Our Road Trip

A few weeks ago, Emily reminded me that she had a holiday week coming up and asked if I was ready for our road trip. 
Clear blue skies ahead on the North-South Highway

You see, a few months ago, while I was in the thick of working on my book project, I failed to join her and others on an extended trip to Cameron Highlands. 

I was deeply disappointed to miss out on that trip but she assured me that we would go on our own road trip later.

That 'later' was going to happen! So I replied with a resounding, "Yessss!!"

We agreed that our road trip was to be a free-and-easy outing with no particular itinerary but I only had to be in Kuala Lumpur on the weekend of Oct 15 because I was going to watch the 200th performance of Emily of Emerald Hill.

With that in mind, I let Emily plan the route from Johor Baru to various Johor towns that we were not as familiar with, including a detour to KL, before we continued exploring Johor.

While she did the research and made the hotel reservations, Emily also reminded me of the must-see and must-do items in the various Johor towns. She was an excellent navigator and sign-reader who helped us to reach our destinations smoothly.

It was such a relaxed yet exciting trip where we met interesting people, captured some charming photos and had some very pleasant surprises too. But more about our experiences and explorations later. 

Here is a glimpse of our road trip adventure through a collection of we-fie shots:
Driving along the route on our road trip
The arty displays in the lobby of the charming Muo Boutique Hotel in Muar
Brunch of freshly baked pies and pastries at Kenny Hills Bistro [Err... this is not a we-fie!]
Always have time for some retail therapy!
At Dataran Batu Pahat with its iconic landmark in the background
In the shadow of the glowing sunset at Minyak Beku
We talked about everything and nothing. We sang and we laughed and cried. We made many memories. Look out for more on our road trip!

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