Dancing with Daphne

“Dancing can make you feel young again”

For more than twenty years, Daphne Ng has led a double life.  By day she works in the admin office of a resort hotel, seriously studying details on business contracts at her desk.  By night – at least on Monday evenings – she will put on her dancing shoes to teach a ballroom dancing class.  From 7pm to 10pm, she teaches a class the intricate steps to dance waltz, tango, foxtrot, quick-step and some of the dances in the Latin genre like cha-cha, rumba, samba and jive and sometimes even rock ‘n roll.

Daphne shares her passion for dancing with her husband who was her dance partner when they started going to dance classes in Singapore.  Back then, driving to Singapore was a breeze so once a week, they would cross the causeway after 7pm for their dance lessons and come back late, usually after supper.

Equipped with dance techniques for a variety of dances, Daphne used to work with fitness centres in golf clubs and hotels that offered social dancing classes to its members.  She believes that dancing is an excellent form of exercise that tones the body from top to toe and helps to balance the body.  Daphne however, observed that men in Johor Baru are too conservative and often feel that dancing is not a manly hobby.  But if dancing is a passion, she says there really is no age limit for those who wish to join her dance classes.

She looks forward to someday when she will leave the corporate world to focus on her dance classes.  But for now, Daphne is happy to share her skills with her students and help others discover dancing as a form of fitness exercise.  Johor Baru may be slow in taking up dancing as a hobby but she is finding great satisfaction in coaching even the most uncoordinated students to practice, enjoy the music and not to give up dancing!

For more info on dance classes, send email to: daphne.ng@hotmail.com

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