Sparkling Ribena promo at Legoland

Two preschoolers are sitting under a shady tree to have their snack at break-time.
The all new sparkling Ribena in cans
The little girl turns to the little boy and politely asks, “May I have some, please?”  He is pouring his Ribena drink from a plastic water bottle into the upturned bottle cap which doubles up as a cup, and replies with a smile, “Yes, but not too much.”

This scene from a Ribena TV commercial from the ‘70s is still stuck in my mind.  It’s from an era when watching TV commercials was still fun and the ad agency did such a good job that I can even remember the dialogue in this brief commercial for Ribena!

Since Ribena was introduced to Malaysians back in 1955, it has been a firm favourite for children of all ages and remains popular with adults who grew up drinking this delicious blackcurrant drink.  My first taste of Ribena was a refreshing cordial drink that mum mixed for me.  We always have Ribena at home and even as a kid, I wanted to mix my own a little more concentrate so that I could top it up with ice cubes!

The signing ceremony for renewal of partnership between
Suntory Beverage & Food Malaysia
and Legoland Malaysia Resort
I didn’t know it then but in a recent event at Legoland Malaysia Resort, I learnt that Ribena was created by Dr Vernon Charley in 1938 and its name was derived from the botanical name of blackcurrants – Ribes Nigrum.  Made with blackcurrants sourced from farms in New Zealand for their deep purple colour, Ribena is known for its natural goodness and delicious flavour, without artificial colour or flavouring.  Besides a cordial, Ribena is now available in a variety of ready-to-drink formats.

At the event, Suntory Beverage & Food Malaysia (SBFM) announced its partnership renewal with Legoland Malaysia for a further three years to continue to make Ribena the official fruit juice drink available for visitors at the theme park.  This marked a successful milestone for Ribena as it continues its legacy in being a nutritious thirst-quencher many Malaysians grew up with.

Legoland Malaysia Resort general manager, Mark Germyn [2nd from Left] shaking hands with SBFM Regional
General Manager, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Lee Hon Tong, after the signing ceremony
Since their first partnership which started in 2012, Ribena – a Malaysian household name for decades – and Legoland Malaysia Resort, the first Legoland Park in Asia – are two brands that continue to combine a wealth of experience in understanding the needs of consumers.

The unveiled giant Sparkling Ribena can and
limited promotion offered from now till end May 2016
Legoland Malaysia Resort general manager, Mark Germyn, and SBFM Regional General Manager, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Lee Hon Tong, signed the documents in a simple signing ceremony to renew their partnership for the next three years.

The aim of this SBFM collaboration with Malaysia’s first international resort is to provide visitors to Legoland with the option of having a nutritious and tasty fruit drink while they enjoy the unique attractions at the theme park.

Both the Lego and Ribena brands have a strong history in enriching the lives of people through providing wholesome family oriented entertainment and nutritious thirst-quenching beverages, and this collaboration creates a unique partnership that adds further value to the Legoland visitors’ experience.
The one and only Ribena Berry Lego model
To celebrate the partnership renewal, Legoland Malaysia Resort tickets were presented to two children’s homes in Johor to let groups of underprivileged children enjoy their own theme park experiences.  Representatives of the Amitabha Centre and Puspanesam Home accepted the complimentary tickets for the children.

The highlight of the event was the unveiling of Sparkling Ribena, a new refreshing carbonated drink in a can format, now available at Legoland Malaysia Resort.  My first taste of this fizzy version of Ribena just reminded me about how far our favourite fruit drink has come!  As I sip my sparkly, I can still taste that familiar flavour in the fizz.

Special Promo

From now till 31 May 2016, visitors will enjoy RM50 off Legoland Malaysia Resort tickets (Theme Park only or Combo tickets).  Just present one Sparkling Ribena drink per ticket at the ticketing counter to enjoy this limited promotion.  Visitors will also be able to enjoy a fun day at the park and take special photo mementoes with the one and only Ribena Berry Lego model in the park!

Award-Winning Resort

Legoland Malaysia Resort is proud to have clinched first place in the prestigious TripAdvisor Award as part of the Top 10 Travellers’ Choice hotels for families.  Besides being nominated in the Malaysian category, the Legoland Hotel was also placed sixth in the Asia category and was the only Malaysian hotel on the list!  This award comes just two months after Legoland Malaysia Resort was also awarded the Best Tourism Attraction in the Man-Made Attraction category for the inaugural Malaysia Tourism awards 2016.

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