Sarawak specialties at Johor's first Sugar Bun

Imagine a Quick Service Restaurant where you can get Fish Burgers, Fried Chicken, Fish & Chips as well as Asian cuisine like Savoury Rice, Sarawak Laksa, Claypot Chicken Mushroom soup and Claypot Assam Fish – just by ordering at the counter.

Check out the bottom layer of Sarawak
Gula Apong in my Three-Layer
Sarawak Tea at Sugar Bun Seri Alam
Imagine no more because now you can enjoy both variety and value when you dine at Sugar Bun Seri Alam, the first outlet of the popular Borneo Asian Food chain from East Malaysia, now opened in Bandar Seri Alam, Johor.

When I arrive on a warm tropical morning, I’m served a thirst-quencher in the highly recommended Three-Layer Sarawak Tea sweetened by a dense layer of Sarawak Gula Apong or Borneo palm sugar.

The way to enjoy it is to open the lid of the tumbler and give the layers a quick stir (conveniently using the straw) to mix the milky mixture with the sugar at the bottom to get a homogenous blend.

At my first sip, I must say that its taste is rather pleasing and as I take bigger sips, I realise that my tea is finishing quite quickly!

I learn that this beverage also has a coffee alternative in the Three-Layer (Premium Tenom!) Coffee, and I make a mental note to try this on my next visit.

Borneo Asian Food by Sugar Bun sets itself apart by catering to the tastes of both young and old so that families can enjoy a meal together here.

Their signature Broasted Chicken in a takeaway box
One of its distinctive products is Broasted Chicken, their own recipe for fried chicken which leaves the chicken meat less oily but more tender and juicy.

The only way to enjoy fried chicken is to use my fingers and as I tear it apart, I soon discover what they mean by “less oily” because care was taken to remove any excess fats from the meat in its preparation process.

As I chomp through its tender meat and crispy skin, I somehow feel less guilty for enjoying this piece of leaner fried chicken!

Just as in other fast-food restaurants, the menu feature burgers and fries. Popular choices include the Chicken Sandwich and the Fish Burger as well as French Fries and Swinger Fries.

A whole Red Tilapia fish is served with a side of chilli padi
with fish sauce, sambal, fresh pickles and steamed rice
I’m curious about the Swinger Fries and then find out that these fried potato pieces are shaped like stylish fins!

But I’m more excited to discover the Asian cuisine listed in the menu.

It’s fascinating that there are also items like Savoury Rice, Sarawak Laksa, Claypot Chicken Mushroom soup and even Assam Fish to savour with steamed white rice.

Among the latest additions to the menu is Sambal Eco-Fish prepared with the Red Tilapia fish that are farmed in Batang Ai, in the Sri Aman Division of Sarawak where the water is fresh and clean.

These fresh water fish are fed with natural and a nutritionally balanced diet of grain and protein, with no added chemicals or antibiotics.

Assam Eco-Fish in a claypot
A serving of the Sambal Eco-Fish comes with a side of chilli padi with fish sauce, sambal, fresh pickles and steamed white rice.

The Eco-Fish is also prepared in Assam, a familiar and appetizing tangy-spicy gravy along with slices of tomatoes and okra or ladies fingers and served in a claypot.

Laksa lovers will enjoy the authentic flavours of Sarawak Laksa, a noodle dish topped with ingredients like de-shelled prawns, fried egg, chicken strips and bean sprouts, served in a rich and slightly spicy broth.

For me, the Chicken Mushroom Soup that comes in a claypot, tops the list for its warm and comforting flavours.

A complete meal in this bowl of Sarawak Laksa
Besides the black fungus, I spot a variety of mushrooms in the soup and when I sink my teeth into the pieces of chicken, it tastes both fleshy and tender.

There’s something particularly Asian about soup being served hot and the claypot helps to retain the heat for a while longer so that I may savour its warm temperature with each spoonful of soup!

But don’t just take my word for it.

Go check out the exciting menu of Sarawak specialties and more, at the first Borneo Asian Food by Sugar Bun outlet in Johor, located at Bandar Seri Alam.

The Chicken Mushroom Soup is served hot in a claypot!
Sugar Bun's Fish Burger
Their friendly staff at the counter, ready to serve customers at Sugar Bun Seri Alam, Johor
Sugar Bun Seri Alam is a Halal-certified quick service restaurant, located at 6C, C-01, Jalan Suria, Gravity Green, Bandar Seri Alam, 81700 Johor Baru, Johor.

Open daily from 9.30am to 11pm. For more info, visit their Facebook page or website:

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