Where physical disability is no handicap

"I feel that I’m contributing to the team

Born into a Felda settler family, Mohd Syazwan Jaffar is a deaf-mute with poor vision and cerebral palsy on the left side of his body.  But this did not stop him from going to school.  After completing his primary education in SRK Laksamana Kota Tinggi, he went on to secondary school at SMK Bandar Kota Tinggi.  Syazwan spent the next two years equipping himself with vocational skills at a Vocational School in Shah Alam.

Even though he was born with physical disabilities, Syazwan, who has two brothers and two sisters, was determined not be a burden to his family and always strived to be independent.  In April 2014 when he read from recruitment advertisements that DoubleTree by Hilton was opening in Johor Baru and hiring, he joined the throng of applicants in the Mass Recruitment Exercise.  When he learnt that the hotel did not have any suitable position for him, he left deeply disappointed.

Syazwan did not wallow in self-pity but instead, plucked up his courage to write a letter of appeal to the hotel.  When the hotel management read his letter, they were touched and impressed by his persistence and determination to be independent in spite of his physical disabilities.  After much consideration, the management developed the job description of Steward to match with Syazwan’s abilities and offered the position to him.

He was thrilled to accept the job and started working with the hotel from May 26, 2014.  His job scope includes maintaining the cleanliness of the team member facilities like the recreation room, knowledge room, prayer room, sick bay as well as the team member restaurant.  He is very proud to be part of the team and by doing his job well, he’s is doing his part to contribute to the team.

Syazwan is a friendly guy who carries a note book and pen in his pocket to write and communicate with other team members.  By doing his duties with discipline and dedication, Syazwan has earned the respect of team members who warmly accept him as a team-mate.

When he received his first salary, Syazwan sent a Thank You card to the General Manager to thank him for the opportunity to work with the hotel and promised to continue doing his best at work.   Syazwan’s physical disability is certainly not a limitation.  He has proved beyond a doubt that with the right attitude, everyone has an equal opportunity to build a career in the hospitality industry.

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