Survana launches Natyarpana

Suvarna Fine Arts recently launched, Natyarpana, a bi-annual dance series, to a packed audience in Johor Baru.

A sculptured pose at the end of a dance performed by
 students from the Setia Tropika and Pulai
Utama branches of Suvarna Fine Arts
Every year since its inception in 1994, Suvarna would showcase its students’ talents in elaborate stage productions while the Natyarpana is being initiated as a bi-annual dance series.  The inaugural show was organised and choreographed by the teaching faculty and featured more than 80 students who performed a repertoire of 11 dances with the finale by the four tutors. The show opened with the introduction of the teaching team followed by the tradition of presenting flower garlands to honour the tutors’ parents.

“The Natyarpana gave the senior graduates an opportunity to exercise their skills in arranging and staging a show to the Suvarna standards of performance,” said event coordinator, Viajy Chandran.  He said the show also provided a platform for students in the various branches to be exposed to stage performances and to experience the value of this art and cultural heritage.

Ajith Bhaskaran Dass [5th from Left] with members of the teaching team [on his Right] and senior students [on his Left]

Ajith Bhaskaran Dass, one of the nation’s most accomplished Bharata Natyam dancers, started Suvarna in 1993 and he performed its first show with just four students – Suzatha Suppiah, Ananthemalar Durairaj, Vijayan Veeryan and Vijay Chandran. These students who graduated under his tutelage, now form the teaching faculty who works with Ajith to operate various branches of the dance academy opened in Setia Tropika, Pulai, Saleng, Masai, Desa Cemerlang and Ulu Tiram.

A section of the performers for the inaugural Natyarpana
with four members of the teaching team [Centre]
“Dance is an endless journey,” declared Ajith as he encouraged his senior students to be involved with dance, not only as dancers but also in wardrobe management, set and lighting design and execution. 

The launch of the bi-annual series that involved the next generation of students was a significant achievement for Ajith who believes in giving students a holistic education in all aspects of dance, from dancing and teaching to choreography as well as stage production.

Ajith shares the success of Suvarna with his teaching team who has caught his vision in nurturing and promoting classical dance as a powerful medium for the performing arts.  He is tproud that Suvarna is recognised for its vibrant dance renditions, striking choreography and innovative theatrical presentations and is continuing a legacy in training and producing dancers of exceptional talent.

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A version of this was published in The Malaysian Insider on 28 July 2015

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