DHL to build GCOE in Iskandar Malaysia

DHL, the logistics company for the world, partners with Iskandar Innovations Sdn Bhd to launch their Global Center of Excellence or GCOE, in Iskandar Malaysia.

Unveiling the DHL-IIB partnership, GCOE logo
This was announced at a recent event, attended by key industry players in Iskandar Malaysia, particularly in Iskandar Puteri, and regional media representatives.

An event to announce that DHL partners Iskandar Innovations Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB), to jointly establish a GCOE to offer cross-industry logistics training, market intelligence and support services in this region, was certainly exciting and news-worthy.

In a simple but formal event, relevant information on the objectives and services provided by the GCOE was shared and finally, the logo for the GCOE partnership was unveiled.

The event was also attended by regional media representatives
The setting up of the GCOE in Iskandar Malaysia, scheduled to be operational from a base in Medini 6 in Iskandar Puteri by Q2 of 2018, will be the first in the country.

Jointly staffed by DHL and IIB, the Center will have a facilitator role to coordinate expertise and form propositions to companies abroad and attract foreign direct investments in Iskandar Malaysia.

The Center will provide supply chain consultancy services and support businesses to design logistics solutions specific to some of Iskandar’s key industries including Automotive, Energy, Engineering & Manufacturing, Life Sciences & Healthcare and Technology.

It will serve to connect companies with key stakeholders within Iskandar Malaysia and supports their vision to be the hub for Asia and global markets and enhance its value proposition of connecting the region to the world’s major economies.

It will also power the region’s logistics ambitions with networking sessions and workshops where companies and industry experts come together to share best practices, and brainstorm innovative ideas that will form the future of Iskandar Malaysia.

[L to R] Philip Chu, Akmal Ahmad, Hj Adib Azhari Daud,
Datuk Ir Khairil Anwar Ibrahim, Alfred Goh, Dr James Tee
“We want to create an ecosystem within Iskandar Malaysia and establish a single network that is conducive to all companies to explore and set up business in the region as the gateway to markets around the world,” said Managing Director, GCOE Iskandar Malaysia, Philip Chu.

“Coupled with DHL’s sector-specific experience, it will underpin the bespoke logistics solutions that the GCOE will offer to the local industry,” he added.

“The GCOE is right where it should be; Logistics is one of the nine promoted economic sectors in Iskandar Malaysia and the area is flanked by three sea ports, namely the Port of Tanjung Pelepas, Johor Port and Tanjung Langsat Port, and several other commercial ports in Singapore,” said Chief Operating Officer, IIB, Akmal Ahmad.

“In a world where speed and efficiency matter, we strong believe that logistics companies will thrive and receive numerous benefits from innovation and the internet-of-things revolution in Supply Chain,” he added.

Meanwhile, President and CEO of IIB, Datuk Ir. Khairil Anwar Ibrahim said that a strong base of logistics solutions and talent will not only allow the Iskandar region to achieve its ambitions of becoming an ASEAN supply chain hub but also provide vital trade connectivity between the core industries and overseas markets where opportunities are aplenty.

“As Iskandar’s population and foreign investment levels continue to rise steadily, the GCOE will play a strategic role in creating the job opportunities and export growth that underpin the region’s economic plans for the future,” he added.

In 2007, DHL established a Supply Chain Center of Excellence in Singapore that delivered multi-million-dollar returns within the first 36 months of its operations.

“The establishment of the GCOE will bring Iskandar’s supply chain capabilities up to speed with those of other logistics hubs in the region, including nearby Singapore where DHL has already run a Supply Chain Center of Excellence for the last ten years,” said President, Global Fast Growing Enterprise and Regional Head, Customer Solutions and Innovation Asia Pacific, DHL, Alfred Goh.

[L to R] Fadzhairi Abdul Jabar, Mohd Azmi Hitam, Adrian
Chia, Mohd Nordin Jamaludin, Alfred Goh, Datuk Ir Khairil
Anwar Ibrahim, Akmal Ahmad, Philip Chu, John Ng,
Joanne Oei and Soh Choo Sen
“As Malaysia’s broader economy grows in domestic demand and overseas exports alike, Iskandar’s manufacturing and production industries will need increasingly efficient, flexible and scalable supply chains to power future economic development,” he added.

“By complementing pure logistics skills and solutions with broader business development, market insights and networking with key decision-makers around the world, we believe the GCOE will help Iskandar align its logistics investments with global demand and market forces more closely than ever before,” said Goh.

Also present at the event were Mayor of Iskandar Puteri, Tuan Haji Adib Azahari Daud, Consul-General, Consulate General Republic of Singapore, Mr Rajpal Singh and Consul-General, Republic of Indonesia, Bapak Haris Nugroho.

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