Chinese New Year celebrations at Mall of Medini

Celebrate Chinese New Year in the Mall of Medini with a programme of art activities in the Teen Art Festival held from February 12 to 29.

Cheng Khing Yin [Right] and his son, Cheng Dian,
working together to create a masterpiece of calligraphic art
Organised by the team from Eh He in collaboration with the Iskandar Malaysia Youth Council and the Johor State Tourism Department, the celebrations will kick off on February 12 with an exhibition of calligraphy art displayed in the White Box.

The exhibition, open from 10am to 6pm daily until February 29, features calligraphic art by members of the Malaysian Modern Chinese Calligraphy Association, created with auspicious couplets to usher in abundant wealth and prosperity at the start of the lunar new year.

Students of Creativity Art Studio creating a giant
sculpture of an orang utan using recycled polystyrene
blocks and satay sticks!
In the weeks prior to the event, several art schools in Johor Baru were also invited to participate by preparing artwork in the theme of the Year of the Monkey to decorate the central concourse of the Mall of Medini.

“This collaboration by experienced calligraphy artists and budding artists from art schools is a unique showcase of artwork that proves that Chinese cultural arts are being passed down from generation to generation,” said art director and advisor to the team from Eh He, Yap Leong.

Yap cited the classic example of how chairman of the Malaysian Modern Chinese Calligraphy Association, Cheng Khing Yin, worked with his 18-year old son, Cheng Dian, to create a calligraphic masterpiece for the Teen Art Festival.

Swinging monkey sculptures made from
cut-outs of corrugated cardboard!
The public is invited to join this festival, held in the coming two weekends, February 12 to 14 and 19 to 21, in a programme of exciting art activities with students of local art schools.

The festival will be officially opened at 10am on February 13 and from 10am to 6pm, visitors to the Teen Art Fest can enjoy a range of art by local artists in an Art Bazaar and street art performances.

Then join students from art schools like K.E. Art Studio, Love to Share Art Centre, BS Art Design, Creativity Art Studio, Pure Art Studio and SI DI Art Studio in making monkey themed handicrafts.

At 8pm on February 13, a variety show dubbed Reborn Auspicious Music Night will be held in the Black Box featuring local artistes like musicians Paul Law and Busker Max, the band Dehli’s Eve, drummers from Drummer Studio, a wushu performance by VR Wushu Academy, dancer Lim Thao Chun and Eh He’s own vocalist.

Yap Leong [2nd from Right] with some of
the Eh He team members
Young talents are invited to join the Children’s Music Concert from 9.30am on February 19 and 20 while those keen on drawing and painting may join the Children’s Art Competition held at the same time on February 20.

Artistes who will perform at the Auspicious Music Show at 8pm on February 20, include young musicians from local music schools like Rhyme Music Centre, Southern Music & Art, Fine Art House and Clavier & Opus.

“Instead of just watching movies or shopping at the malls, join us at the Teen Art Fest to enjoy the spirit of Chinese New Year with a difference,” said Yap.

A version of this was published in The Malaysian Insider on 8 February 2016

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