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While planning the book launch event, I had to provide the estimated number of guests not only to the event venue for catering purposes but also to MPH Publishing Kuala Lumpur so that they could bring an estimated number of books for the book sale.

Signing books for Grace Chiam [Right] while DoubleTree
  by Hilton JB, General Manager, Daniel Alcaraz, looks on
Early that day, the team from MPH Bookstore JB led by Linda, arrived with more than 300 books to set up their mobile store that came complete with cash register and credit-card paying facilities.

As soon as the books were displayed, I overhead questions like, “Can we buy the books now?” because some guests were wondering if they could buy the books now or after the event.

So even before the event programme started, guests were already buying books from the book sale table.

At the close of the event, Linda told me that in her 20-year career with MPH, she participated in many book launches but never before were the books sold-out.

All the books – not counting the bulk pre-orders that were set aside – both hardcover and softcover books, were all sold!

Signing books for guests at the book launch event
My sister-in-law, who had a pre-order [and was hanging around the book table], later told me that someone made a pre-order but was yet to collect it while guests were still asking for books to buy. 

Not willing to let guests leave disappointed, the MPH team decided to release some hardcover books from that pre-order to sell…

I started the book project with no expectations but I’m deeply grateful for the positive response to my book.

It was my pleasure to autograph your book!
It looks like I made history with MPH book launches because never before, even in KL, were all the books sold-out at a launch event. The first time it happened was at my book launch in Johor Baru on July 15, 2017!

As soon as the guests bought their books, they joined the queue to have them autographed by the author. Once their books were signed, they also wanted to capture a photo memento.

And it was an orderly queue where everyone patiently waited for their turn while I signed book after book for them. It was certainly a new experience to sign my name so many times in one sitting but it’s all good.

There are far too many to post them all here so these are just some shots of the happy readers with me on that meaningful and memorable day.

With my former schoolmates, Back Row [L to R] Ramlah, Bee Choo, Emma, Irene;
Front Row [L to R] Wei Leng, Elizabeth, yours truly, Yee Yin, Jennifer and Linda
With my friends from Soroptomists International Iskandar Puteri, who bought my books for their
education project with refugee children here
So pleased to sign my book for my friend, Ian Mak
With Mr & Mrs Yong, Gerald and Yee Yin
With Daphne Ng of Le Grandeur Palm Resort and my books,
that guests in their suites will enjoy reading during their stay with the resort
With Doris Boo of the JB Breast Cancer Support Group and her dear husband
With Charlotte Monterio of Pulai Springs Resort, Johor Baru

With some members of the Mok family; Uncle, Aunty Sylvia and cousin Ryan
With cousin Ryan Mok
P. S. Look out for the next exciting book-signing session happening at an MPH Bookstore! More details and the date, coming soon.

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