Mampir Lagi and my book

While planning a birthday lunch for the October babies, my former classmates asked around the group for a choice of food to enjoy together and they agreed when I suggested Mampir Lagi.

My book at Mampir Lagi cafe with
Jason [Left] and Henny
This cosy café in Taman Pelangi serves Indonesian cuisine and as most of them have not dined there, everyone were keen for an exotic dining experience.

I am acquainted with the couple, Jason Antoney and his wife, Henny Lumintang, who run this café and was happy to help place the reservation for our lunch appointment. I suggested having their set meals to share among us and looked forward to introducing the taste of Lombok to my friends.

Henny, who hails from Lombok, had been running this café with the help of her husband since last year and her Indonesian recipes have been drawing me back again and again. And her mouth-watering cakes are also ideal for dessert!

A few days after I made the reservation, Henny sent me a photo of my book, My Johor Stories: True Tales, Real People, Rich Heritage, with a request to please autograph it for her when we came for lunch on that appointed day!

Our group enjoying lunch at Mampir Lagi cafe
I was pleasantly surprised and deeply honoured by her request. In my last visit to the café, Jason told me how he was reading my book and enjoying it. He described that it was simply, un-put-down-able!

So on that day, ten of us gathered for the October birthday celebration at Mampir Lagi. 

We ordered one each of their set meals – A, B and C – so that there were ample dishes to go around. There were also two whole fried fish with two types of dip sauce, to share among us!

I also placed an additional order for Gado Gado which is presented slightly different from those served elsewhere.

Mampir Lagi's Oxtail Soup from my previous visit
It was good to see how everyone relished the taste of the various Indonesian dishes with white rice and polished off the plates in a leisurely meal.

My only regret is on that day, their special item for the day was not Oxtail Soup. I tasted its rich, aromatic flavour in my previous meal at the café and longed to share it with my friends. 

While it was a minor disappointment, this just means we have to return to the café again when it is available!

The birthday girls (us!) were given the privilege to pick our choices of cake from the chiller and so Irene, Elizabeth and I chose one wedge each of Henny’s delicious Red Velvet cake, Carrot Cake and a slice of tangy Lemon Tart.

Happy Birthday October babies!
With candles lit up on the slices of cake, there was the obligatory singing of the Birthday Song for the October babies.

Henny also bakes plain butter cakes and these are served without icing or decoration. That day, a batch was freshly baked and I was impressed when she happily served a few slices to our table, with her best compliments!

Other diners came in and left but our group still lingered, enjoying each other’s company and savouring the cakes with freshly brewed coffee and tea.

As Jason brewed the beverages and Henny served her cakes, it felt as if we were being entertained in their home.

When the crowd thinned and Jason and Henny were not too busy, I excused myself from the table and went to join them – both patiently waiting with my book.

Happy, Happy Birthday at Mampir Lagi cafe
It was my pleasure and privilege to autograph it for them and Jason – who confessed that he was not much of a habitual reader – told me that even his wife noticed that he was too engrossed with reading my book!

Thanks, Jason and Henny, for your kind hospitality at Mampir Lagi and for your interest in my book, My Johor Stories: True Tales, Real People, Rich Heritage. Happy Reading!

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