Disabled break fast at golf clulb

Ponderosa Golf & Country Resort shared the spirit of Ramadan in a breaking-of-fast meal with 32 students with disability and their teachers from S K Kulai Kampung Melayu, at the resort recently.

Disabled children showing of their duit raya presented by
Ponderosa Golf  & Country Resort General Manager,
Ivan Teo [Back row, wearing white T-shirt]
Guests from this day school with a section that provides a special education curriculum for students with disability, were treated to a buffet spread of some 100 types of food that featured Nasi Dagang dishes, whole roast lamb and traditional chilled desserts like ice-balls, ice-cream potong sandwiched in buns, ice-cream goyang and a generous serving of fresh durians.
"The terrace that overlooks the golf green, is not only an ideal spot to host our Ramadan buffet but also suitable for serving our king of fruits – durian,” said resort General Manager, Ivan Teo, who later presented the students with gifts of duit raya and festive cookies.

School headmaster, Razali Lan [Standing 6th from Left]
with resort GM, Ivan Teo [next to him] and team of teachers
“I wish to take this opportunity to commend the team of teachers for their commitment and patience in guiding these special students,” said school headmaster, Razali Lan, who is aware that the teachers and their assistants have a gift in handling these children with compassion.

Senior Assistant, Noor Aini Misni, who has been attached to the special education section of the school for the last 17 years, said their special students included children who were diagnosed with autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and physical disabilities.  The special students, aged between 8 and 12 years, were at the event accompanied by 24 teachers and their families.

“In addition to the school subjects that prepare them for UPSR exams, the special students are given lessons in Living Skills,” said Noor Aini.  She said the students, made up of 23 boys and 9 girls, are taught to create handicrafts including beadwork for costume jewellery and in baking cookies.  When these products were sold at the school’s Teachers’ Day and Entrepreneurs’ Day, the special students were very encouraged.

A section of diners enjoying the breaking of fast meal
at the Golf Terrace, Ponderosa Golf & Country Resort
The team of 10 teachers and assistants for the special students often plan outings with the students as they wish to give the students experiences that they may otherwise miss out from their childhood.  In sports, two of their special students have participated in shot-put at previous MSSJ state level para games and also has a bowling team for MSSJ 2015 as well as joined district level games in petanque.

The festive mood at the event continued as MC Embun encouraged volunteers to take part in his game, “Jangan lupa lyric Raya” where participants stand to win prizes if they could continue singing the lyrics of the popular Raya songs that he played and suddenly switched off.

Located just 15 minutes’ drive from Johor Baru city, Ponderosa Golf & Country Club has an 18-hole golf course, a Mediterranean-style lodge, sports and recreational facilities and spa.  For more info, visit website: www.ponderosagolf.com

A version of this was published in The Malaysian Insider on 1 July 2015

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