New at Science Centre

Climb into this open mouth to start your
journey in the Human Body Experience!
Visitors to the Science Centre Singapore (SCS) can look forward to three new exhibits in addition to the 14 exhibition galleries with more than 1,000 exhibits and an outdoor exhibition space that showcases the Waterworks exhibition, Ecogarden and Kinetic Garden as well as the Omni-Theatre, Singapore’s only dome-shaped, 5-storey high IMAX theatre.  

The Human Body Experience (HBX) is a unique larger-than-life 3D interactive journey for visitors to experience an endoscopic view of body functions in an exciting maze of tunnels from the throat to the intestines.  KidsSTOP, Singapore’s first Children’s Science Centre will give kids aged from 18 months to 8 years old their first taste of science while climbing enthusiasts can enjoy The Cliff, the latest sport climbing facility with the Vertigo Climbing System, installed next to Snow City.

The HBX is an interactive, fun experience for all ages designed to stimulate various senses including touch, sound, sight and the sensation of actually being processed by the human organs.  

That's me just about to slide down the throat!

This exhibition is a collaborative effort between the SCS and Australian based Newman Entertainment International, a company that has been entertaining millions of visitors throughout Australia since the 1960s.  

It is the first international project for Newman and the HBX is specially created for SCS with the aim of encouraging families to bond and inspire children to develop an interest in science and biology through a fun-filled experience.

Touch the vocal chords inside the throat and discover
the different pitches that gives you the ability to
talk, sing and make sounds!
Climb in from an open mouth and slide down the throat for a unique sensory experience while audio-visual narration by Professor X will help to educate and interact with you throughout your incredible journey.  Designed with sculptured representations of body parts complete with special effects, the HBX shows the inner workings of the throat, lungs, heart, kidneys, brain, digestive system through to the small and large intestines.  Your exciting journey in the 1,000 sq meter exhibit includes experiences with strobe lighting, mist spray, confined spaces, unsteady surfaces, tactile sculptures, optical illusions, holograms, audio, 3D video and touch pads that closely resemble the inside of a human body. 

You are swallowed alive as you enter
this portal!
“We are all curious about our body and how we function but other than x-rays and graphical illustrations, many will not have a chance to really see and understand what goes on inside the body,” said Chief Executive SCS, Associate Professor Lim Tit Meng, who explained that the HBX is a unique exhibition that combines education and entertainment with a multi-sensory encounter with science. 

Creative Director of Newman Entertainment International, Marc Newman, said the HBX is unique because it was conceptualized like a theme park where you climb in through an open mouth, slide down the throat, crawl through the veins and arteries, and squelch as you bounce inside the stomach.  “The display is very realistic and children will be thrilled with the adventure it offers,” he added.

At KidsSTOP, Singapore’s first Children’s Science Centre where kids aged between 18 months and 8 years can have their first taste of science through purposeful play in a safe and guided environment.  Exhibits and galleries that integrate the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education approach are designed to foster parent-child bonding through interactive activities that let children learn through activity, play and exploration.  

Facade of Kids Stop, Singapore's first
Children's Science Centre
Housed within the Omni-Theatre building, KidsSTOP has dedicated edutainment facilities including a mock-up supermarket and kitchen, The Big Dream Climber, a lofty 9-meter climbing structure and the Giant J, a 7-meter slide for kids to experience a free-fall sensation before sliding to safety!  Website:

The Cliff, the latest sport climbing facility to be built in Singapore using the international Vertigo Climbing System, offers a combination of Lead and Speed walls for climbing enthusiasts.  Jointly managed by Snow City and Nphibian Outdoor Consultants, this facility provides basic and intensive courses by trained and professional climbers as well as workshops and certified courses by a team of qualified instructors from the Singapore Mountaineering Foundation.  It is also an ideal destination for groups and families who can combine climbing fun with a sub-zero experience of snow play in the adjacent Snow City.  Website:

Enjoy the thrill to be dropped from the "Giant J" a 7-meter slide and experience
a free-fall sensation before sliding to safety!
The Cliff, designed with the Vertigo Climbing System, is the latest sport climbing
facility installed at Science Centre Singapore
That's me squeezing out from the small intestines - with a little help from my friends!
Notice this guy's white knuckles [Right] as he heaved hard to help me squeeze through - Whew!

The HBX exhibition is held in the Science Centre Singapore, Hall B from 10am to 6pm daily for 2 years from June 2014.  Tickets are priced at S$20 for adults and S$15 for children (aged 3 to 12) including admission to SCS.  For more info, visit website:

A version of this article was published in The New Straits Times, Streets Johor on 23 June 2014

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