Real homemade by Lokman

“I’d like to own a café and even supply frozen popia”

Twenty years with a hotel’s Food & Beverage department, ten years of which he was also operating a home-based business, gave hardworking Lokman Mahat [Right] the experience and confidence to step out on his own.  With the help of his family – three daughters and one son – this father of four runs a catering business in Muar that was boosted by the brisk sales of his snacks at annual Ramadan bazaars. 

Four years ago, he quit his hotel job to set up a stall in front of a coffee-shop along Jalan Sisi to sell his original homemade recipe popia or spring rolls, with the help of his son, Muhd Shafiq.

With his Ori Popia Recipe tag-lined, The Real Homemade, Lokman is proud that even the popia skins are created from his own recipe.  The stall which opens daily from 2pm has a constant stream of loyal customers who either eat-in with a drink at the coffee-shop or buy takeaways.  Popia are offered in a choice of fresh rolls or deep-fried served with a dip sauce as well as deep-fried rolls coated with a spicy sauce and a sprinkle of sesame seeds.

Lokman hopes that when his second daughter graduates from Business Admin & Finance studies, they can set up a family business to serve a wider range of products as well as his original popia with interesting fillings like banana or seafood!  Visit:

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