Students paint giant flags at Pulai Springs Resort

Students from Sekolah Kebangsaan Kangkar Pulai joined the team at Pulai Springs Resort to celebrate the nation’s 59th National Day by painting a giant flag together.

Students waving mini jalur gemilang while they pose with 
the giant flag design they painted at Pulai Springs Resort
Following the success of its inaugural event last year, the resort recently organised the National Day activity dubbed Sehati Sejiwa, for the second time.

Escorted by headmistress Rohani Samsudin and senior assistant Umi Kalthum Abu Bakar, 30 students aged 10 and 11 from Year 4 & 5 classes, were bursting with energy and enthusiasm, obviously thrilled to be part of the resort’s National Day celebration.

While this was part of the resort’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme with the local community, the invitation for students to join the resort’s National Day event aims to promote the spirit of patriotism and love for the nation from a young age.

Showing off their painted palms before printing on the design
The weather was bright and cheerful when the students were welcomed to the resort’s poolside and joined by members of the resort’s Sports & Welfare Club committee for the painting activity.

Armed with painting tools like brushes, sponges and small cups filled with water, the students went about painting the giant flags with the help of the resort associates.

Designed on a 50-ft length of fabric, a clear panel printed with the words, Malaysia – Sehati Sejiwa, separated the giant jalur gemilang and Johor flags.

“This is the second time the resort is organising such an event and I’m glad to see how the students are enjoying themselves painting giant replicas of the national and state flags,” said Pulai Springs Resort general manager, Sunny Soo.

“We want to encourage the spirit of patriotism among students and believe that this event will instill an awareness and promote pride in our nation,” he added.

The resort's GM, Sunny Soo, joining the students to place
their palm prints on the design
After they completed painting the national and state flags, the students were invited to select a choice of colour for their palms to add their palm prints next to the words, Malaysia – Sehati Sejiwa.

There was much excitement as the students were joined by their headmistress, senior assistant, Soo and the resort associates to colour their palms to print onto the design.

The students were treated to light refreshments from a delightful buffet spread and each presented with a goodie bag filled with snacks and a miniature jalur gemilang flag.

When Soo observed how much the students enjoyed this activity, he promptly declared that the resort would make this an annual event!

So when you are at the resort during this National Day season, look out for this giant Malaysia – Sehati Sejiwa flag design, proudly displayed in a prominent place.

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