A Riot of Colour

Tricycle overgrown with plants
I’m not afraid of the sun but having just returned from abroad where the temperature was much, much cooler, the tropical heat in Johor Baru is truly something to contend with.  But when I spot a splash of colour in the sunlight, I forget about the heat and head out of the restaurant for a closer look.

I’m simply drawn to the clusters of bright blooms quite creatively put together in the front yard of the restaurant.  The creeping plants seem quite matured and well tendered, and there’s a charming cottage-feel about the bright blooms waving in the wind and those dainty trumpets reaching out to the sun.

When I look closer, I see that the landscape artist chose to give new life to sturdy driftwood and ancient three-wheeler cycles that are almost hidden by the flourishing plants.  There is even a tinge of nostalgia in this décor because I have often seen merchants using such three-wheelers to make goods deliveries back in those days when motorcycles or mini-vans were still uncommon.  

A three-wheeler cycle is hidden under the flowers!
The creeping plants are also climbing up the side of the building!
Sturdy driftwood are recycled for use with a planter box
What a cheerful and colourful sight!

The sight these bright and beautiful flowers is like a breath of fresh air!

Can you guess where I saw this?


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