Floral show at Love & Peace charity event

Some 400 big-hearted friends enjoyed a dazzling floral show with a difference in the recent Love and Peace fund-raising event.

A section of the line-up of models in a range of
dazzling costumes decorated by a variety of flowers
Organised by a group of volunteers who helped to raise funds for building the Metta Lodge Buddhist Meditation Centre in Taman Johor Jaya, the event was dubbed “Love and Peace” to promote more goodwill in the community.

After enjoying a sumptuous High Tea spread, guests then enjoyed a floral exhibition and show, coordinated by organising chairman, Doris Looi.

Looi, a past-president of the Johor Baru chapter of Ikebana International, drew upon her experience in floral shows and invited her friends who are award-winning flower arrangement practitioners in Malaysia and Singapore, to participate in the event.

A demonstration by flower arrangement professionals,
Tong Weng Seng [Left], Lim Li Jun [3rd from Left]
and Peter Chin [2nd from Right] who showed off
their skills in arranging flowers on their models
"I just want everyone to share the joy of giving and the power of flowers,” said Looi who was glad that the show participants contributed voluntarily and the bulk of donations went into the /building fund.

The show comprised a programme of ballet /and Spanish dance performances interspersed with a parade of elegant models who showed off a range of dazzling costumes that were creatively decorated by a variety of flowers.

The event highlight was a demonstration by flower arrangement professionals, Tong Weng Seng, Lim Li Jun and Peter Chin, who demonstrated their skills in arranging flowers on their models.

“This Love and Peace High Tea and Floral Exhibition & Show is the first in a series of fund-raising events planned to raise funds for the new building,” said fund-raising chairman, Lim Hock Teck.

Fund-raising chairman, Lim Hock Teck [Left] presenting
a donation cheque to Metta Lodge Meditation Centre
JB chairman, Heng Chai Teet
He said that generous donors contributed in cash and in kind, and thanked the professionals who volunteered their skills in the Floral Exhibition & Show and big-hearted friends like the venue-owners who offered the use of the event halls at minimal cost.

Lim presented a donation cheque for RM119,500.00 on behalf of the organisers to Metta Lodge Meditation Centre Johor Baru chairman, Heng Chai Teet.

Heng said their fund-raising effort started two months ago and the encouraging response in support of the building fund meant that construction should start in the last quarter of this year.

With 600 members and a 30-year history in Johor, Heng said that this would be their first building here.  To donate towards this building fund, email: ctheng26@yahoo.com

A version of this was published in The Malaysian Insider on 13 March 2016

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  1. Special thanks for this piece of work......so well written to help keep the memories alive. Also thanks for making time to join us.