Same Place, Same Rhyme

Same Place, Same Rhyme was a drumming musical event held on the streets of Johor Baru’s heritage quarter which brought the 13th Johor Baru Arts Festival to a resounding close.

Same Place, Same Rhyme saw percussionists playing
 traditional musical instruments from each other's cultures
Locals and tourists as well as music enthusiasts had a treat watching traditional percussion players come together to exchange skills and cultures in a special performance of Malay kompang with Indian and Chinese drums.

After they have played their own traditional instruments, the percussionists exchanged their instruments and continued to perform along with violinists from Orkestra Darul Ta’zim.

Gathered on Tan Hiok Nee Heritage Walk, in front of the Drums Café, the orchestra made up of adults and youths, joined the drummers for an interesting musical performance that went beyond all borders.

Chinese drum played by an Indian drummer [Left] while the Indian drum was played by a Chinese drummer [Right]!
Dancing on the street - Tourists and locals couldn't resist dancing to the feet-tapping music!
Violinists from Orkestra Darul Ta'zim making beautiful music with the drummers in Same Place, Same Rhyme
Words cannot describe the eloquence of the musical harmony played by young and old from various ethnic groups who share the same passion in music.  This is a reflection of the trust and harmony among people in every race group and from all walks of life, here.

There’s no better way to share this beauty so we will let the pictures tell the story.

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