Shanghai Signs

China has gained a notorious reputation for very interesting and sometimes intriguing, badly translated English signboards.  Some of their signs are literal translations while many are simply inaccurate.  

I was in Shanghai recently and couldn’t help but notice some signs in strange English.  It makes me wonder why they do not bother with proper research and proof-reading before putting up those signs. Or if they will give someone qualified that job to just get it right.  Take a look at this – poor spelling and weird meanings! 

This sign on the underside of an escalator in Pudong Library
warns people to, "Watch Your Head" or risk getting it knocked!

This Cash Recycling Machine at the bank
is an Automated Teller Machine [ATM]

Seen on a rack for shoe insoles, 
assuring shoppers that the insoles are hygienic.

Do you want to eat Non Hazard Apple? 

Follow this sign to the Performance Area.

When my cousin, Dennis Ng, spotted this banner,
he wondered if he has a sister named, evening ng?

I can't figure out what the last line at the bottom of this sign means...

June 2011

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