Kids celebrate their mothers with Sugar Bun

Mothers, as we know, come in all shapes and sizes and through the creative eyes of some kindergarten children, their mothers also come in various shades of colours!

Colourful mothers as seen through the eyes of
kindergarten children in the event, Colour My Mom
Themed, Colour My Mom, the event organized to celebrate mothers was hosted at the first Borneo Asian Food by Sugar Bun outlet in Johor, opened at Bandar Seri Alam.

Some 30 children from the Nuri Education Centre aged between five to six years, showed off their creativity and imagination by colouring a template designed with a portrait of a woman and a basket of flowers, based on the event’s theme.

Escorted by their teachers, parents and family members, the children were well-behaved and orderly, probably due to the good training their received in their education centre.

Children from the Nuri Education Centre enjoying
the colouring activity at the event
While the organizer provided a set of coloured pencils for each child, some of them even brought along their own coloured pencils – a good discipline, indeed – well prepared to put their favourite pencils to good use!

It was a fun morning for the children who added their pick of colours to the template, not in a competition or a race to complete it quickly but for the sheer pleasure of colouring and making their mothers proud.

To begin, the children were instructed to turn to the reverse page and write down their names. It was interesting to watch how they followed instructions and did so diligently.

Another view of the children enjoying their colouring activity
With their mothers and teachers hovering nearby, some younger children were tempted to seek the adults’ help but most of the children managed to complete the colouring quite independently.

Then it was time to review the completed artwork and pick six outstanding pieces to give them a special mention and a place of honour, displayed on the wall.

Franchise holder of Borneo Asian Food by Sugar Bun and event host, Sharon Szeto, was delighted with her task in selecting her choices of colourful mothers.

These six mothers must be bursting with pride when the names of their children were announced and their artwork were then put up for display!

Badut Handsome the Clown kept the children entertained
Then it was time for some fun and entertainment led by Badut Handsome the Clown.

The clown got the children on their feet and warmed-up with an action song and kept them happily engaged by his jokes, magic tricks and balloon sculptures.

This event was also an excellent opportunity for Borneo Asian Food by Sugar Bun to introduce their family oriented brand to their guests with a taste of its menu of food and drinks.

So the children, their families and teachers were not only treated to a fun time together to celebrate mothers but also ended the event with a delicious meal, provided with the host’s best compliments!

Sharon Szeto [Wearing stripes] distributing food parcels
made by Borneo Asian Food by Sugar Bun to the kids
As its name suggests, Borneo Asian Food by Sugar Bun is a brand with its origins in East Malaysia.

Established since 1979 as an ice-cream parlour, Sugar Ban has since evolved into one of the nation’s leading quick service restaurants.

The outlet in Bandar Seri Alam which opened in January 2018, has become a popular dining destination not only for the large East Malaysian community who are based in this area but also for many of the locals.

Renowned for a menu of signature dishes including Laksa Sarawak, rice, soups and sandwiches, diners are learning to appreciate the taste of juicy Broasted Chicken – their own recipe of tender, less oily but ever so tasty, fried chicken.

One for the album: Children, teachers and the hosts at Sugar Bun; Happy Mother's Day to all moms! 
But more about their food in a separate story.

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