Return to Grill Bar

Chirpy little welcome from Chef Ozzy!

I must say “Thanks” to my friend, Batcy, who introduced me to the delightful menu at Grill Bar and since my first taste, I’ve been back several times for lunch and dinner. 

My Grilled Pleasures story was published almost exactly a year ago – seems like a long time – but the best news is that I’m still hearing positive comments about their food and service from satisfied customers.  Time may have passed but what’s important is the dining experience and menu dished out by Chef Ozzy remains consistently good.

My favourite yummy sauteed mushrooms

The first phone call I received to wish me “Happy Valentine’s Day” this year was from Chef Ozzy, who was also excited about the day’s celebration at Grill Bar.  He told me the response to his Valentine’s Day menu was so good that they had to close for lunch because the kitchen team needed to focus on the preparation for the evening’s special menu! 

I could hear and feel his passion and commitment to make the celebration extra special for his customers and wished him well for that day and everyday ahead!

The following weekend my friends, Poh Choo and Catherine, were visiting from Kuala Lumpur and when we discussed dinner plans, we decided on the Grill Bar.  It was some time since I last dined there and it was good to be warmly welcomed back by name.  After being introduced to the day’s specials from the chalk-board, we picked our choices – as always, to share because we wanted to taste a wider variety of food.

Coq Er Nathans creatively presented with
bull's-eye topping and roasted potatoes
With the usual weekend crowd, the kitchen was kept busy but the friendly hostess came back to our table to send greetings from Chef Ozzy who was unable to come out to say “Hello” personally. 

My friends were pleasantly surprised by the courtesy and warm reception but it did not prepare them for what Chef Ozzy did next.  When our Starter dish was served, it took us a moment to spot the decoration on the edges of the platter, where Chef Ozzy piped the word, “Hi” on one side and a chirpy little smiley face on the opposite side!

“Let me take a picture of you!” Poh Choo offered, her hand already reaching out for my camera probably because she wanted me to capture this charming little memento.  It was a simple gesture but it certainly warmed my heart and set the tone for a most pleasant evening of dining on good food and catching up with dear friends.  There was much to chit-chat about since we last met six months ago and as the food was served, shared and the plates polished off, I realized that the service was attentive but yet unobtrusive. 

Perfectly pan-seared Kobe beef on a bed of
spinach and mushrooms - yum!

By the time we decided to call it a night, most of the customers had already left and Chef Ozzy finally had a break from his kitchen frenzy to be introduced to my friends. 

He may have been flushed from the heat in the kitchen but I guess he may also have blushed to the tips of his ears as Poh Choo and Catherine gave him their compliments for the tasty and satisfying meal.  I believe that credit should be given where it’s due so keep up the good work, Chef Ozzy!

That's me with Chef Ozzy's warm welcome back to Grill Bar

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