20th World Kite Fest

Creative kites take to the skies at the annual Pasir Gudang
World Kite Festival

The annual Pasir Gudang World Kite Festival will be held for the 20th time at Bukit Layang-Layang from 25 February to 1 March in the theme, Flying for Harmony.

This year, the organizers aim to reach the target number of 50 participating nations as compared to 38 countries last year.  With 250 foreign participants from 49 nations having confirmed their participation so far, they are just one nation short to qualify for entering a record in the Malaysian Book of Records.  

Students flying kites at the Pasir Gudang World Kite Fest
Nations expected to participate in the Kite Fest for the first time include Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Mongolia, Poland, Scotland, Slovakia, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.  They will be joined by 169 local participants, 300 students as well as corporate bodies.

Join kite enthusiasts at Kite Hill (Bukit Layang-Layang) to enjoy the unique creations that will fill the skies above the hill.  There will also be a daily carnival with stalls for kite-making kits and other knick-knacks as well as a range of food and beverage.  You can also take part in various competitions and kite-making activities.

While entry to the Kite Festival is Free-of-Charge, do follow directions for orderly parking in designated areas around the event area.


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