Pot's JB at Southkey

Since Pot’s Industries moved away from Jalan Skudai, I was keen to find them again and when I got wind that it had reopened at Southkey, it was my sister who kept pushing me to track them down.

A closer look to spot the name "Pot's" on the balcony!
When our family was heading out for dinner one evening, my sister suggested that we explore Southkey to find Pot’s.  So I drove to Jalan Bakar Batu and took a few wrong turns inside the commercial centre before accidentally turning into a side road that led to an open carpark.

It was already getting dark and the street lighting as well as the security (foreign) personnel, were not very helpful.  I drove very slowly to let my sister read the signboards and was about to give up because our stomachs were already growling and impatient for some food.

Determined to find it, I slowed to a crawl to help look around.  I don’t know what made me look up but I suddenly spotted a well-lighted balcony.  There was a discreet sign and almost illegible in the semi-darkness but I clearly recognized it as Pot’s!

Written on the floor: "Do you want some?" at its entrance
“We found it!” I yelled in delight as I also found a nearby parking space.  A flight of wide steps led upstairs but there was also an elevator behind it (I saw people coming out!)

At the top of the stairs/outside the elevator, I saw the café behind a glass wall painted with the familiar Pot’s logo.  The helpful staff members were waving their arms (not in greeting!) and we figured out what they were trying to tell us, “the entrance was that-a-way!”

So we turned right and saw the doorway to our left.  Instead of a welcome mat, I read Pot’s familiar tagline painted on the floor, “Do you want some?”  My reply was an absolute, “Yes!” (Because we came all the way, searched around and found Pot’s again!)

Check out the bookcase on the front of the counter!
The staff warmly welcomed us and once seated, we studied the menu – seeking out familiar favourites – and realized that while many items are still on the menu, there were some changes.

While the space in the new premises is smaller, there is still an outdoor section on the balcony and an indoor air-conditioned dining hall.  A glass panel between the dining hall and the kitchen created an “open kitchen” concept that allowed diners to have a view of what was going on with their food preparation.

After placing our meal order, I took my time to look around and was pleased that Pot’s still maintained its aim in encouraging reading.  The entire length of the counter was a bookcase where diners were encouraged to borrow books to read and chill out over food or a cup of freshly brewed coffee. 

Izzat Talip at Pot's JB
Unable to resist the pull of good books, I asked the staff about the borrowing/renting policy and was told that I could take any number of books and return them when I’m done.  Maybe he made a note of the book titles for reference but I got the vibe of a great deal of trust and cool camaraderie that prevails in Pot’s.

When our meal was served, we couldn’t help the natural inclination to consider if there was anything different but as we ate, we agreed that it still tasted like the original Pot’s menu that we so enjoyed.

Maybe we were just hungry but for a while, all our attention was focused on eating and sharing portions with each other.  Just as I was stuffing my face with a forkful of Pesto Pasta – linguine flavoured with Pot’s own spicy curry pesto sauce – I heard a soft voice next to me saying, “Hello Peggy!”

I turned to see Izzat Talip, the man behind the Pot’s team, and he was wearing an apron over a T-shirt with the word, “PANTRY” peeking out from behind the apron.  It suddenly dawned on me that he was working in the kitchen and could only come out to say “Hello” when all the meal orders were served.

Cover of the Pot's Mealbox Takeaway menu
I congratulated him and his wife, Klux (who was not there!) on the opening of Pot’s at Southkey.  We had a quick chat about the happenings among cafes in JB and what else was new, and Izzat introduced me to Pot’s Mealbox takeaway service. 

Izzat said their Mealbox service is popular with diners who are familiar with their food and especially with people who prefer to enjoy their lunch in the comfort of their office.  

Due to heavy traffic or time constraints, now a taste of Pot’s for lunch may be delivered instead of them coming out in such warm weather!
Pot’s Mealbox takeaways are delivered with a small charge of RM3 to RM5 to various destinations along Jalan Tebrau and into the heart of the city.  To make the deliveries more viable, they accept a minimum of two Mealbox orders.

This was emblazoned on the kitchen door!
Even though they have moved to different locations, Izzat was deeply touched by the support, love and loyalty of diners who enjoy their Halal menu of salads, sandwiches, pasta, drinks and desserts. 

Considering the number of occupied tables and new arrivals of diners in the cafe, it looked like more and more fans of Pot’s are finding their way to Pot’s at Southkey!

Pot’s is located at Unit A-2-52, Pusat Komersial Bayu Tasek, Persiaran Southkey, Kota Southkey, JB.  Open daily, 4pm to 12am and closed on Monday

For reservations and to order Mealbox takeaways, Tel: +6016 – 7811845.  

Mealbox orders by telephone or WhatsApp, should be made a day in advance or before 9am on the delivery day.

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