Huh? Blogging? Banners?

Around this time I met Chris, a graphic artist who used to live in New York but had come home to Johor Baru to be with his widowed father.  Chris was in search of the Johor he grew up in and he easily connected with my Johor stories.  As I re-introduced him to Johor, exploring familiar sights and experiences, we hatched the idea to create a blog of my own and Chris graciously offered to design it!

Powder pack – My siblings and I lived with our grandparents at No. 154 Jalan Ngee Heng to go to school more conveniently when our parents were transferred to work in Masai, the town nearest to Johor Port.

One of my best memories there was observing granny in her daily modest make-up regime and learning the fine art of applying face powder using traditional “Hoi Tong” pressed powder. After washing and wiping her face, this white powder was smeared all over her face and neck before it was gently wiped off with a damp towel for a cool, powdered look! 

Pepper & Gambier motif – In Johor history, the cultivation of pepper and gambier played a vital role in the state’s economy in the 1800’s.  Pepper and gambier cultivation contributed so significantly to Johor’s economic progress that these humble plants now hold a place of honour in the state’s history.  Today, these iconic designs represent Johor’s identity in diverse places including lamp-posts along expressways.

When I was invited to contribute Johor-interest stories to the southern section of The New Straits Times, I particularly enjoyed writing nostalgia pieces about my own Johor experiences for the My Johor page (now Your Johor) of Johor Streets (formerly Johor Buzz).

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