Sports opens at Sunway Big Box

Just a glance at the attractive merchandise in the spanking new Sports store at Sunway Big Box retail park in Iskandar Puteri, Johor, and the thought that echoed through my mind was, “Choices! Choices! Choices!”

The entrance to Sports at
Sunway Big Box retail park
With more than 70 international brands of the best in variety and value presented to shoppers over 18,000sf of shopfloor in this 31st Sports Direct retail store in Malaysia, there was certainly plenty to choose from.

As an opening special, I had the privilege of being escorted around by Danielle Gibbons from Brand Marketing in Sports who introduced me to the various sections of this super store that forms part of the anchor tenant base at Sunway Big Box.

Another view of the entrance at Sunway Big Box 
While showing me the Lifestyle zone, Danielle reminded me that Sports Direct not only caters to the needs of sports enthusiasts but also to fashion and lifestyle needs.

In fact, an additional 4,000sf of sports lifestyle brands will soon be added to this store in the retail facia USC, scheduled to be open early in the New Year.

As we made a tour of this flagship store in Johor, I had a glimpse of the Sports Direct approach to value and variety in a one-shop, larger format retail footprint which is very appealing to consumers.

Here's the Football zone
To help shoppers identify which merchandise is for Men or Ladies, Sports Direct uses labels in Black colour for Men and in White colour for Ladies.

This brilliant idea conveniently helps shoppers to browse around and select their own choices before seeking help from the Sales Assistants to get their right sizes.

Yet (I thought!) the onus is really on shoppers to cooperate and replace each item – like shoes – at the original spaces so that the next shoppers would see the products along with the right labels.

Product labels by colour: Black for Men
and White for Ladies
In an entire section dedicated to shoes for Kids, there was a wide choice that ranges from sports shoes to smart shoes and even cute pairs of Mary Janes.

The store offers a range of brands in an easy, very competitively priced, shop-by-sports-zone environment where shoppers can find everything they need for a particular sport in each zone.

Danielle pointed out that besides zones for popular sports like Football, Running, Training, Swimming and Rackets, they also have a specific section that caters to the needs of Yoga enthusiasts.

At the Rackets zone
At the Rackets zone, I felt a sudden rush of nostalgia when I saw familiar brands like Dunlop and Carlton. I could not resist sharing with Danielle that our late grandfather was a four-time, Johor state badminton champion in the 1930s.*

I told her that my cousins, siblings, and I lived with our grandparents in our school-going years and we had a badminton court next to our house where grandfather would train world-class badminton players.**

Get your Stringing and
Re-Grip Services done here!
We looked at the badminton rackets on display and I shared how grandfather would saw down the racket shafts to create rackets that matched the heights of us kids, so that we could practice our racket wielding skills and swing an arc freely without smashing the racket on the ground.

When I spotted a counter that provided free Stringing and Re-grip Services for rackets, I was again reminded of those days when we witnessed how grandfather and our uncles used to string rackets at home.

In fact, our cousin Malcolm – now based in Sydney – has Sports Direct as a mandatory stopover on each visit here so that he could get all his sporting needs including racket strings and grips to replace on his rackets.

Many brand choices to choose from!
Then I paused to send him a photograph of the store’s fa├žade to show off this new opening in Iskandar Puteri and his prompt reply simply reads, “Need a pair of Asics!”

Malcolm is partial to Asics shoes, so I had much pleasure in sharing with him, photos of the choices available here and encouraged him to browse at the online store.

After Danielle had moved on to escort others for an introduction to the shopfloor layout, I retraced my steps for a more leisurely look at the range of products and paid closer attention to the sections labeled “SD Exclusive” and even peeked into the bins labeled “Great Deals.”

Choices! Choices! Choices!
I was drawn to the section for Technical Sandals, everyday footwear ideal for our tropical weather and as I admired each design, it was just difficult to decide on which pair because I was simply spoilt for choice!

Finally, yes finally, I managed to make my choice and came away with my Best Buy from Sports at Sunway Big Box retail park.

Sports Direct, the UK’s largest sporting goods retailer by revenue in a diversified portfolio of sports, fitness, fashion and lifestyle fascia’s and brands, through a joint venture partnership with Malaysian owned MST Golf Group of companies, established Sports Direct Malaysia as the first direct retail investment in Asia.

The Pay Point at Sports
Currently Sports Direct Malaysia operates 31 retail stores and manages a proprietary SPORTSDIRECT.COM e-commerce site.

Sports opened at Sunway Big Box Retail Park, is located at Persiaran Medini 5, 79250 Iskandar Puteri. Open daily from 10am to 10pm.

*Read, Where champions were born and The Real Champion, in My Johor Stories: True Tales, Real People, Rich Heritage.

**Read, Badminton is in the blood and Richard’s Quest, in My Johor Stories 2: Interesting Places and Inspirational People.

My Johor Stories series of books are available from MPH bookstores nationwide and online from www.mphonline.

A taste of Korean at Teumsae

When I accepted the invite to dine at Teumsae, I was not only curious about the cuisine they serve but also keen to know the right way to pronounce this name.

Facade of Teumsae at Sunway Citrine
I often shop and dine at Sunway Citrine Hub, so it was an excellent opportunity for me to discover more about this family-run Korean restaurant here.

As our group settled at the table and looked through the menu, I was glad that it was designed with photographs and captioned with a brief description of the items in the English language.

For diners unfamiliar with Korean cuisine, brief descriptions in English with photos will go a long way to help them decide on what dishes to order.

Spicy Seafood Ramen
While I was still studying the menu, a staff member came over to take our orders and she also recommended the must-try dishes here.

I soon realized that this staff member, who also welcomed us into the restaurant, was Lina Kim, the Kim family’s daughter who was also the restaurant’s Executive Director.

“Ah!” I thought to myself, “She is the right person to answer my burning question…”

And when I asked Lina about how to pronounce the name, Teumsae, she smiled sweetly and replied, “chim-say,” and I observed that the “T” remained silent.

A serving of Beef Gimbap with half a portion
of Yang Nyeom fried chicken in the background
A brief history of this brand is recorded in Korean language, framed on a poster with photos, and displayed in the restaurant so Lina shared a summary with us.

The name Teumsae simply means “niche” and the brand started in Seoul in 1981 with a cosy restaurant of only four tables to serve its signature Spicy Ramen Noodles.

As dishes were quickly served to our table, one after the other, I turned my attention to the food.

As we tucked into the Spicy Seafood Ramen, topped with a variety of seafood, vegetables, and rice cake, Lina explained that her father, an interior design professional for 20 years, enjoyed cooking for the family at home.

Close-up view of a thinly sliced
 piece of Beef Gimbap
While he was working in Shanghai, a friend offered him the franchise for the brand, Teumsae, and after he and his wife had given it much consideration, they decided to open a restaurant in the city suburb.

Over the next ten years they worked together in the kitchen and it was no surprise when Mr & Mrs Kim turned their restaurant into a huge success.

Then in 2018, the Kim family moved to Malaysia.

Armed with the confidence gained from their experience, in early 2019 they decided to open Teumsae in Sunway Citrine to serve a menu of popular Korean dishes.

Hot Stone Pot Beef Bibimbap with a side of soup
 and a jar of Gohchujang sauce
These included a range of Ramen, Gimbap rice rolls, Bibimbap, Hot Soups brewed with beef or pork, and of course, the all-time favourite of Korean fried chicken.

When the Beef Gimbap was served, I had a closer look at the rice rolls that were stuffed chockful with minced beef, egg, pickled radish, cucumber, carrots and burdock, and garnished with toasted sesame seeds.

I liked how the rice rolls were thinly sliced – just right to fit into my mouth – and yet its colourful ingredients remained firmly intact within the sheet of seaweed roll. 

Another attractive serving came in the Hot Stone Pot Beef Bibimbap, topped with sliced beef, vegetables and a whole egg, served with a side of clear soup and jar of Gohchujang sauce.

Drizzling Gohchuchang sauce onto the 
Hot Stone Pot of Bibimbap 
Aware that Gohchujang is a Korean chilli-red paste, I drizzled it sparingly over the bibimbap, ready to add more only if there was not too much zing in its flavour.

After mixing the Gohchujang sauce thoroughly into the rice and ingredients, I had my first taste and was pleased that I could add more sauce because it was not sharply spicy but rather quite agreeable.

The steaming hot Beef Rib Soup was served with a bowl of white steamed rice and a jar of seasoned salt for diners to add to their own taste.

I was glad that the rib had a generous chunk of meat on it and through the clear broth, I saw generous sprinkles of sliced scallion, enoki mushrooms and strings of glass noodles.

Beef Rib Soup served with a side of
steamed rice and a jar of salt to season
As I savoured each comforting spoonful of soup, I could understand why Teumsae is where homesick Koreans come for the comfort of family-style, homecooked favourites.

Then it was time to roll up my sleeves and dig into the fried chicken.

We had ordered just half a portion of Korean fried chicken in Yang Nyeom flavour, a Korean Sweet Red sauce, and the serving came with a box of hand gloves.

No, the gloves were not for eating but for diners to wear when they picked up the chicken pieces with their fingers…

Refreshing drinks: Rice Drink
[Right] and Pear Drink [Left]
After tasting dishes that were so full of flavour, Lina suggested that we refresh our palates with Korean specialty drinks like Rice Drink and Pear Juice.

As I enjoyed my icy drink, I was already thinking about other dishes on the menu like Bulgogi and Dumpling Soup, and the other flavours of fried chicken, that I must try on my next visit.

Teumsae, a Non-Halal Korean restaurant, is situated at Lot 1-15, First Floor of Sunway Citrine in Sunway Iskandar, Persiaran Medini 3, Bandar Medini Iskandar, 79250 Iskandar Puteri, Johor.

Open daily from 10.30am to 9pm.

For reservations, Takeaway or Delivery orders, please call Tel: +607 585 7566.

At Delish for a Fantastic Friday dinner buffet

Tucked on Level Five of Hotel Ramada by Wynham Meridin Johor Baru in Iskandar Puteri, Delish Restaurant is welcoming fans of its buffet back again to enjoy their Fantastic Friday buffet dinner, specially served on Friday evenings.

View of entrance into the West Wing
where Delish Restaurant is located

Buffet dining in the New Normal requires a bit more discipline in observing the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) so on arrival, diners register themselves and have their temperature taken before being ushered into the spacious dining hall.

I like the way diners keep their masks on when they approach the buffet line and are required to wear a disposable hand glove on the hand which is used to hold the serving spoons.

I appreciate a sense of courtesy exercised by diners who join an orderly queue and maintain a safe physical distance from each other as they help themselves from the buffet.

Diners taking their turn at the buffet line
At a glance, I spot a range of mouthwatering local specialties in the hot buffet and through the glass-paneled wall, I spy chefs dishing out freshly fried snacks while another chef was deftly plucking a piece of tandoori chicken from a skewer above to roll it into a juicy kebab.

The rice items featured in this Friday’s dinner buffet are Briyani Rice cooked in two choices, Chicken and Leg of Lamb. Looking closer, I also saw baked whole Seabass prepared with a secret Herb & Pesto sauce.

A choice of two Briyani Rice items
and Baked whole Seabass 
Dishes to savour with rice include squid and prawns, prepared in non-spicy recipes like dark sauce and sweet and sour sauce, suitable for everyone to enjoy.

A range of deep-fried snacks – both sweet and savoury – are arranged in paper cones so diners may take their pick from items from mini-murtabak, wantan bags, sesame balls, potato wedges to crispy squares filled with gooey durian.

Freshly wrapped chicken
tandoori kebabs
I was delighted to see all-time favourites, Beef & Chicken satay – grilled skewers of meat – to savour with a rich peanut sauce, and wok fried noodles like Char Kway Teow, stir-fried flat rice noodles.

I was even happier to spot a signature dish in Delish, Assam Pedas, made with chunks of ray fish and ingredients like cut red chilli, slices of eggplant and tomatoes.

Just as I thought that there was already plenty in this decent buffet spread, I noticed huge bones in the dish of Braised Lamb Shank with vegetables, where the meat was so tender that it had fallen off the bones.

In the Noodles section, a chef will lend a hand with the Lok-Lok (colloquial description for a Dip-Dip delicacy) of skewers of precooked ingredients and to add hot soup to a choice of noodles topped with a variety of ingredients that I had picked.

Delish signature dish, Assam Pedas Fish
In the steamer, there are little pau dumplings, kept warm and ready to serve.

Hot chicken soup must be one of many comfort foods to enjoy but the Malaysian-recipe, Hot Chicken Soup prepared with Spices, or Soup Ayam Berempah, is a broth rich with chicken and vegetables for diners to add a variety of toppings like chopped spring onions and a dash of deep-fried shallots for more taste and fragrance.

Braised Lamb Shank with vegetables
The best part about buffets is the countless times diners may return to help themselves to their favourite items from the buffet.

However in the New Normal, whenever diners wished to return to the buffet, we should be mindful to put on our masks and to wear a glove on the hand which is used to handle the serving spoons.

Staying true to the local theme in the Fantastic Friday dinner buffet, there are cut local fruits for dessert along with platters of a variety of baked cakes as well as a range of local kueh.

A range of popular local kueh for dessert
To wash down this generous buffet spread, we can choose from beverages like cool fruit drinks and a choice of hot coffee or tea.

The Fantastic Friday Buffet Dinner is served at Delish Restaurant from Friday, September 25 and on every Friday from 7pm to 10pm.

So you can dine at leisure every Friday and enjoy Free parking and Free WiFi.

Pick your choice of deep-fried crispy treat!
Also look forward to a change in the menu that will rotate among main course rice items like Nasi Briyani, Nasi Lemak and Nasi Ayam.

Promotion price is only RM35 nett per adult and RM25 nett per child aged six to 12 years, till end October 2020.

Delish Restaurant (Halal) is located by the swimming pools on Level Five of the West Wing.

Hotel Ramada by Wynham Meridin Johor Baru is at No. 5 Jalan Legoland, Bandar Medini Iskandar, 79250 Iskandar Puteri, Johor. 

Tel: 607 – 531 8888 or email:

For more info, visit website:

On the My Liberica specialty coffee tour

The morning sun shone brightly on the mural painted across an entire wall of the warehouse in the My Liberica farm in Simpang Renggam near Bukit Batu and I watched as visitors took turns to pose against it for an attractive photo backdrop.

Tour Manager, Vivonne Soong [Right] sharing information
with visitors on the My Liberica farm tour
Cars were arriving to park in the spaces provided and I observed that some of the number plates were not local but registered in other states like the Federal Territory, Selangor, and Perak.

As more cars with various number plates arrived, I guessed the Public Holiday weekend probably encouraged more visitors to come to Johor from afar.

I was standing among the pockets of people gathered, waiting for others to arrive for the start of the farm and processing mill tour. While waiting, I could not help but listened to snippets of conversation in Mandarin and English, floating around. 

I inadvertently tuned in to the chat among a few men – whom I later learnt were from Kuala Lumpur – who said their visit to Johor was the outcome of a bet.

I was chatting with My Liberica founder, Jason Liew,
outside the farm's warehouse
Apparently, the one familiar with the My Liberica brand of specialty coffee won the bet against his friend who had confused My Liberica with Iberico pork.

The two names, in fact, had similarities and to find out more about My Liberica specialty coffee, they decided to make this trip to experience the Specialty Coffee Grand Tour!

In the two-part tour, Part One was from 9am to 11am in the farm located at Kampung Melayu Bukit Nyamuk, Simpang Renggam, to experience the Growing and Processing stages of the My Liberica coffee beans.

Part Two from 12pm to 5pm was at the My Liberica Roastery located in Johor Baru Ecohub to learn about the Roasting and a hands-on experience in Brewing (and tasting!) coffee from beans that were roasted at three different levels.

The farm practices intercropping where calamansi plants
[Right] are grown alongside the coffee trees [Left]
With an early start, visitors should assemble at the farm for Part One of the Grand Tour and then proceed to the Roastery for Part Two, where lunch was also served.

There was of course, much opportunity to sample a range of brewed coffee and teas created through innovation from coffee beans, coffee flowers and coffee berries.

Led by Tour Manager, Vivonne Soong, the tour kicked off with a trek to the fringe of the plantation for a closer look at the coffee trees while she provided an informative commentary.

Visitors could walk among the coffee trees and experience the taste of the sweet mucilage on a ripe coffee bean, removed from a split coffee berry that was freshly plucked from the tree.

A close-up view of My Liberica coffee berries on the tree
While walking among the lush green plants, I observed that this farm practices intercropping where calamansi plants were planted among the coffee trees to maximise the use of the land.

Started in 2014, this is the first specialty coffee processing plant which is dedicated to Liberica coffee in Malaysia.

In the farm tour, visitors not only observed the processes but also had the opportunity to try their hand at tipping baskets of coffee berries into the machine which jigged and jogged to separate the various sizes of harvested berries.

Visitors lend a hand in tipping coffee berries into the machine
which should separate the various berry sizes and drop
them into three separate baskets in front [on the ground]
To remove the outer skin of the coffee berries, the fruits were then passed through a de-pulping machine which sliced off the berry skins to reveal the beans within.

These moist beans were then laid out on rectangles of concrete ground to dry in the sun.

The farm had constructed shelters that would automatically glide over the concrete at the touch of a button, to protect the drying beans from rain by day and from dew by night.

At the end of each day, the drying beans would be raked into a pile and covered by these shelters for the night.

Tipping a bucket of coffee berries
into the de-pulping machine
The next morning, these shelters would be drawn back, and the beans raked across the concrete ground again to continue being dried in the sun.

When the coffee beans were completely dried, the beans would then be packed in bags and stacked up to “rest” inside the warehouse.

Finally, we were invited into an air-conditioned lounge to rest and sample a range of specialty coffee and tea, uniquely created by the My Liberica brand.

Behind the serving counter, I spotted My Liberica founder, Jason Liew, who was busy preparing the various brews of My Liberica coffee and tea for us.

Tiny glass tumblers were distributed for us to fill with sample sips of innovative brews of tea created from coffee leaves, coffee flowers and cascara or the dried skin of the coffee berries.

Then the team members served us one drink after another, with Liberica Leaf Tea, Liberica Blossom Tea and Liberica Cascara Tea, for a taste of these innovative products.

Coffee beans laid out to dry on the ground
After taking orders for each individual choice for coffee – black, with condensed milk or sugar, Liberica Classic Coffee was served in traditional kopitiam cups and saucers.

For a touch of nostalgia, cream crackers fondly called soda biscuits (Hokkien: soh tah piah), were also served.

I was amused to see one of the older gentlemen, cracking the square biscuit and dipping it into his cup of brewed coffee, before eating the damp biscuit.

Then it was time to sit back and watch the screening of a recorded episode when Malaysian TV host Jason Yeoh AKA Axian, interviewed Jason Liew, on his visit to this farm.

Bags of dried coffee beans "resting" in the warehouse
Part One of the Grand Tour came to an end as visitors were invited to buy packs of a range of My Liberica specialty coffee from the counter and to collect their souvenir before leaving.

This souvenir was a tiny flowerpot, filled with earth and planted with two coffee beans for visitors to take home to nurture and grow our very own coffee plant.

When I arrived at the My Liberica Roastery in the Ecohub, I noticed that not all the visitors from Part One of the Grand Tour chose to join the second part of the tour. Instead, there were some new participants who joined us just for Part Two.

My Liberica specialty coffee served
with a side of cream crackers aka STP!
As lunch was part of the Grand Tour, we were invited to take our pick of the main course item from the menu and while it was being prepared, a refreshing salad and tasty appetizer were served.

Then I overheard one of the visitors requesting for coffee after his meal and Vivonne assured him that there will be plenty of coffee to drink in the latter part of the itinerary when we will have a hands-on experience to grind the coffee beans and brew coffee to drink, not just our own but also brews by the other participants.

When everyone had comfortably finished our lunch, Vivonne continued the tour with an information sharing session on coffee cultures and coffee appreciation around the world, and the roast levels adopted at My Liberica before we moved into the hands-on coffee brewing experience.

With thoughts of the Cinnamon Roast, Medium Roast, City Roast, Full City Roast, French Roast, and Italian Roast still steeping in my mind, I was more than ready for a taste of our self-brewed pots of coffee.

Vivonne [Right] conducting Part Two of the Grand Tour
Just as was promised, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee along with the taste of each of the three different levels of roasted beans, more than satisfied any coffee cravings.

It was eye-opening to learn the better way to grind the roasted beans, the temperature recommended for the hot water, the method of pouring in boiled water onto the ground coffee, and all the nitty-gritty details to achieve a quality cup of freshly brewed coffee.

By 5pm, I had my fill of delicious freshly brewed coffee – not just my own but from the other participants too – and gained a better appreciation and respect for My Liberica specialty coffee, proudly prepared from seed to cup.

For more information and to join the next Specialty Coffee Grand Tour in Johor, call or WhatsApp to Tel: +6016 733 1082 or +6011 1099 9768.

Frontliners honoured by Lego murals

As the nation battled the Covid-19 virus in the past few months, the frontliners who dedicated themselves to ensure safety and restore the lives of Malaysians included doctors, medical practitioners, government officials, policemen and army personnel.

Representatives of the frontliners at the Lego murals
unveiling ceremony held in Legoland Malaysia Resort
In addition to the uniformed groups who safeguard our health and security, essential workers from delivery riders to cleaners and media people, each played a vital role to deliver food, keep spaces clean and share information from reliable sources.

Their sacrifices and commitment to their tasks, even at the dangerous peak of the global pandemic, did not go unnoticed by the team in Legoland Malaysia Resort.

As an initiative by the Resort team, they joined hands with the Malaysian Lego Building community to create five murals from Lego bricks as a tribute to the contributions of the frontliners in our fight against the Covid-19 virus.

The Legoland Event & Entertainment Team presenting
a dance to the song, We could be heroes, with the
representatives of the frontliners standing in front
Using over 150,000 pieces of Lego bricks, they completed the series of live-size Lego Frontliner Murals in nine days.

These stunning creations aim to honour the contributions of the frontliners and to inspire visitors as they admire the murals displayed in the Legoland Theme Park.

In a simple ceremony attended by representatives from the uniformed groups, the Lego Frontliner Murals were unveiled by Minister of Tourism Arts & Culture, Dato Sri Hajah Nancy Shukri, Health Minister, Dato Sri Dr Adham Baba, Johor Menteri Besar, Datuk Haji Hasni Mohammad, Johor State Financial Officer, Dato Haji A Rahim Nin, with C. S. Lim and Stephanie Saw, representing Legoland Malaysia Resort.

“Our Lego murals are made with thoughts of the unwavering efforts from our frontliners to keep our nation safe.

We would like to thank the Malaysian government and every single frontliner for their indomitable dedication, determination, and courage in the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Divisional Director of Legoland Malaysia Resort, C.S Lim.

“Their contributions are integral in enabling Legoland Malaysia Resort to resume our operations and providing Malaysians the ability to enjoy their vacations again.

What better way to honour them then by cementing their place in history with these murals, while ensuring that our future generations remember the sacrifices that they have made for us,” C.S added.

A Lego mural that features frontliners in the delivery service
In his speech, Minister of Health, Dato’ Sri Dr Adham listed some of the sacrifices and physical discomfort that the frontliners had to endure in their tasks to safeguard our health and security.

While medical practitioners had to suit up with Personal Protective Equipment for up to 10 hours a day and in all kinds of weather, the Immigration looked after the nation’s entry-points while Police and Army personnel were on outdoor duties like roadblocks, daily in rain or shine.

He emphasized that many others who worked behind the scenes at great personal risk in the Red and Yellow Zones, were not covered by the news reports. They included Welfare services like removing the dead and preparing them for burial.

Dato’ Sri Dr Adham said that these frontliners sacrificed their own health and family lives – some had died in the course of their duties – and reminded everyone to remain vigilant as the battle against the virus was not won and its vaccine not found yet.

A Lego mural that features frontliners in the cleaning service
On behalf of the frontliners, he urged everyone to make a conscious effort to prevent the next wave from happening by cooperating and adopting the new normal lifestyle while helping the economy to recover.

He said, “The Ministry of Health hopes that the murals will serve as a reminder and educational point for Malaysians to remain steadfast in adhering to the Covid-19 SOPs that have be outlined.

With the joint effort of the government and private organizations such as Legoland Malaysia Resort, we hope to perpetuate this culture of the new normal among all Malaysians so that we can continue to restart our economy.”

Johor Menteri Besar, Datuk Hasni, recognised that we are living in an unprecedented time and while he acknowledged the loss of jobs and the economic slowdown due to the pandemic, he also congratulated Johoreans for their part in keeping Johor a Green Zone.

Legoland Malaysia Resort partnered with the Malaysian
Association of Hotels Johor Chapter and Tourism Johor to
introduce the Play in Legoland, Stay in Johor packages
He was encouraged by the innovative way that Legoland Malaysia Resort was returning the favour to the frontliners with a well-deserved break at the resort and did not hesitate to commend the Resort for setting a fine example for others to follow.

“I commend Legoland Malaysia Resort for their collaboration with the Malaysian Association of Hotels to introduce the “Play in LEGOLAND, Stay in Johor” packages.

Having our industry players working together will be the key to our shared success and to drive more visitors to visit Johor,” said Datuk Haji Hasni.

In the ceremony, a total of 3,000 park access tickets were presented to representatives from five departments namely, the Johor State Government, Royal Malaysian Police Johor, Malaysian Armed Forces, Fire and Rescue Department Johor and the Johor State Health Department.

A host of special deals are also available exclusively for the frontliners, including 50% off day passes and hotel stay at Legoland Hotel.

Even this familiar bench-warmer has masked up!
The collaboration features a variety of vacation packages that bundle Legoland Malaysia Resort access tickets with a hotel accommodation of choice in Johor, which provided greater flexibility and added value to excite more Malaysians to travel locally.

“As the frontliners continue to keep us safe, we are doing our part in helping to restore a better economy by enabling a vibrant domestic tourism sector.

As the only international theme park in Malaysia, we hope to bring the industry on board with this shared goal, while blending Legoland Malaysia Resort’s appeal as an all-in-one family resort and Johor’s myriad of tourism offerings to entice Malaysians to choose Johor as their preferred holiday destination,” said C.S.

The Play in LEGOLAND, Stay in Johor package allows Malaysians to purchase a voucher at a set value, which they can later redeem for accommodation at any of the participating hotels in Johor and Legoland Theme Park Passes for families with over 50% in savings.

The vouchers are available on both the Legoland Malaysia Official websites and comes with an extended validity until June 2021.  

The Triple Park Pass provides guests with full access to the resort including the Theme Park, Water Park and SEA LIFE Malaysia.

Come! Take advantage of the Play in Legoland, Stay in Johor packages and have a closer look at these Lego murals.
“This campaign by Legoland Malaysia Resort serves as a great model of how the industry players can play their part in helping to rejuvenate and hopefully jump-start the tourism industry which was severely hit by the pandemic.

Such a collaboration is in line with the tourism industry’s recovery strategy and the right step forward in continuing to revive the economy,” said Dato’ Sri Hajah Nancy.

To plan your next trip to see the Lego Frontliner Murals, head over to the official website at or via social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.