Humour with a heart at Eight

What does animal welfare and comedy lovers have in common?  The sold-out comedy show to benefit SPCA Johor Baru at Eight on Lido Hill, proved that what was common between them must be the incomparable Kumar!

The incomparable Kumar in his element, performing
at the "fun"-raising event in aid of SPCA JB at Eight
Kumar, one of Singapore’s foremost standup comedians, gave a rollicking debut performance in Johor Baru to a packed audience that left only standing room for late-comers. 

Renowned for his irreverent and no-holds-barred brand of comedy, fans enjoyed a side-splitting time in his 2-set show, held at the outdoor stage of Eight on Lido Hill.

The garden setting at Eight on a balmy night was the perfect backdrop for a comedy show to raise funds for JB’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. 

Master-of-Ceremony, Hossan Leong kept the audience warmed up and eagerly anticipating the grand entrance of Kumar the diva, comedian, TV host and actor.

Kumar captivating his audience, as always!
Opened in August 2011, Eight has earned its reputation as a premier dining and entertainment destination in JB.  Driven by the philosophy that it must be more than just a restaurant, Eight actively promotes arts, music and cultural events and has hosted some of the finest talents ever to perform in JB.

Eight has a strong community service interest in supporting schools, charities, social welfare organisations and feeding the poor and homeless.  This “fun”-raising event to benefit SPCA JB, co-sponsored by beverage brand, Somersby, is another community event in aid of animal welfare.

Somersby, the country’s fastest growing cider brand, partnered Eight for the “fun”-raising event to offer comedy fans an uplifting experience with good food and ice-cold Somersby cider and Somerita, a fun drinking ritual with a Somersby bottle served upside down over crushed ice!

A section of the appreciative audience at the charity show
The evening’s anticipation peaked when Hossan introduced Kumar, who came on stage to a thunderous warm welcome.  Dressed completely in black, Kumar wore his long hair tied up in a ponytail and his face in full make-up complete with fluttering (false!) eyelashes.  While diamond studs glittered on his earlobes, some silver bangles flashed on his wrist and a pair of silver pointy loafers completed his chic ensemble.

As Kumar spewed out joke after joke, punctuated by his unique style of saying colloquial expletives, Eight on Lido Hill echoed with non-stop laughter.  Kumar showed no mercy, poking fun at government and public personalities, the elderly, his parents and sisters – even religion – and his favourite topic – sex – among other similarly cheeky subjects!

MC for the event, Hossan Leong, with his lovely assistants
 in the Somersby lucky draw section of the evening
As his witty punchlines reaped roars of laughter, no one was spared because he even made his audience laugh at themselves.

It was a happy evening of humour with a heart.  It’s also very interesting that Kumar has an uncanny link to the SPCA because in the 1960s, his father was caretaker of SPCA Singapore!

At the sound of a siren speeding along Jalan Skudai, Kumar paused to ask in mock shock, if it was the Police coming to arrest him! 

Later when the sound of another siren was heard, Kumar was quick to ask if there was a hospital nearby!  (Yes! The city’s Hospital Sultanan Aminah is just down the road!)

While the audience enjoyed the abundant flow of Somersby and Kumar’s brand of wit and humour, SPCA committee members and volunteers distributed flyers and donation pledge forms with relevant information on the help they need to support animal welfare in the city.

Guests learnt more about the needs of
the SPCA JB at the event
Formed in 1997, SPCA JB aims to help in rehoming dogs and cats, responding to animal cruelty cases and educating the public on animal welfare through exhibitions and talks.

Registered as Persatuan Menolong Haiwan, Johor Baru, the society is run by a committee with YAM Tunku Tun Aminah Bte Sultan Ibrahim as Royal Patron.

Allan Fernandez of Eight on Lido Hill is keen to support SPCA JB in their efforts and to donate proceeds from this “fun”-raising event because he is a pet-lover.  Eight has previously held fund-raising events for animal charities like Noah’s Ark and HOPE animal shelter.

Several years ago when his pet dog went missing, Allan ventured into the city council’s animal holding centre in search of his lost dog and had firs-hand experience of its deplorable state.  To this day, he is haunted by the sight of captured dogs, some caged and with some strangled to death in horrific conditions.

Somersby and Kumar are also keen on supporting the efforts of SPCA JB which is planning to build a Holding Center for dogs and cats in the city as a convenient one-stop centre to surrender animals picked up by the city council and members of the public.  

The SPCA JB Holding Center is designed to house animals separated by gender and species with quarantine facilities.  It also has a veterinary clinic with facilities to spay and neuter, and perform medical and surgical procedures.

One for the album: Kumar with a bevy of beauties from Somersby
At the moment, SPCA JB is seeking a suitable site of between five to ten acres to build this Holding Center which is also designed with a viewing gallery for grooming and adoption, a pet shop as well as an incinerator to facilitate cremation.

SPCA JB is seeking public support to contribute towards building and equipping this Holding Center.   The society is appealing to well-wishers to help them create this Centre and promote zero tolerance for animal cruelty.  

A great deal needs to be done to improve the state of animal welfare here and the funds raised from the “fun”-raising event amounting to RM10,000, will go a long way to help the SPCA in turning their plans into reality.

All donations can be made to Public Bank Berhad, Account No. 3109003912 through internet banking or cash/cheque deposit with cheques made in favour of: Persatuan Menolong Haiwan Johor Bahru.

Receipts will be issued when SPCA JB receives copies of your payment/transaction slip with your contact details, faxed to No. 607 – 226 5840 or emailed to:  For more information visit:,,

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