SkyPark at MBS

View of MBS with the SkyPark above and the
Art Science Museum [Left] from Singapore River Cruise
Since my post on Strong Convent Bonds was published in June, my classmates have been sharing it around and many more girls were connecting with each other.  From emails to phone calls, many have got in touch with Stella again and as Hwee Ling and Lee Chin were planning a visit to the UK, they even managed to meet with Stella there!

Since our last class reunion in December 2012, we agreed that there will not be any formal reunion until probably another four year’s time but anyone can find an excuse to get together.  Children’s weddings are good reasons to get a few friends together for a party.  Those who live and work in Singapore can even call a few friends together when they visit Johor Baru.  Meeting up with any one returning from abroad is also another excuse for a meal and chit-chat. 

It’s now July and emails are being exchanged to discuss a date for a marathon makan – tea stretching into dinner – when Pat, who lives in Australia, will be in Singapore in September.  While her husband will be busy with his meetings, she is making major plans with the girls for a little reunion.  Ideas and suggestions have been discussed and discarded but it looks like there is now a general consensus to meet in Marina Bay Sands for a SkyPark experience together.

Guests are given a wrist band to wear as you enter
the SkyPark
I say, “Yay!” because the SykPark, perched on the 57th level of MBS’s three towers, is indeed a special experience because its boasts panoramic views of the Singapore city skyline.  Spanning the length of four and a half A380 Jumbo Jets, with an impressive 12,400 sq mtrs of floor space, the SkyPark is one of the world’s largest gravity-defying cantilevers. 

Last year I was a guest of MBS Singapore and had the privilege of strolling along the sky-deck to enjoy the vastly different views of the city by day and by night.  It was so breath-taking that I made it a point to take a stroll there every day during my stay and did not even mind the heady ear-popping feeling as the elevator whisked me skyward and back!
Here are some spectacular views to convince anyone who is still hesitating about joining Pat and the others for an experience at the SkyPark at MBS:

View of Gardens by the Bay from the SkyPark

Night view of Gardens by the Bay from balcony in my room
Enjoying the view from the SkyPool
Swimming in the SkyPool by night
View of The Singapore Flyer by night - the light on the Flyer changes every few minutes!
Lying on deck chairs to enjoy the night view from the SkyPark

The Singapore city skyline by night
Here's what Pat said in response:


OMG I had heard the MBS was something special, but had no idea it is THAT special...I had a hint of vertigo just from looking at your photos from the amazing height.

Reading your write up, I really must look for my loosest clothes!

See you in Sept.



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