Cantonese Cuisine at Makan Kitchen

Fans of Cantonese comfort food can have their fill of Cantonese cuisine at the Makan Kitchen in DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Baru throughout the month of October 2018.

Chinese Kitchen within the Makan Kitchen,
at DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Baru
The Chinese Kitchen within the Makan Kitchen comes into focus and will feature a menu of popular Cantonese cuisine presented by Chef Phung Theam Kee.

I call it comfort food because Cantonese dishes reminds me of how our late grandmother used to cook hearty meals for us and double-boil nourishing herbal broths over charcoal stoves to help fortify our health.

I’m delighted to discover that the soup section serves a choice of Double-Boiled Herbal Chicken Soup in individual bowls as well as braised Crab Meat soup with Fish Maw.

The Cantonese or rather, the Chinese as a whole, prefer to enjoy a hearty bowl of soup while it is piping hot so I’m glad that these soups are kept warm within a steamer.

Dried herbs and high-value seafood ingredients [Front row]
in the display with double-boiled soups [Centre] and
braised Crab Meat soup with Fish Maw soup [Right] and
two types of popular Cantonese desserts [Left]
Chef Phung briefly describes the distinctive characteristics of Cantonese cuisine which are usually prepared in milder flavours by steaming and stir-frying the freshest ingredients to reap its natural ‘sweetness’.

I glance at the spread and can recognise several main dishes like Steamed Garoupa Fish with Fungus and Beancurd Skin, Steamed Prawns topped with Fresh Garlic and Vermicelli, Stuffed Mushrooms with Broccoli drizzled in Egg-White sauce as well as Stir-Fried Sliced Beef with Black Bean Sauce and Stir-Fried Scallops with Asparagus.

I notice that the Garoupa Fish is already sliced up (instead of a whole fish!), probably for the convenience of buffet diners, who can pick their favourite parts of the fish to enjoy.

Chef Phung Theam Kee presents
Stir-Fried Scallops with Asparagus
A selection of dim sum served warm from the steamer is yet another Cantonese distinctive.

The art of savouring small portions of handmade delicacies has been adopted by diners the world over – whether in Johor Baru, New York, Vancouver, London or Sydney – they have learnt how to enjoy a yum cha meal!

Some of the hot favourites in the dim sum steamer include Siew Mai (blend of chicken and prawns), Har Kaw (prawns), Chicken Char Siew buns and Siew Loong Pau or Shanghai-style dumplings filled with soup!

An addition to the savoury range of dim sum are popular steamed buns filled with salted egg puree, a gooey but tasty filling, which has gained many fans.

The selection changes daily so look out for Prawn Rolls as well as a choice of deep-fried and sweet dim sum like fried Sesame Balls. 

One of the Chinese delicacies to enjoy from this buffet must be the freshly prepared servings of Peking Duck rolled in a crepe along with sticks of fresh cucumber, spring onion and flavoured with sweet bean sauce.

Besides Roasted Duck and Barbecued Chicken, there is also tender Steamed Chicken that looks so smooth and white, to savour with a minced ginger dip sauce.

A range of savoury dim sum is kept warm
within a traditional bamboo steamer
In the starch section, there are choices of rice and noodles prepared in the Cantonese way, like Wonton Noodles in a rich broth topped with Prawn Wonton, pockets of Soi Kow and leaves of Hong Kong Choy Sum vegetables.

If you prefer softer noodles, then don’t miss the Cantonese Fried Hor Fun or flat rice noodles braised in an eggy sauce. Meanwhile, if you are a beef lover then you will enjoy the robust flavour of Beef Brisket Noodles.

If you feel that your meal is not complete without some rice, then you should have some Chow Farn, Seafood Fried Rice prepared with XO sauce.

Cantonese comfort food at its best must be Century Egg Rice Porridge prepared into a mild and comforting congee filled with bits of tasty ingredients.

A serving of Seafood Fried Rice with XO sauce
Then end the meal sweetly with popular Cantonese desserts like Lok Mei Cheng Poh Leong, which is literally a Cantonese sweet touted to help clear the body from ‘heat’ with its ‘cooling’ properties that will also strengthen the immune system.

Another popular Cantonese dessert in the menu is Mango Sago, a chilled dessert made with mango puree and sago pearls.

Diners familiar with the Makan Kitchen know that this all-day dining outlet in the hotel has three main kitchens – the Chinese, Malay and Indian – with European, International and promotional items in their buffet spreads.

So now you don’t have to go to a Chinese banquet to enjoy Cantonese cuisine because this Cantonese Cuisine buffet dinner at Makan Kitchen is served from Oct 1 to 31, Monday to Thursday, from 6pm to 10pm and on Sunday from 6.30pm to 10.30pm.

Rate at RM108 nett per adult and RM54 per child.

The Makan Kitchen is located on the lobby level of DoubleTree by Hilton JB, at 12 Jalan Ngee Heng, 80000 Johor Baru, Johor.  

For enquiries and reservations: Tel: 607 – 268 6868 or email:  Website:

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