & Country Club

“Please meet us at The Lodge,” said the phone message from Marketing Communications Consultant, Yvonne Loh, as I make my way to meet her and her team at Ponderosa Golf & Country Club.

Lobby of the Ponderosa Golf & Country Club clubhouse
This resort was among the first in Johor to buy a bulk order of my book, My Johor Stories: True Tales, Real People, Rich Heritage, at my book launch event last year.

Their resort accommodation is a boutique hotel with just 14 rooms and two suites and Yvonne told me, a copy of my book will be placed in every room for the guests’ reading pleasure.

Located just a 15-minute drive from JB city center, Ponderosa Golf & Country Club is endowed with an 18-hole golf course, a 16-room Mediterranean-style lodge, sports and recreational facilities and a spa.

Ponderosa has a familiar ring to its name because our grandfather or Ah Kong, introduced us to the Wild West by watching John Wayne movies at Rex and Lido cinemas, and from television series in the Cowboy-Red Indian genre when my siblings, cousins and I lived with our grandparents at No. 154 Jalan Ngee Heng during our school-going years.

The stained glass windows at the staircase landing
in The Lodge
Ponderosa was the name of a huge ranch in Nevada, owned by Ben Cartwright and his three sons, Adam, Eric “Hoss” and Joseph, better known as Little Joe – fictional characters from Bonanza, our favourite long-running TV series (1959 to 1973).

I remember joining Ah Kong in front of the Black & White box TV to watch the regular screenings of Bonanza, Wagon Train, Rawhide and Gunsmoke, among other popular Western TV series.

I can even recall the unforgettable opening scene of Bonanza that featured a map of the Ponderosa Ranch, gradually burning through from its center to the mesmerizing musical score – an instrumental piece played on the base guitar to a beat reminiscent of galloping horses!

Signing my book with the Heads of Departments,
Ponderosa Golf & Country Club
Unlike other TV series, Bonanza was more than just a cowboy show with shoot-outs between daring gun-slingers because it often had a distinct moral-of-the-story and family values to share with viewers.

Of course, we each had our favourite characters in the show and mine was the cute but impetuous youngest son, Little Joe, a role played by a young Michael Landon.

I remember being fascinated at how the Cartwright family was served by their cook named Hop Sing, a Chinese immigrant character dressed in Chinese sam-foo and who even wore a pigtail.

He was considered as close as a family member and came across as a faithful and considerate character. Hop Sing often added comedy relief to the drama but when he was upset, he would mutter Chinese expletives!

[The Bonanza TV series proved that the Chinese had already reached North America back in the 1800’s when the voyages of Admiral Cheng Ho charted the high seas under the instruction of the Chinese emperor, and immigrants decided to settle there.]

The team at the Sports & Recreation Centre as
well as the Housekeeping team
In Johor Baru, we too have a Ponderosa and while ours is not a ranch, it is a golf and country resort established some 25 years ago, co-owned by the prestigious Kuok Group, Lee Rubber Group and Tai Tak Group of companies.

I’m sure those of us who are familiar with Bonanza, the TV series, will agree that the owners must be the show’s Number One fans because they formed a company which they named, Bonanza Resorts Sdn Bhd.

While their golf and country club is named Ponderosa, the adjacent property developments are Ponderosa Woods (semi-detached houses) and Ponderosa Avenue, a commercial sector.

As I mull over these thoughts, I park my car and take a slow walk to The Lodge, the building where the rooms, gym and swimming pool are located.

I can see the wide arch windows of the nearby clubhouse, separated from The Lodge by a lush patch of grass which I later find out, happens to be called The Paddock!

Autographing my books in a suite room
I’m greeted by Sports & Recreation Manager, Jamie Lau, and when Yvonne joins us, we walk up a flight of stairs to reach the accommodation lobby and reception.

“There are no elevators,” said Yvonne explaining that the building was designed as a sprawling Mediterranean lodge with a few rooms for low density accommodation.

My eyes are riveted to the colours from the stained glass windows by the side of the staircase landing and I pause to take in the polished wooden bannister and terracotta floor tiles, all reminiscent of a rambling double-storey lodge within a ranch.

Jamie, who looks after the accommodation in the resort, tells me that most of their guests are from abroad and when the Café at the clubhouse is booked for a wedding venue, the rooms are convenient accommodation for visiting friends and family.

Before the team members join us in the suite to witness my book signing, Yvonne tells me that out of the all the books they have placed in every room, they managed to retrieve only six books because all the other books have been removed by guests!

Being ferried over to the clubhouse from The Lodge
While it is regretful that the books have gone missing, Yvonne is convinced that it was only because my book is so irresistible and un-put-down-able that guests who started reading, had to take it along to continue reading my interesting collection of stories!

She assured me that the resort will place another order to replenish the stock of books for the reading pleasure of their room guests.

After I autographed my books and met the team members and Heads of Departments, Yvonne invited me to join general manager, Ivan Teo, for a light lunch at their Chinese restaurant.

Can you hazard a guess for this restaurant’s name? [No prizes for the right guess.]

Yes, it’s Hop Sing!

Over a Chinese set lunch together, Ivan shares with me some of the highlights of the latest developments in this neighbourhood like sharing the clubhouse facilities and organized activities with residents in Taman Redang and Redang Lakeview to create a closer community.

In front of Hop Sing restaurant [L to R]
Yvonne Loh, yours truly, Ivan Teo
and Jamie Lau
Ivan explains that he holds the dual portfolio as general manager of the Golf & Country Club as well as for the Residential & Commercial Development arm of the company.

When he presented me with his name-card for the property development arm, I smile with full conviction that the owners are truly fans of the Country & Western genre because the name of this company is registered as, Rawhide Sdn Bhd!

We share a laugh about it and Yvonne tells me that the meeting room opposite Hop Sing restaurant is known as The Tavern while the ballroom which seats 280 guests is called, Trading Post.

She says, before the Food & Beverage outlet in the Sports & Recreation Center was renovated into the gym, it used to be called, The Trough!

While the trough may be for watering tired horses, she tells me that the pub in the clubhouse – the watering hole for tired ‘cowboys’ – used to be called Cantina before its recent name-change to The 19th Hole, one with a golfers’ identity.

Ivan, who is also Chairman of the Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) Johor Chapter, then goes on to discuss some ideas on creating more attractive tourist destinations here.

A post from the Ponderosa Golf & Country Club
Facebook page
We also talk about the recent news that announced the building of a bridge valued at RM41 million to link Permas Jaya to Taman Molek.

We agree that when this happens, it will certainly make neighbouring Taman Molek and Ponderosa developments more accessible.

Before I leave Ivan and Yvonne, and an informative and interesting time at Ponderosa, they reiterated their intention to replenish the stock of my books for their rooms and suites.

Nothing short of chaining the books to the room may stop guests from removing them but I’m deeply grateful that they are prepared to replenish the stocks if and when the books go missing again…

Thank you Ponderosa Golf & Country Club, for your generosity in sharing My Johor Stories with your room guests!

Thanks to your interest and support which has helped to put my book, My Johor Stories: True Tales, Real People, Rich Heritage, among other popular titles in the 2017 MPH Best Non-Fiction list.

Ponderosa Golf & Country Club is located at No. 3 Jalan Ponderosa 1/1, Taman Ponderosa, 81100 Johor Baru, Johor Tel: +607 – 354 9999. Visit: Facebook page @PonderosaGolfCountryClub

Weekend buffets at Cafe BLD

“What better time for a leisurely buffet dinner than on a weekend evening?” It’s just a rhetorical question because we are all, already in agreement.

A choice of sambal at the Appetizer section in Cafe BLD
My friends and I enjoy dining at buffets to have tasting portions of a wide variety of food items and we are still talking about the good dining experiences at various buffets presented in hotels here.

So when I suggest dining at Café BLD, the response is unanimous.

I remember dining at Café BLD, not just during my hotel review stay at the Renaissance Johor Baru but also on other occasions when organizers hosted their events in this hotel.

I recall the various food sections in the café, including the outdoor section of the buffet that serves grilled items, and wonder if there are any changes since I last dined here.

Curious about the café, Florence asks me, “What’s BLD?”

Just tasting portions from the buffet will do...
It’s a good question as she wants to have an idea about the café or restaurant that we will be dining in.

In fact, I asked the same question during my hotel review so I’m ready to furnish her with an answer.

Café BLD is an all-day dining restaurant and is aptly named “BLD” because it serves freshly prepared meals throughout the day where meals may link from Breakfast, Lunch to Dinner!

Satisfied with my reply, my friends and I arrive by 6.45pm for an early start to experience and enjoy the International buffet spread. This month, the buffet features a section for Peranakan cuisine.

While we enjoy buffets, we have an ethical practice where we strictly adhere to the principle of: Take only what you can eat, because we can return countless times to the buffet to take more of our favourite items and avoid any food wastage.

At a buffet, we practice: Take only what you can eat!
After being shown to our table, we take our usual slow walk around the various sections to explore and discover the food options before helping ourselves to our choices.

I like how the names of the items are written on small chalk boards so that diners have a clear idea of how the meat, poultry or vegetables are prepared.

In the Western section, I spot Chef James carving and serving portions of roasted leg of lamb to diners and he calls out an offer, asking if I needed any help.

Once he’s done serving the queue for roasted lamb, he kindly points out to me, the nearby sections for Indian cuisine, the Chinese section, the noodles counter and the featured Peranakan dishes.

Chef James carving and serving
roasted leg of lamb to diners
Among other Peranakan dishes, I see Nyonya fried bee-hoon or vermicelli, Sambal bendi or okra, Assam fish and Lemak prawns.

At the soup counter, there are two soup choices but I only have eyes for the Itik Tim, a comforting Peranakan recipe for clear soup brewed with main ingredients, duck and salted vegetables.

Another section is devoted to appetizers like salads, ulam, pickles and a variety of crisps or keropok including the emping belinjo – a tasty crisp with a slight bitter after-taste.

Besides slices of fresh spring rolls, there are stuffed tofu and even a ceramic bowl, complete with spatulas for diners to toss the fresh vegetables with peanut sauce to create our own portion of gado-gado, an Indonesian-inspired salad.

I watch as the staff at the Japanese counter top-up slices of fresh sashimi and freshly-made rolls of sushi onto the platter and remind myself to save some space for this.

At the seafood-on-ice section, the bright orange shells of plump prawns are both eye-catching and appetizing. Next to the segments of fresh lemon, a bottle of Tobasco sauce is chilled along with the split fresh oysters and mussels on ice.

Food items are labelled on tiny chalk boards
They, however, missed out on labelling some sauces and condiments here and when I venture to dig into the jar, I’m pleased to discover a tasty pesto sauce!

During the Peranakan cuisine promotion, there is an entire section devoted to a range of Nyonya kueh and chilled desserts like cendol.

I turn around to watch as the staff skillfully prepares the pancake and rolls it up, stuffed with a generous portion of shredded coconut flavoured with Gula Melaka or palm sugar, to make Kueh Ketayap.

“You must try our Kueh Ketayap and Pisang Goreng,” said Assistant Director of Food & Beverage, Suresh, who joins me at this live-cooking station.

Skillfully rolling Kueh Ketayap at the live-cooking station
Why not? So while Suresh looks on, I help myself to two freshly-fried bananas and reach for the spoon to drizzle spicy dark sauce over them.

I observe his quizzical expression and realise that he’s unfamiliar with how fried bananas are savoured here. So it’s an opportunity for me to share with him a bit of Johor heritage…

While I’m busy with surveying the buffet, watching the live-cooking and chatting with friends in the café, my dining companions are steadily progressing with their meal.

By the time I finish enjoying minute portions of the main course items, Emily, who has explored the dessert section, volunteers her advice on the semolina pudding – (which she thinks I will like!) and is situated next to the bread & butter pudding.

Freshly prepared items from the live-cooking station
Florence also reminds me to help myself to the slices of Kek Batik, a non-baked dessert made with traditional Marie biscuits, layered with a chewy blend of Milo and chocolate.

“Take two slices,” she gently suggests – probably because she knows once I have tasted it, one slice will not be enough!

So I’m off to help myself to a bit of the semolina pudding which Emily says tastes like a type of kesari, an Indian dessert, but without the fragrant spices!

The watchful eyes of the serving staff are upon us while we are exchanging comments on the desserts, and soon the young lady approaches our table with a request to place an order for coffee or tea.

In Johor, fried bananas are savoured with spicy dark sauce
I’m delighted that coffee comes with the buffet and Florence reminds me about how it will go down so well with my Kek Batik!

At this hour, I only drink decaffeinated coffee so I ask the staff if they serve decaf coffee.

She hesitates briefly as the thought registers and when she replies, No, they don’t stock decaf coffee, I decide not to have a hot beverage after all.

It’s only a minor setback but I would rather enjoy a good night’s uninterrupted rest than risk losing sleep after drinking coffee at this hour.

Just as we are resigned to a no-coffee end to our buffet dinner, the young lady approaches our table again, this time with a positive message: “Yes!”

I’m so pleased that she went to check and is back to say, “There is decaf coffee!”

A range of local kueh for dessert during
the Peranakan cuisine promo
So we place our orders and ask for a side of warm milk.

I thank her with warm appreciation as she serves our decaf coffee and when asked, she explains that she’s a trainee assigned to the hotel from a college for hospitality studies.

At the first sip, I’m pleasantly surprised at how it tastes so strong and so delicious!

I call the young lady over again to ask if she is sure the coffee is indeed decaf – because this brew tastes so good and quite unlike the usual decaf.

I tell her in jest that I will look for her if I lost any sleep after drinking it…

I’m sure she is aware that I’m only teasing but her eyes are wide and smiling as she confidently assures me that it is indeed decaf coffee.

The next morning I checked with my friends and am pleased that no one lost any precious sleep from drinking that delightful cup of decaf coffee!

Thanks, Hanisah. Your can-do attitude is the icing on the proverbial cake for our weekend buffet experience at Café BLD.

With Good Friday (March 30) just around the corner, Café BLD has planned a traditional Good Friday meal with a no-meat option.

Meanwhile, the popular weekend International buffet spread is still available for diners to enjoy on this special weekend. Every Friday and Saturday at RM123 nett per person.

On Easter Sunday (April 1) enjoy a traditional feast for this holiday weekend and have dinner with some fun in games and activities for all ages. Only RM123 nett per person.

Café BLD is located at the lobby level of Renaissance Johor Baru Hotel. For reservations, Tel: +607 – 381 3322.        

The Apartment TV series filmed in Johor - again!

I’m sitting in a packed event hall, among media partners invited from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Johor, waiting to watch the first episode of the sixth season of The Apartment, the biggest design competition in the world.

At the media preview: [L to R] Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen
[Standing], Jeremy Rowe, K K Wong and Riaz Metha
While the backdrop design aims to announce the world premiere of The Apartment: Passion for Design, all eyes (cannot help but) are riveted to the larger-than-life image of Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, dressed in his signature shade of pink, three-piece suit, and holding his stick brolly across one shoulder.

The man himself is in the hall, unmistakably identified by that bright outfit, standing out in stark contrast next to the other gentlemen in their sedate suits.

I met the man and the contest winners last June when I was privileged to join a media preview of the final episode for season five of The Apartment: Rising Stars Edition that was filmed on location at UM Land’s Bandar Seri Alam in Johor.

The villas at Aster 2 are double-storey semi-detached
houses featured in season six of The Apartment TV series
Now in season six, 12 contestants from around this region will battle it out to become the next interior design superstar and as for me, I’m simply delighted that UM Land properties in Johor are again featured to a worldwide audience!

This season of Asia’s premier design competition show will feature UM Land’s most established township, UM Land Seri Austin, where contestants will transform the interior of luxurious double-storey semi-detached houses, dubbed villas, in the Aster 2 development.

Aster 2 prides itself as the development designed with the first Smoke-Free Town Park and the first Smart Healthy City as well as designated bicycle lanes.

Contestants in this season will also stand to win the biggest prize in the history of the series – the deed to a luxurious apartment at D’Lagoon in UM Land’s latest luxury development by the lake in Iskandar Malaysia, worth over USD140,000.

The Apartment TV series aims to discover the next
interior design superstar
For the uninitiated, The Apartment is a television series that showcases the talents of contestants who are amateur designers and who must brave razor-thin budgets and exacting time-frames to create stunning one-of-a-kind rooms, all under the watchful eyes of a panel of judges led by International Design Superstar and principal judge, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.

In the 10-week filming period, the contestants are given challenges to complete designing various rooms in the villas and will gather in front of a Design Court for the judges’ critique and advice, at the end of each challenge.

There will be a jubilant winner in every challenge while the penalty for the one who fails to meet the judges’ criteria, is to leave the show and go home.

The winner of season six stands to win the deed to an
apartment in UM Land's D'Lagoon by the lake
As in every reality TV series, the audience will get to know the contestants and root for their favourites – and inevitably get addicted to the shows – as they follow the exciting episodes where the teams and individuals rise to the given challenges.

The Apartment: Passion for Design features a judging panel of esteemed celebrity designers including award-winning designer and author, Jamie Durie, as returning host and mentor, and Llewelyn-Bowen as principal judge.

Two new judges who join the panel this season are Filipina interior designer and influencer extraordinaire, Cat Arambulo, and one of New York’s most influential and dynamic designers, Tyler Wisler.

“I’m incredibly proud of our latest season of The Apartment,” said founder of Imagine Group Entertainment and the show’s producer, Riaz Metha.

K K Wong [Right] and Laurence
Llewelyn-Bowen talking to the media
“Our cast is better than ever, with a fiery chemistry between them that will keep viewers entertained every minute of the show as these budding designers do whatever it takes to succeed,” he added.

Riaz also said that the sheer drama and entertainment from this season is beyond anything he has seen before.

AkzoNobel Paints South East & South Asia, Middle East, Managing Director, Jeremy Rowe, fondly known as Captain Colour, said he was pleased to see how the contestants used Dulux paints and turned a blank canvas (as it were!) into a creative space.

In the series, Rowe offers his advice to contestants in their selection of paints to meet the various design challenges and enjoys watching the different ways they use the products.

“The strategic partnership with this reality series showcases the beautiful landscape of UM Land Seri Austin and Johor as one of the most livable cities in the future to potential investors and buyers from around the world,” said UM Land Seri Austin Chief Executive Officer and Group Director of Townships, K K Wong.

“It has given us the opportunity to put UM Land on the international map once again as we reaffirm our sustainable developments that are of high global standards,” he added.

Then it’s time for our preview of Episode One: the lights dim and the all eyes are on the screen in front. In the semi-darkness, someone hovers nearby – and she passes me a bag of popcorn to munch while I sit back to enjoy the show!

The panel of judges at UM Land Seri Austin, Aster 2
to give the challenge to contestants, [L to R] Jamie Durie,
Tyler Wisler, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Cat Arambulo
Watching the show on the big screen is truly a different experience. The format is incredibly engaging and entertaining, and I agree with Riaz that they have certainly taken the series to the next level.

As I watch the drama unfold and emotions flaring between the contestants, I recall Riaz’s comment that he felt sorry for the contestants who had to work so hard, from 6am to almost midnight!

Riaz also mentioned that this season’s episodes are also accessible through the digital platform for fans to view mini episodes on their mobile devices.

These are stories told through the eyes of the contestants, with behind-the-scene shots for viewers to get to know the contestants better.

I enjoy how the camera panned across the landscape to showcase UM Land property developments and the interior of the Aster 2 villas that feature architectural glamour – where the well-thought-out property is designed to be functional and needs no renovation.

This is the second season where The Apartment featured UM Land developments in Johor and I feel a sense of shared pride because once again, our hometown is being seen by viewers the world over!

The set for the Design Court in season six
is within Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios
I watch as the contestants head out to the various destinations to pick and buy furniture and fittings to decorate the room according to their individual designs and am pleased that these décor merchants are also being featured in the series.

When it was time for the contestants to head to the Design Court, the camera not only showed the drama and excitement on the set but also the destination in Iskandar Malaysia where this set was designed.

Once again, I cannot help but feel a strong sense of pride because it was aptly held in the facilities within our own Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios!

No, I’m not sharing any more details. Watch it for yourself and enjoy identifying the familiar sites here as the series was filmed entirely on location in Johor!

Stay tuned to The Apartment: Passion for Design, a TV series of 10 one-hour episodes that premieres on Astro’s AXN Channel starting from March 25, every Sunday at 8.05pm.
. . .

Post Event Shots:

A we-fie with K K Wong, CEO of UM Land
Another we-fie with K K Wong during lunch
Shared from Facebook post by Sulaiman Yahya of Iskandar Regional Development Authority

Discovering B.A.M, the Burger Joint

Local and house-made. These two words jump out and resonate with a warm familiarity as I’m considering the menu choices at B.A.M Burger Joint.

Facade of B.A.M at Jalan Tebrau, Kim Teng Park, JB
Standing in front of the friendly young lady at the order counter, I scan the menu posted on the wall for my pick. At times like this, when I’m hankering for a good burger, I wish to try everything on the menu …

“Mmm…,” mulling over the items, I read about their locally sourced meat and vegetables, potato buns freshly made by a local bakery, house-made fries, sauces and dressings, house-made lemonade, ice-tea and even house-made ice-cream!

My mouth is watering and I think I feel a small rumble in my tummy.

On the poster, I spot simple white stickers next to the listed items, each marked with a dark outline of a silhouette depicting a cow (beef), pig (pork), chicken (poultry) and leaf (vegetarian) as a quick guide to the menu choices.

Linda [Right] placing her burger order at the order counter
This is my first time at B.A.M – short-form for ‘Bread And Meat’ – so I know I should start with tasting their B.A.M Burger before trying anything else. I reasoned that if it was any good, then I will be back to taste the other choices…

In a quick flashback to my experience of awesome burgers, Alfred’s Kitchen at Guildford, near Perth, Australia, comes to mind so I know my expectations for quality burgers is somewhat … high!

I turn to my friend Linda, who is seriously studying the menu poster, to ask if she has reached a decision on her choice. While she continues looking and pondering, I conveniently ask the order-taker if she has any recommendation.

In spite of its red-hot lighting, there is a cool vibe here!
“The ONG Burger!” she replies helpfully, pointing out that it’s a limited edition choice for the Chinese New Year season. [No, ONG is not an abbreviation. In Hokkien dialect, the word, ‘Ong’ simply means good fortune!]

While she goes on to describe that this white-bun burger is stuffed with braised pork belly, bak kua (barbecued pork!), charred pineapple, garlic mayo and greens, Linda and I look at each other and raise our eyebrows in glad appreciation.

So Linda decides on the ONG Burger (RM27.90) while I pick the BAM Burger (RM26.90).

The order-taker volunteers the info that the ONG Burger comes in a promo set (RM10) that includes a can of Shandy (beer mixed with lemonade) and a portion of sweet potato fries.

This is what the sign says ...
The very sound of sweet potato fries decided it for us because I know it’s somewhere at the top in the list of Linda’s favourite snacks!

We go to sit at a table, carrying our drinks on a small tray, while the order-taker assures us that our freshly-made meal orders will be served later.

Our burgers are served together and they are identified by the stickers pasted on the outside of the neatly folded grease-proof paper, wrapped around the burgers.

The colourful red sticker with a Chinese character – I believe it should be for ‘Ong’ – is decorated with the ubiquitous emblems for good fortune at Chinese New Year like a tael of gold, a pair of mandarin oranges, peonies and of course, the pineapple!

The ONG Burger stuffed with tasty ingredients
Half of the Ong burger is visible under its wrap and we see the chunk of braised pork belly, slice of bak kua, edges of a charred pineapple ring, oozing garlic mayo and frills of generous greens, all sandwiched between the split white bun.

As for my B.A.M Burger, the first thing I notice is the slice of cheese with its melted edges curling against the sides of the beef patty.

When the serving staff returns to the table to serve the portion of freshly-fried sweet potato sticks, we can’t help but taste it’s distinctly sweet aroma, rising up from the fries.

Deeply grateful for the pleasure of a simple but sumptuous meal, we unwrap our burgers and try to – I say ‘try’ because it’s near impossible! – eat our burgers in a civilized manner.

Freshly-fried sweet potato sticks
Of course, there is no better way to enjoy a good burger meal than to hold it in our hands and chomp through it…

The cool vibe at B.A.M coupled with the subtle lighting is where we can chill out and sink our teeth into the juicy burgers with no qualms because other diners are also doing likewise!

I take my time to savour the caramelized onions, garlic mayo and dill pickles, in a contrasting balance against the 100% Australian beef patty – done medium rare – in each beefy bite of my B.A.M burger.

The sauce dispenser is nearby for diners to help themselves to chilli and tomato sauces but Linda and I agree that our burgers are so full of flavour that we only wish to enjoy its original tastes.

Check out the melted cheese curled against the beef patty
on my B.A.M burger!
As I wipe away a dollop of mayo from the corner of my lips, I realise that we have found a place in JB to come back again (and again!) for a satisfying burger meal.

It’s near closing time when we leave B.A.M but a few tables of diners are still lingering at the outdoor section.

We pass the chalkboard outside with a pause to take a closer look at their opening hours and unanimously agree that we are coming back for yet another taste of burgers here.

One thing for sure. I must be back with more space for a taste of their house-made ice-cream, especially that choice in salted caramel flavour!
. . .

Well done, Chef Mui and your hardworking team! Keep up the spirit of Sprout and continue to create more exciting choices for diners in JB to enjoy!

B.A.M Burger Joint is at N0. 61, Jalan Tebrau, Kim Teng Park, 80300 Johor Baru. It serves a NON-HALAL menu daily from 5pm to 11pm. Saturday 12pm to 3pm, 6pm to 12am. Sunday 12pm to 3pm, 6pm to 10pm. Closed on Tuesday.

For daily updates on the cool happenings, check out Facebook page for BAM.JB or send your enquiries to email: