Crafted Cocktails in their first Speakeasy

I did not hesitate to accept that exclusive invitation for a Speakeasy Experience at Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast and it’s not often that I get treated like Rock Royalty.

I discovered that John Lennon was also there!
I’m told that this intimate group is limited to just 16 guests who will enjoy crafted cocktails, custom-designed to match our taste-buds, by Rockstar award-winning bartender, Chris Danial.

Since my first peek last October – where I met Chris and sampled his creative cocktails – I’ve been back at the hotel several times for various events.

Their Speakeasy experience promises something new and exciting, and I’m all set for it.

The word, Speakeasy, is derived from the era where alcohol was prohibited in the United States and places where alcoholic beverages were illegally sold were spoken of in hush-hush tones (to avoid attention from authorities!), thus earning its nickname, Speakeasy.

Bartender Chris Daniel [Right] with his Rockstar team
The Speakeasy concept, which often involves a complicated and mysterious trail to reach the desired illicit alcoholic drinks, has been adopted by some establishments here and these places have taken mystery to new heights with exciting creativity!

From the guided tour on my first visit to the hotel, I remember that the bar is located at the Elephant and Butterfly, next to the swimming pool.

There is really no mystery about where the bar is located but in the spirit of Speakeasy, I arrive at the hotel, ready to be wowed by something excitingly different…

Now, here’s the thing about Speakeasies: I CANNOT and will NOT reveal the mystery or it will no longer by a mystery. And I refuse to spoil your fun!

My tiny form completed and ready to submit to the bar
I will, however, share that I was welcomed by a staff member bearing a tray laid out with squares of wrapped cardboard – she told me not to unwrap it yet – and pointed me in that general direction to find my way to the event…

Staff members were stationed at various spots along the route to keep an eye on guests, lest they wander off – or end up in the pool – but nothing so dramatic happened.

Recalling their subtle hints, I follow my instincts and finally find my way through that mysterious route to that all-important door that opens into the exciting event.

Rockstar bartender, Chris Daniel, in action behind the bar
I join guests already seated around low tables in the spanking new Club Lounge as Rockstar bartender, Chris Daniel, starts the event with a brief intro and then introduces his talented band of bartenders.

They are Melaka-born Mamat, who went from Barista to Bartender; Ayman, also from Melaka, whose inspiration was sparked by ‘Cocktails for You’ videos; Scha from Pahang and Yeu En and Bots, both from JB.

Chris, who hails from the Portuguese Settlement of Melaka, has a distinguished list of bartending credentials, foremost of course, is the prestigious First place in the Asian competition for London Hit the Right Key Gin Cocktail Master.

A charming cocktail for Grace Chiam
He explains that this inaugural event is a platform for the team to showcase their talents and creativity by whipping up cocktail recipes to meet the tastes of individual guests.

Then it’s time to unwrap the cardboard which I had earlier picked up from the tray.

This is a tiny form to complete with my choice of tastes and drink preference – and my name, of course – so that the bartender will design this cocktail specifically for me.

While I take my time to mull over the choices, the action has already begun at the bar.

Guests whose forms were already submitted, are gathered around the bar to watch and marvel at the bartenders’ skills and showmanship as they create his/her desired drink.

I hear names being called out which means, “Your drink is ready so come and get it!”

Aaron Barnabas and his own crafted cocktail
Our gracious hosts, Marketing & Communications Director, Grace Chiam, and Vibes Manager, Aaron Barnabas, join me at the table with the reassurance that my drink will be personally created by Rockstar bartender Chris. Yay!

Meanwhile, serving staff are coming around the tables to offer tasty snacks and canapes for guests to nibble while sipping our cocktails.

I then join guests gathered in front of the bar to watch Chris in action.

At one point, he raises both arms – with a shaker in each hand – and moves his arms with a dizzy momentum…

He is wearing a mask over his mouth, a mean looking black leather piece studded with pointy metal studs, probably to conjure a more menacing image because he’s after all, a real cool guy.

Totally focused on his task, his movements are smooth and dexterous as he pours measures into the jigger or uses a strainer while he tips contents into a cocktail glass.

The final part of the dramatic procedure to create my drink...
involves a flame and much smoke!
Every now and then, Chris calls out an instruction – quite unintelligible to me (because it’s muffled from behind his mask!) – but his team seems to understand and swiftly responds by handing him an instrument or item.

I cannot help but imagine that this scenario is somewhat similar to that within an Operating Theatre when the surgeon (also wearing a mask!) is focused on the surgery and he suddenly calls out for an instrument and his nurse swiftly responds!

At the final stage of preparing my drink, he shifts his mask away to talk about the next step of the dramatic procedure, just as how a good bartender often interacts with his guests.

He adds that the reason why he wears a mask is to hide his mouth because he has a nasty habit of talking to himself while he works…

Ta-da!! As the fumes clear, I see my delicious drink!
Each bartender will develop his or her own (quirky) style and persona and Chris has certainly come a long way in his bartending career, now well equipped to mentor his team.

Once Chris has completed his list of cocktail requests, he hands over the bar to his team while he mingles with the guests and finally sits down for a chat.

When the creative cocktails are served, guests happily admire the unique presentations before taking stingy sips of their delightful drinks – in an attempt to make them last longer.

Meanwhile the bartenders are keeping busy as some guests are submitting more tiny cardboard forms with repeat requests and second cocktail choices.

As the drinks flowed, conversations are louder and mood is turning more convivial.

Me-thinks the first Speakeasy experience at Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast with Chris and his Rockstar bartending team, is turning out to be a buzzing success!

Here's a sneak peek into what went down at the first Speakeasy experience.

Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast is located at Jalan Pantai 3, Desaru Coast, 81930 Bandar Penawar, Johor.  Tel: +607 838 8888

For info on more events and the next Speakeasy Experience, visit website:

Legoland Eduplay Express at SK Larkin 2

Have you seen the Legoland Eduplay Express?

The Legoland Eduplay Express bus at SK Larkin 2
Well, I have, but only in photographs.

It’s an educational Lego themed bus that houses selected educational workshops from the Legoland Education Programme which focuses on school subjects like English and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics or STEM, in short.

In fact, Legoland Malaysia Resort is the first Legoland in the world to organise the Eduplay Express Programme in schools.

This is because the resort wishes to promote learning through play and aims to bring outdoor learning to schools throughout Peninsular Malaysia.

A section of the interactive workshops
within the Eduplay Express bus
Since it was introduced in 2014, the education campaign through the Eduplay Express bus has received positive feedback from students and teachers in some 300 schools here.

Endorsed by the Ministry of Education, this education campaign has been revamped in 2019 with an exciting schedule to visit some 500 schools in the nation.

Between March 6 and 21, the Eduplay Express had already visited 23 schools in Johor and engaged with more than 1,000 students through hands-on learning workshops.

So when I learnt that the bus will be at SK Larkin 2 in Johor Baru that April afternoon, I cancelled all other appointments so that I will be there for a firsthand experience of Eduplay Express.

I arrive in the sweltering sun to see the bus parked at the school’s front compound.

In the school hall I meet with familiar faces from the resort, including resort General Manager, Kurt Stocks, and Director of Sales & Marketing, Thila Munusamy.

Visitors [Right] in the Eduplay Express bus
Then I learn that the Eduplay Express visit to the school coincided with a District Level competition among Primary and Lower Primary students in English Storytelling Phase I and II, and Public-Speaking in two categories, an event which happened that morning.

This prize-giving event was graced by (proud!) parents and teachers of the participating students as well as SK Larkin 2 Headmaster, Rodyisnansyah Julaihi and SK Larkin 1 Headmaster, Nazli Nazri Abu Hassan.

Also present at the event were Head Unit of Curriculum, Human Development Sector, Johor Education Department, Tuan Haji Kamaruddin Mohd Tahir, Co-Avademic of Language and Social Science, Human Development Sector, Johor Education Department, Khairul Akmar Abdullah, and District Education Office’s Curriculum Assistants for Johor Baru, Mohd Nor Ismail Mohd Said, for Kota Tinggi, Haji Ishak Ismail and for Muar, Mohd Fauzi Ishak.

Proud parents and teachers trying to capture a photo
memento of prize-giving, presented by Thila Munusamy
In his speech, Stocks said that Eduplay Express is an extension of an integral part of Lego’s DNA and is aligned with the activities available at the resort.

He emphasized that STEM is an important area in the resort’s education programme and believed that the cultivation of interest and learning through play should start at a young age.

“Learning does not only take place within the four walls of a classroom and through this programme, we hope to bring children outside to cultivate their creative thinking through fun, educational activities with our Eduplay Express bus,” said Stocks.

“With the newly refreshed education activities and revamped buses, we are aiming to reach out to 500 schools in Peninsular Malaysia by November 2019,” he added.

The winners of District Level Storytelling and Public-Speaking competition, showing off their Lego SEA LIFE trophies
The Eduplay Express bus has a busy schedule mapped out from now till November to visit schools located in Johor, Melaka, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Perak, Penang, Terengganu, Pahang, Perlis and Kedah before Kelantan.

The fun workshop activities available on the Eduplay Express are designed for various age groups like Dr. Heartbeat, Cosmobot, Tall Towers and Funtastic Gears (for age five and above), Get Moving (for ages seven to 11), Amazing Machine (for age eight and above) and Energy Lab (for age nine and above).

These workshops available in the bus can be found within Legoland Malaysia Resort and I heard how Stocks described it as, Sharing with others, a little piece of their resort in a bus.

Lego Brick mascot in a group photo with parents,
teachers and competition winners, against
the Eduplay Express bus as a backdrop 
A brief introduction to SEA LIFE Malaysia was presented in Malay by SEA LIFE Malaysia’s Education Supervisor, Faridah Mohd Saman, as the Eduplay initiative also extends to SEA LIFE Malaysia, Legoland Malaysia Resort’s new marine life attraction.

SEA LIFE Malaysia, which is scheduled to open in May 2019, aims to teach students about marine live and the importance of conserving the delicate underwater ecosystem.

Then winners of the Storytelling and Public-Speaking competition received their prizes in the form of custom-made trophies designed in a SEA LIFE theme, made of Lego bricks and sponsored by Legoland Malaysia Resort.

Some of the participants who stepped up to receive their prizes were dressed in school uniforms while some were in costumes as sea creatures like Mermaids, Squid and Turtles because SEA LIFE was the topic of their competition.

SEA LIFE's Sharky mascot joins Lego Brick mascot in a
group photo with guests and students of SK Larkin 2
I also learnt that earlier in the day, groups of students in SK Larkin 2 took their turns to explore and experience the workshops on board the Eduplay Express bus here.

At the close of the event, students and teachers enjoyed happy photo sessions with mascots, Lego Brick and SEA LIFE’s Sharky.

Of course, I did not miss the opportunity for my own peek into the exciting workshop activities within Eduplay Express.

For more information or to book an Eduplay Express bus appearance at your school, students and teachers may send your email to:

For schools that are not on the Eduplay Express bus route this year, find packages for school field trips to experience the Legoland Education Programme workshops in the park at

For more info on promotions and activities, visit Legoland Malaysia Resort’s official website on and stay connected with the resort via social handles Facebook and Twitter.

Sajian Tradisi Ramadan at Holiday Villa JB

The elevator doors open on Level 9 of Holiday Villa Johor Baru City Centre and I step out to join guests who are being welcomed into the Fern Pine Café.

A range of traditional local Appetizers at the central
island in Fern Pine Cafe, Holiday Villa JB City Centre
At the café entrance, the festive décor is reminiscent of a kampung scene with a vintage bicycle parked next to a buffet of dried dates and preserved fruits.

The backdrop to this welcoming display is a replica of a traditional kampung house which is partially surrounded by picket fences with a few goats grazing in its garden, under a tall palm tree.

Standing close to the bicycle to look at the details in this traditional house, I discover that the baskets at the front and rear of this parked bicycle, are filled with traditional sweets and snacks – the kind that we used to buy from our school tuck-shops!

Executive Sous Chef Abdul Halil Salim, proudly
presenting a range of Ramadan must-have dishes
I remind myself to stay focused on the preview of Sajian Tradisi Ramadan buffet spread so I make a mental note to help myself to rolls of Haw flakes and golden tubes of Lemon tablets, later on.

It’s still light outside so I can see through the glass walls to the outdoor terrace where stalls are set up and chefs are busy preparing food at their live-cooking stations.

Food & Beverage Manager, Warren C Kamalaswaran, must have been anticipating my arrival because he pops up next to me, ready to take me a tour of the buffet spread.

This Gulai Kawah Lamb Stew is
made with evaporated milk!
Warren introduces me to Executive Sous Chef Abdul Halil Salim who promptly leads me to the outdoor terrace to point out the range of food, served from live cooking stations.

These include whole roasted lamb, freshly-grilled skewers of satay, Asam Laksa, Char Kway Teow or stir-fried flat rice noodles, deep-fried snacks like fried banana fritters, prawn fritters, slices of banana and sweet potato, and irresistible deep-fried durian.

Back in the café Chef Halil insists that I must sample their Ramadan staples, especially the Gulai Kawah Lamb Stew, which is specially prepared with evaporated milk instead of coconut milk.

Traditionally stewed in a giant pot or kawah, this lamb stew is both tasty and tender, best savoured with a bit of rice and vegetable pickles.

The festive mood is further enhanced with a taste of ketupat (rice cakes) and lemang (glutinous rice rolls) topped with a choice of chicken or beef serunding (meat floss).

A young diner who appreciates the taste of whole roasted lamb
I watch as other guests are helping themselves to the food presented in the hot buffet.
I spot mouthwatering dishes like Gulai Ayam Masak Lemak (chicken), Daging Dendeng Indonesia (beef), Asam Pedas Ikan Nenas (fish), Dalcha Kambing (lamb), Chili Crabs and Kacang Panjang Tumis Kupang (mussels).

Another highlight at this buffet must be the comforting brew of traditional Soup Gearbox where diners can help themselves to various ingredients like lamb knuckle, cuts of meat and other parts, before topping it with warm soup.

I observe that one of the pleasures of tasting this soup must be the fun of retrieving the marrow from within the knuckle bone…

Self-serve station for traditional Soup Gearbox
In a warming tray, I see Ayam Berempah – deep-fried chicken marinated with spices – and next to the pot of Chinese soup, I discover Bubur Lambuk, a traditional rice porridge served during Ramadan.

Meanwhile the counters on the central island are creatively displayed with sections for choices of local and western Appetizers like ulam-ulam and kerabu mixed salads, and a variety of cut fresh fruits.

I like how the liberal use of ceramic pots and stone mortars in the display presents a charming and rustic setting, reminiscent of traditional breaking-of-fast meals with the family at home.

A charming and rustic display of traditional salads
I guess this ambience is a subtle reminder to diners that these dishes are prepared in authentic home recipes, along with that special ingredient which Chef Halim insists is, love!

Throughout the meal, serving staff are moving about holding pots of hot coffee and tea, ready to top up diners’ cups with these beverages.

There are also self-service counters for refreshing cool drinks and a counter equipped with an ice-shaver and a variety of ingredients for diners to create their own Ayer Batu Campur or ABC, shaved ice dessert.

Besides ice-cream (stored in a chiller!) there is a range of cakes, cookies, jellies and puddings like Sago Gula Melaka (palm sugar) and Chocolate Mousse to choose from.

A range of local Malay kuih in the Dessert section
I also see a choice of local Malay kuih and curry puffs, but I pause when my eyes lock onto a tray filled with a dark layer of what looks like glutinous rice.

My guess is confirmed when I read its label: Wajik!

This traditional dessert delicacy made with steamed glutinous rice, palm sugar and coconut milk is a rare find and the first that I’ve come across in the Ramadan buffet previews this year.

As I help myself to a portion of Wajik, I’m glad that this Ramadan buffet is living up to its theme, Sajian Tradisi.

Elegant serving of Sago Gula Melaka
Later on my way out of the café, I also remember to stop at the parked bicycle to pick up two each of Haw flakes and Lemon tablets, for an additional touch of fun and nostalgia.

The Sajian Tradisi Ramadan buffet at Fern Pine Café will be served from May 6 to June 4 every evening from 6.30pm to 10.00pm.

Rate at RM128 nett per adult and RM68 nett per child aged four to 11 years.

Enjoy Early Bird rate at RM108 nett per adult for vouchers bought before May 5.

For enquires and reservations, Tel: 607 – 290 3367 and +6016 – 679 4278 or email:

Note: There is a designated room prepared for Maghrib prayers.

Fern Pine Café is on Level 9 of Holiday Villa Johor Baru City Centre, No. 260, Jalan Dato’ Sulaiman, Taman Abad/Century, 80250 Johor Baru, Johor. 


Citarasa Muhibbah at Fraser Place PH

The brand new Fraser Place Puteri Harbour is hosting its first ever buka puasa buffet and I’m among the guests at Swatches, their all-day dining restaurant, for a preview of the spread designed in the theme, Citarasa Muhibbah.

A section of the Citarasa Muhibbah buffet served from the
central island in Swatches, Fraser Place Puteri Harbour
When I step into Swatches, I’m struck by the cheerful ambience in a dining hall that boasts a floor-to-ceiling glass wall that offers a panoramic view of the harbour and beyond.

Bathed in the lowering rays of the setting sun, the whitewashed interior of Swatches seems to be shining with a golden glow.

Bringing my focus back to the buffet, I can see that the central island in the restaurant is carefully laid out with a range of appetizers, desserts, cookies, crisps and other breaking-of-fast must-haves.

The reception at Swatches, an all-day dining restaurant
I take a closer look and discover the ever-popular Roti John and squares of Murtabak, a selection of kerabu salads and ulam-ulam or kampung greens to savour with traditional sauces, and a range of favourite Malay kuih and Raya cookies.

I spy the chefs at the live action stalls and head over to watch as a chef is carving the restaurant’s signature dish, Ikan Bakar (baked) Sambal Strawberry, dubbed “Triple S” the short-form for Salmon Sambal Strawberry.

At my first taste, I must say that there is indeed something very agreeable about its flavour that combines the taste of tangy strawberries and spicy sambal drizzled over juicy flakes of salmon, wrapped in its crispy skin.

Don't miss Salmon Sambal Strawberry
Fish-lovers will also appreciate the taste of whole fish – locally called cincaru – stuffed and topped with sambal from the hot buffet.

There is yet another choice, chunks of fish – freshly fried in sambal and served from at an action station.

Among the items in the hot buffet are popular treats for the breaking-of-fast presented in a large serving of Nasi Arab to savour with slow-roasted lamb and Bubur Lambuk, a traditional rice porridge.

As I discover a range of dishes, handpicked from the cuisine of our multi-cultural community, I think the Citarasa Muhibbah spread certainly lives up to its theme.

Besides Ayam Penyet, there are Chilli Crab with rich gravy, Sweet & Sour sauce Fish Fillet, Salted Egg Prawns, Fish Curry with lots of vegetables, Asam Pedas Fish and Gulai Lemak Sotong with Pineapple.

In a separate live Barbecue station, there is a choice of juicy barbecued meats as well as beef and chicken satay served with its condiments.

Lip-smacking whole fish, stuffed cincaru
I take a closer look at the Noodle stall which serves Assam Laksa and Mee Rebus, and understand that the daily choice of noodles will vary because Char Kway Teow or fried flat rice noodles, is also on the menu.

Anticipating the festive season, it’s never too early to enjoy festive favourites like ketupat (rice cakes) and lemang (glutinous rice rolls) served with peanut sauce and serunding.

On a separate counter, I spy a row of drink dispensers filled with refreshing cool drinks and notice that only one dispenser is placed over a heating flame.

Believe me - You will want a second helping of
Gulai Lemak Sotong with Pineapple
This is warm Teh Tarik or pulled-milk tea in a dispenser, conveniently prepared for diners to help themselves to this refreshing treat.

In addition, there is a choice of quality tea provided in teabags to brew a mug or two of non-caffeinated tea to sip while we nibble on the cakes and cookies.

From warm drinks, I go on to discover the self-serve station to create my own shaved-ice concoction for Ayer Batu Campur (ABC) and add in a choice of toppings.

For a moment, I guess it’s only my imagination but after another sniff, my nose is able to distinguish the distinct aroma of Malaysia’s King of Fruits.

I follow my nose back to the buffet and zero-in on a platter of deep-fried crispy wonton or pouches of noodle dough, which (on closer examination!) is clearly the source of that strong aroma.

Deep-fried Durian Tempura that resemble crispy wonton
These are Swatches’ special deep-fried wonton, not filled with the usual pouch of minced meat but stuffed with the creamy flesh of real durian! Mmm…

For a first-timer, Swatches is doing well with a modest buffet spread of good food.

The Citarasa Muhibbah buffet will be served at Swatches restaurant from May 7 to June 3, daily from 6.30pm daily during the Ramadan month.

Price at RM108 nett for adult and RM63 nett for children aged between six to 11 years. Kids up to age five, dine for Free.

Early Bird vouchers may be purchased at RM90 nett per adult, available from now till May 5 only at Swatches Restaurant.

For group bookings of 150 guests, diners will enjoy the privilege of a private dining experience.

For reservations, Tel: +607 530 8837 / 530 8805 or email to:

Swatches restaurant is on the lobby level of Fraser Place Puteri Harbour, located at Persiaran Tanjung, Pengkalan Puteri, 79000 Iskandar Puteri, Johor.


Impiana's tasty Semarak Rasa Ramadan

I’m ushered into The Tiffin where guests are taking their seats before the start of the preview of the Ramadan buffet, themed Semarak Rasa Ramadan.

Fresh local fruits are served at the buffet
themed Semarak Rasa Ramadan in Impiana Senai
I like the open-plan layout of this restaurant where at a glance, I can see the buffet laid out mainly on a central island, and that Executive Chef Arthur Lim and his culinary team are putting on the final touches to the spread.

Several stalls are set up at the restaurant entrance, serving whole roasted lamb, traditional Soup Gearbox and Ayer Batu Campur or ABC, a local shaved ice dessert.

Chef Arthur Lim tells me that this evening, the menu in the hot buffet is Nasi Arab with its complementing dishes like Lamb Shank Stew and Harrisa Potatoes.

Carving the whole roasted lamb
This menu will be served in rotation among five menus including Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Tomato, Nasi Ambeng and Nasi Tumpeng, each type of rice with its complementing dishes to showcase their pride of delectable Ramadan dishes to discerning diners.  

In the tradition of buka puasa, there is a selection of appetizing kerabu, fresh garden greens as well as ulam-ulaman that are complemented by a choice of local sambals and Western dressings, to whet the appetite.

Self-serve stall for Soup Gearbox or lamb knuckle soup
As more guests arrive, they are invited to help themselves from the buffet and I discreetly hover nearby to observe how they are appreciating the spread.

With many diners making a beeline for the baked seafood, I soon realise that this is one of the highlights in the menu.

To savour, diners pick their choices of marinated split whole prawns, whole squid and whole fish wrapped in foil, and drizzle Ayer Assam sauce over the baked seafood.

Seated at the table with me are a couple, Syakirin Ahmad and his wife, Noorfaieza Abdullah, and I cannot help but notice how they are systematically helping themselves to various items from the buffet.

A choice of baked seafood topped with Ayer Assam
I like how they relish the Lamb Shank Stew on Nasi Arab, sticks of satay with its condiments and other dishes, one after the other.

It didn’t take long for us to strike up a conversation, so besides getting to know each other, I can also hear their comments about the food.

Meanwhile, I too am back at the buffet again (and again!)

At the Dessert section, I’m introduced to Pastry Chef, Korniea Elis, a young lady who, I’m told, is skilled in baking a range of cakes and pastries.

Mmm... Delectable Blueberry Cheesecake!
To find out, I help myself to her signature Blueberry Cheesecake, Yam Layered Cake and Moist Chocolate Cake, while I remind myself to keep some space to slowly savour them.

Among the range of local kueh, cakes, cookies, pastries, puddings, my nose tells me that there are durian desserts here and I quickly spot the Durian Crepe and Durian Mochi.

I help myself to a variety of fresh local fruits and remember that Chef Arthur said that I must sample their tasty own-made Sugee cookies.

Well, maybe I still have space for just one cookie…

Executive Chef Arthur Lim with Sugee cookies
The sumptuous spread for Semarak Rasa Ramadan at The Tiffin will be served from May 6 to June 4, priced at RM118 nett per adult and RM58 nett per child aged from six to 12 years.

Early bird special deals for the buffet from now till May 6 are priced at RM98 nett per adult and RM48 nett per child aged from six to 12 years.

Enjoy Group deals when you buy nine vouchers (adult), one is for Free.

Or take advantage of Family Packages for six paying adults, two children dine for Free.

Sahur Buffet is also available from May 6 to June 4, served from 4am to 5.30am, priced at RM42 nett per adult and RM22 nett per child aged from six to 12 years.

The Tiffin is at the lobby level of Impiana Hotel Senai, located at Jalan Impian Senai Utama 2, Taman Impian Senai, 81400 Senai, Johor.

For enquiries and reservations, Tel: +607 – 595 2003 and +6010 825 4001 or email to:

For more info, visit website: