Richard and my book

In January 2015, Richard Hayter, a reader in Leeds, UK, read what I wrote about my early years in Larkin Gardens and he shared memories of a time when he used to live here too.

Dad with his three lovely daughters,
[L to R] Ruby, Pearly and Peggy next
to his trusted VW in Larkin Gardens
Along with his memories, Richard also shared a priceless collection of old photos. Just like my dad, his dad also enjoyed photography as a hobby and we have fond memories treasured in photos.

In one part of his earlier message to me, Richard said: It may be fanciful but I have a recollection of a house a few down from our home in Larkin Gardens, where a man with a green car would wash it virtually every day.

The memory stuck because the car was so unusual to us. There were few German cars in Britain at the time and the VW Beetle was certainly odd. Today of course German cars are a mark of quality and engineering excellence. Either way the memory is there. Who knows? We may even have been neighbours!

After my book, My Johor Stories: True Tales, Real People, Rich Heritage was launched in mid-July 2017, it went on sale in MPH bookstores nationwide and online via

Then on Aug 9, I received a message from Richard in the UK that read: “I’ve been searching high and low to find a copy of your book, My Johor Stories. I realise now that I should just search Loh.”

Richard and my book on the train to London
He ended the message with a question: “Does your publisher supply overseas and how do I contact them to buy a copy?”

I replied immediately, thanking Richard for his interest and support – all the way in the UK – and told him the publisher is MPH Publishing and he could order online through the online store.

Richard finally got round to doing it a few weeks later and he wrote to tell me: “Thanks for the details. Ordered online. Should be with me in a couple of weeks!”

Richard’s message yesterday (UK time!) which I read early this morning, sounded jubilant. He said: “I have it, Peggy! Will be reading tonight and on the train down to London tomorrow. Thank you.”

I’m so glad he finally has my book!

This afternoon (morning in the UK!) Richard sent me a photo of himself holding my book in the train to London, with a message: “Having seen the pictures of your dad and the VW, I’m convinced we were neighbours!”

Read more excerpts of his recollections posted in Memories of Larkin Gardens.

Note: My book is now also available at Borders and Kinokuniya bookstores in Kuala Lumpur.

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