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Too eager to get into Legoland Malaysia?
But this is not the way, kids...
[Notice the shady trees in background?]
Two years since my first visit, I’m at Legoland Malaysia again.  I’m pleased to see how the landscape has matured and visitors can sit on benches and relax under shady trees, dotted around the park.  As in all themeparks, various sections are designed with air-conditioning so visitors can wisely choose to enjoy the indoor rides and activities when the sun is overhead.  Or keep cool with a wet and wild experience on fun rides that are designed with water features. 

I remember 2 December 2009, was a sunny day.  I was among the media and other officials seated under several tents pitched on a spot in the 76-acre site of Medini North in Iskandar Malaysia for the ground-breaking ceremony for Legoland Malaysia.  We witnessed then Johor Menteri Besar, Dato’ Abdul Ghani Othman, climb into an excavator to do the honours.  The organiser had arranged a gimmick where the Johor chief minister would shift a lever in the hydraulic excavator to tip its bucket filled with thousands of multi-coloured Lego bricks and let them fall to the ground with a mighty crash!

Flashback to ground-breaking ceremony, 2009
On 1 September 2012, I was again among a host of local and international media representatives who were eagerly waiting to experience the first Legoland park in Asia in a pre-opening preview.  Legoland Malaysia joins five other Legoland parks located in Denmark, England, California, Germany and Florida, as the sixth Legoland park in the world.  While all the rides, restaurants and attractions were then opened in the park, construction was in progress on the adjacent Legoland Water Park and Legoland Hotel

In November 2013 these two attractions opened for visitors to enjoy more exciting and memorable moments at Legoland Malaysia.  The 249 family rooms in the hotel are designed in Lego themes for guests to enjoy the Lego experience beyond their day in the park.  A stay in Legoland Hotel promises endless fun for families with young children but let me share more about this in a separate story.

Facade of Legoland Hotel from the Legoland Water Park
When I explored the park back in 2012, I remember overhearing snatches of conversation among visitors who were moaning and groaning about the heat from the scorching sun.  I can empathise with them to a certain extent but visitors must come prepared to enjoy the tropical sunshine in an outdoor park such as this.  Just wear lots of sun block and put on a hat or cap to shield from the direct sun but when you are having fun in the park, you will soon forget about the heat.

At the ground-breaking ceremony, one of the challenges discussed was maintaining the park and keeping it comfortable for visitors in our tropical weather.  On my first visit, I saw the interesting garden landscaping designed in the park but it was just early days and the trees were just young saplings that needed time to grow into a shady canopy of trees.  This is Malaysia after all and I remember smiling to myself and wishing that the trees would grow shady instantly for the overheated visitors!

Familiar Star Wars characters welcome you
into Lego Star Wars Miniland
Now the trees have grown and the hotel and water park are also opened.  This time, instead of just looking at the big features, my eyes somehow found interesting little features that go a long way to add character to the various sections of the park.  A tiny grey mouse resting on the rocks outside the castle in Lego Kingdoms, a soldier sneaking a snooze when he should be on guard [I followed the sound of his snores to him!], and wolves and cubs.  In the water park, cheeky frogs by the Lazy River are happily shooting arcs of water from their smiling mouths!

I was of course, thrilled to see Lego Star Wars Miniland, the latest attraction designed as an indoor experience.  This is an exciting showcase of over 2,000 detailed models including iconic scenes from all six episodes of Star Wars movies and The Clone Wars animated series. 

Fans of Star Wars cannot miss this special treat to re-live your Star Wars memories and share them with your families.  When I heard the familiar music, I was thrilled to spot my all-time favourite scene with the weirdest creatures in the Cantina where Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi first met Han Solo, captain of the Millennium Falcon and his co-pilot Chewbacca – all made from Lego bricks!

The Cantina scene - check out the band and marvel at how they created those weird characters from Lego bricks!
In the Legoland Water Park, I see children and adults cooling off by having fun on thrilling slides and water features.  A father was probably having more fun building a raft [while his son collected floating bricks for him!] which he could ride along the Lazy River that meanders around the park.  

Look out for these happy frogs along the Lazy River!
Kids are playing with water cannons in the wade pool while they wait for the Joker Soaker to fill up and tip over with a giant splash.  Over at the wave pool, visitors recline on deck chairs in the shade and simply doze as they listen to the sound of gentle waves lapping on the artificial beach.  Ah…this is the life!

Johor residents can take advantage of a special offer for a limited time, to enjoy unlimited park access with a Resident Annual Pass or Premium Annual Pass to Legoland Malaysia.  Just bring your Identity Card or other proof of residence to the Legoland Malaysia ticketing window for application or renewal.  For more info on special ticket prices and Resort events, visit website: or call Reservations on Tel: 607 – 597 8888.


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