Traditional buka puasa at Tanjung Puteri

I like the informal setting in the Golf Terrace that overlooks the green at Tanjung Puteri Golf Resort.

The choices of sambal are served in stone mortars!
With a comfortable impression of space, this is where friends and family members can buka puasa or break their fast together as if they were at home.

This Ramadan, Executive Chef Yazid Mahadi and his culinary team decided to create eight home-style menus to serve on weekly rotation for diners to enjoy traditional recipes that have withstood the test of time.

When I spot the choices of sambal dips to savour with the ulam-ulam or kampong salad greens, I get the feel reminiscent of coming home to break the fast with family!

The presentation is even more charming when the choices of sambal are served in stone mortars which are traditionally used with stone pestles in the kitchen at home.

Ulam-ulam to savour with the sambal
In the hot food buffet, I see a range of food that reminds me of traditional recipes served in Malay homes. There’s even fried fish – Ikan Goreng Berempah – with Air Assam dip, just like how mother would prepare at home.

In addition, there is a range of Ramadan treats like a whole roasted lamb served with choices of mushroom sauce or black pepper sauce, barbecued meat and seafood, beef and chicken satay, Shawarma (a type of Arabic wrap) and tandoori chicken.

As we all know, the resort has a reputation for good food at their Her Yuan Chinese Restaurant.

So this Ramadan, one of its popular items – juicy and tender roasted duck – is served in portions with a drizzle of sweet sauce, as part of the buffet.

[In my pre-Ramadan food reviews thus far, only one other hotel/resort buffet also serves roasted duck! So don’t miss a serving of this delicious duck here!]

Another must-have item are the sweet treats in the dessert spread that include dried dates as well as a range of local kueh, cakes and pastries.

Refreshing ABC designed my way!
One of my favourite buffet treats is the fun and flexibility to assemble my own Air Batu Campur, better known as ABC, from the choice of ingredients at this dessert stall.

Instead of burying the ingredients under the shaved ice, I choose the reverse – to pile them on top of the ice – which is then flavoured by my choice of syrup and evaporated milk!

[This just reminds me of how I would help myself to the evaporated milk from our grandmother’s breakfast jug (Tupperware!) when we bought takeaway ABC (for only RM0.05 sen piled high, using our own dinner plates!) from our next-door provision shop when we used to live at Jalan Ngee Heng…]

The home-cooked style Buka Puasa buffet spread at Tanjung Puteri Golf Resort will be served at the Golf Terrace from May 18 to June 14.

Prices are RM80 nett per adult and RM40 nett per child aged three to 12 years.

Enjoy the best deal of one free voucher for the purchase of 10 adult vouchers.

Chef serving portions of whole roasted lamb topped with a choice of mushroom sauce or black pepper sauce.
A serving of Her Yuan Restaurant's famous, juicy and tender roasted duck!
A section of diners at the Golf Terrace enjoying the home-cooked style buffet as if they were at home.
As a token of appreciation, buffet diners during the first week of Ramadan (May 18 to 25) will receive a Special Takeaway Snack for Sahur.

Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort is located at Jalan Tanjong Puteri 1, Tanjong Puteri Resort, 81700 Pasir Gudang, Johor. For reservations: Tel: +607 – 259 6132/6136 or 271 1888.

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