Sinhalese Fei-lo-ship

Uncle Wilfred and Auntie Seela are gracious hosts
Auntie Seela and Uncle Wilfred have a reputation for warm hospitality, always making visitors very welcome with their caring concern and lovingly home-cooked food.  They are blessed with the gift of being gracious hosts, making it a point to invite each family over for a home-cooked meal.  And when we were invited over for dinner, the only response from us was a resounding, “Yes, thank you!” 

They work together in a wonderful partnership – Uncle drives auntie to the market to buy fresh ingredients and helps with the preparation while she does the cooking and baking.  From the fragrant, flavoured rice to savoury Sinhalese gravies and the delightful cheesecake dessert topped with mulberry fruits from their own garden, everything tasted simply superb.  That was probably because every aspect of the preparation was handled with tender thoughts and flavoured with the special ingredients of love and joy!

Gorgeous spread of Sinhalese food lovingly cooked
by Auntie Seela
Fellowship took on a new meaning when shared around such a sumptuous meal.  I say it in Cantonese, fei lo (fat man)-ship, an exaggeration of the word for warm fellowship over sumptuous food because in the typically Malaysian way (tambah lagi?), nobody was allowed to stop with a single helping!  One thing’s for sure – nothing brings people closer together than good food and great company! 

It was fun to quiz auntie on every recipe and it was amazing to discover her culinary skills in turning ordinary meat and vegetables into extraordinary dishes!   Let me whet your appetite with some of her delightful Sinhalese dishes.

Lip-smacking Chutney made with tamarind, dates and apples
My favourite Wambatu - brinjals in zinger spicy sauce!
Sinhalese style Mutton Peratal made with grass-fed local mutton
Sinhalese Parapu or dhall curry
Auntie Seela serving her lovely Cheesecake topped with
Mulberry jam - made from home-grown fruits!

When she has time auntie says she will practice her skills in icing cakes.  She bakes lovely cakes for birthdays and other celebrations and topped with decorative designs, her cakes are even more attractive!  Who knows?  Someday when opportunity knocks, she could even make her passion in cooking and baking, a profitable enterprise.  Yum!


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