SMK IJ Convent bids principal farewell

It was a bittersweet day at SMK IJ Convent Johor Baru yesterday when it declared two new building projects open and bade farewell to the person who realised these projects - its principal, Ng Lee Wan.

Out-going principal, Ng Lee Wan [wearing purple gown]
at the official opening of the multi-purpose hall by
PIBG chairman, Badrudin Mohamad
“You may leave the corridors of our school, but you will never leave the corridors of our hearts,” said head prefect, Tay Zhen Rui, in her speech on behalf of the students.

When Ng joined the secondary school as principal in August 2011, it was a Cluster School.  Under her leadership, the school was raised to the status of High Performance School in December 2012.

A Convent JB alumna, Ng started her career in education at SMK St Joseph where she stayed for 29.  She spent 2 years after that at SMK Impian Mas before being promoted to principal and posted to her alma mater.

View of the multi-purpose hall in the rear field
In the four years as principal with her alma mater, Ng accomplished much for the school, not only academically and in co-curriculum activities but also in the physical upgrading of the 90-year old school.

With the support of the school’s Parents-Teachers Association or PIBG, helmed by Badrudin Mohamad as chairman, the school managed to upgrade the gallery, corridors and stairs, electrical wiring, student toilets and gave the school a new coat of paint.

The most recent building projects in the last six years were the construction of a multi-purpose hall in the rear field and improving the canteen with two levels of dining areas.

The new canteen that boasts two levels of dining spaces
[Note: Its upper level is not in this picture!]
“As chairman of the PIBG, I felt personally responsible for taking the lead to raise the necessary funds for the building construction,” said Badrudin who recounted the challenges he encountered and his gratitude to former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd Yassin, who responded positively to his request for a grant of RM1.5 million.

Financial support of more than RM300,000 was also contributed by the school’s walkathon event, government grants, board of governors and the alumni, whose contribution was used to construct a covered walkway between the multi-purpose hall and main building.

The covered walkway that links the multi-purpose hall to
the main building [at Left]
When Badrudin observed the need for more dining space in the old canteen, he proposed the building of a new canteen to accommodate the students more comfortably.

A farewell concert was presented for Ng on her retirement as well as for co-curriculum senior assistant, Khairina Abd Rasip, and senior teacher, Lim Bee Lee, who was unable to attend, on their optional retirement.

In her final address, Ng thanked her colleagues, the board and PIBG members, and declared to the students, “You made my job meaningful!”

Ng Lee Wan and Khairina Abd Rasip joined the secondary school teaching team in a surprise song performance!
After a surprise song item by the teaching team as the finale in the farewell concert, Ng and Khairina were given an official send-off with a drive from the school in classic convertible cars.

A version of this was published in The Malaysian Insider on 8 Jan  2016

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