Earth Hour Lights-Off at the Topp

In November 2019, I was among the privileged few at the grand opening of Toppen Shopping Centre, an anchored-by-IKEA shopping centre linked to IKEA Tebrau, the only IKEA store outside the Klang Valley.

Lights-Off at the Topp for Earth Hour 2021

I have been back to Toppen numerous times with stopovers at IKEA Tebrau to shop and often dined at its restaurant and café.

This time I was back again to celebrate Earth Hour 2021 at the Topp, the rooftop space of Toppen that was designed with the community in mind.

For Toppen’s ongoing Go Green efforts, the mall was recognised as the LEED Core & Shell 2009 Platinum Certified Winner, which was awarded on 28 July 2020.

A showcase of recycled material at the 
Event Piazza of the Topp
Inspired by its Scandinavian roots, Toppen was designed with a clean and spacious layout that takes good advantage of natural light.

By harnessing energy from solar panels installed on the roof, the mall aims to be more energy efficient.

With its open design concept, the Topp uses natural light while adjusting lighting and power accordingly by using their Intelligent Building Management System.

Educational information on how to
reuse, reduce and recycle for income

Because Toppen has a long-term commitment to care for the people and the planet, rainwater is even collected for reuse in the mall.

At the Topp, there are covered and alfresco areas with a range of cafés and eateries for food and beverage while visitors may enjoy activities at the Rooftop Garden, Active Zone and Family Zone.

A scrumptious seafood meal at Fish & Co, who pride themselves for serving the Best Fish & Chips in Town, kicked off our Earth Hour evening.

Then our group was escorted from Level One of Toppen to the Event Piazza at the Topp where an exhibition was held to create awareness and to showcase recycled products.

NGO Cerebral Palsy Johor was among the
partners for the Earth Hour event at the Topp
This year, Toppen partnered with IKEA Tebrau, NGO Cerebral Palsy Johor, SWM Environment and SWCorp to present a host of activities with the public to inform and educate on the benefits of recycling and ways to protect our environment.

It was good to see families with young children among the visitors here as this event aims to create a positive impact on shoppers, tenants and the local community.

Among the activities arranged in this theme were Recycle Centre Day by SWCorp and SWM Environment, a Kids Colouring, Art & Craft Workshop, movie screening, Fitness Zumba, an acoustic band performance and of course, Lights-off for Earth Hour at 8.30pm.

Fairy lights in balloons light up the semi darkness

Earth Hour was started by the World Wildlife Fund in Sydney when WWF encouraged people to turn off their lights for one hour in 2007, to support action on climate change.

Since then, millions of people all around the world have taken part in Earth Hour where landmarks such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Eiffel Tower, Sydney Opera House, the Empire State Building, the Colosseum and Edinburgh Castle have gone dark for an hour.

Earth Hour is now an annual tradition where people switched off their lights on March 27 for one hour from 8.30pm to spread awareness about climate change and sustainability.

The acoustic band provided live music 
entertainment at Lights-Off at the Topp

As the Topp is the first-of-its-kind community hub in this region, it is also the ideal setting for Earth Hour 2021 in Toppen.

After all, Earth Hour aims to bring people together and encourage them to share the common goal of creating an eco-friendly future for all.

While the three-piece acoustic band entertained us with cool jazzy music, the organisers prepared everyone for the countdown to 8.30pm when the lights in the Event Piazza would be turned off.

It was a meaningful and memorable
Earth Hour 2021 at the Topp
Just turning the lights off for one hour may not count for much but it was significant for families, both the youngsters and parents, to understand the concept and start to adopt a lifestyle with includes reusing, reducing and recycling things.

With the many ups and downs that happened in the last more-than-365 days of limited movement during the lockdowns, it was good to sit in the semi-darkness for silent contemplation as the music and lyrics of Heal the World reminded us of our role and responsibility to make this world a better place.

All too soon the hour was over.

Facade of Stars Archery at Toppen

Our group was then ushered into Stars Archery nearby for an exciting experience with bow and arrows to round off our evening at Toppen.

Archery is a competitive sport that requires skills and discipline, as the coach explained in his briefing.

Then each participant geared up with an arm guard and finger glove before taking a turn at the gallery to shoot arrows at the targets, guided by a personal coach.

Participants guided by personal coaches at
the shooting gallery in Stars Archery

Star Archery is an established brand with outlets at various malls throughout the nation and recently opened at Toppen.

Thank you Toppen for a meaningful and memorable Lights-off at the Topp, Earth Hour event 2021.

Toppen Shopping Center is at Jalan Harmonium, Taman Desa Tebrau, 81100 Johor Baru. Open from 10am to 10pm.

Makan Dulu, Malay Middle Eastern Feast

This Ramadan, the DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Baru presents a feast made up of traditional Malay fare with highlights of Middle Eastern specialties in the theme, Chup! Makan Dulu.

Highlights of Middle Eastern cuisine at the
Essence of Mediterranean buffet, Makan Kitchen

At the breaking of fast, all else can wait because there is such an irresistible array of delectable dishes in the Essence of Mediterranean Makan Kitchen buffet spread, Souk Delight takeaways to enjoy in the comfort of home as well as arrangements for Private Dining banquets with a minimum of 100 guests.

Makan Kitchen is laid out with sections to serve Indian, Malay and Chinese cuisine along with counters for salads and appetizers, soups, hot beverages, European dishes and of course, the all-important desserts.

For Ramadan, among the best of traditional Malay specialties and Middle Eastern dishes are served in the hot buffet as well as from live-cooking stations. With a daily rotation of dishes, diners can be assured of tasting something special every time they broke their fast here.

Local fresh greens or ulam-ulam
salads to savour with local sauces

Chef Ayub has curated a menu of Ramadan delicacies including a selection of appetizers and local salads or ulam-ulam to savour with a range of sambal sauces, pickles and crackers.

Meanwhile Chef Ariffin and Chef Faris take the credit for a range of Middle Eastern specialties like whole roasted Harissa marinated lamb, Ras el Hanout Roasted Beef Tenderloin, baked Chicken Moussaka, sous vide Lamb Ribs Kabsah Rice, grilled Cilantro shrimps, Lebanese Arnabeet (baked cauliflower), and Moroccan Vegetable Tagine.

Middle Eastern flavours continue in the kebab section for Shawarma filled with mixed lamb and chicken kebabs, grilled Kabob Persian-style, Chicken Shish Tawook, to enjoy with Pita Bread, Tortilla wraps or Lebanese bread.

Appetizers and salads or Mezze served in the Middle Eastern tradition include Fattet Battenjen (aubergine), Mutabbal Shamandar (beetroot), Muhammara (red peppers), Kumkuath Pancarli Salat (salad of orange, cherry tomatoes, beetroot, cous cous), Kuku Sabzi (Persian Herb Frittata), and Wajabbat Khafifa, a range of appetizers like Kibbeh, Falafel, Tomato Tabbouleh, Fattoush salad and Olive salad.

Chef Raj adding garnishing to a
platter of Mezze, Middle Eastern
appetizers and salads
To warm the stomach after a day of fasting, the Soup station dubbed Abang Kecik Sup Panas Malatops, serves soup berempah or a Malay traditional soup brewed with spices.

This rich soup is filled with ingredients like lamb, beef, chicken, oxtail, tripe and lung, to savour with bread rolls known locally as Roti Bengali.

At the grill, also known as Pak Jais Warung Bakar, they serve juicy sticks of beef and chicken satay drizzled with peanut sauce to savour with condiments like slices of raw cucumber, onion and ketupat, rice cakes.

I confess that this well-marinated, tender-tasting satay with well-balanced meat and fat, is among my all-time favourites each Ramadan, so good that I can just eat-it-on-its-own, without any sauce.

Fans of fish can pick from choices of grilled whole fish to savour with Portuguese sauce, sambal, air assam or chili kicap.

A range of gravies for the rice sets, typically
served for Malay weddings and kenduri

The noodles station, also known as Cik Dila Kedai Mee Kuah, is where noodles in gravy are served in local favourites like Laksa Johor, Mee Bandung, Mihun Sup Utara and Penang Assam Laksa.

Here, diners will also have the privilege to savour a selection of rice and dishes that are typically served for Malay weddings and kenduri or special celebrations.

A recommended local specialty includes Chef Ayub’s Venison Rendang.

Traditional steamed rice cakes and glutinous rice
cakes with a portion of Beef Serunding (floss)

Dubbed Wak Abek Nasi Kenduri, there is a choice of rice served with traditional condiments like Nasi Minyak to savour with Ayam Kurma Berkentang and Pajeri Nenas. This is rice cooked with ghee, to savour with chicken braised in korma spices with potatoes and braised pineapple curry.

The kenduri sets will rotate among choices like Nasi Bukhari with Daging Batang Pinang Bukhari (braised beef tenderloin in Bukhari spice gravy in Bukhari Rice), and Nasi Tomato with Ayam Masak Merah (chicken braised in tomato gravy with Tomato Rice), among other sets of rice with gravy and condiments.

Two types of Baklava; layered [Left] and roll
At the Raya Comes Early section, are a selection of traditional steamed rice cakes and glutinous rice cakes like Nasi Impit, Lemang, Ketupat Palas, Ketupat Nasi and Burasak, to savour with Chicken and Beef Rendang, Coconut and Beef Serunding (floss), spicy peanut sauce and creamy Lontong gravy.

The buffet is completed by a range of delightful desserts by Chef Sharif and his pastry team, also with drinks that feature Arab Mint Tea among other popular local flavours.

Cakes, local kuih, puddings and jellies are prepared along with a range of Middle Eastern desserts like Cheesy Kunafa, Baklava and Om Ali.

Deep-fried cubes of delightful Durian Goreng

A note for fans of the King of Fruits: DO NOT miss the deep-fried cubes of Durian Goreng - crispy on the outside and all gooey on the inside - and Serawa Durian, steamed glutinous rice topped with a dollop of durian cream.

The Essence of Mediterranean buffet dinner at Makan Kitchen is served daily from 6.30pm to 10.00pm, from April 13 to May 14.

Meal vouchers are priced at RM158 nett per person and RM79 nett per child aged between six and 12 years old.

A serving of Serawa Durian: steamed glutinous
rice topped with a dollop of creamy durian broth

For purchases from now to April 12, enjoy an Early Bird deal of getting two Free vouchers for the purchase of eight vouchers.

The Private Dining Ramadan Banquet is served from April 20 to 26 for groups of minimum 100 guests at RM118 net per person.

Souk Delight takeaway sets at RM190 nett that serves up to four diners are available from April 13 to May 12.

DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Baru is within Menara Landmark at No. 12 Jalan Ngee Heng, 80000 Johor Baru, Johor.

For reservations and enquiries, Tel: +607 268 6868 or email: or visit webpage:

Come, eat healthier with H Gourmet

Healthy is the new norm and H Gourmet, the first sous vide themed café in the nation, aims to help diners to eat good and feel good.

Some of the Hurry Jars packed ready for
busy people to buy as takeaways

Health activist, Dr Sharifah Halimah Jaafar, founder and CEO of Go-WellSpring (GWS) Gourmet Healthy Food, knows that a healthy outside always starts from the inside. 

She reminds us that we are indeed what we eat.

And this was why Dr Sharifah Halimah, fondly called Dr H, and her team at H Gourmet, are committed to providing a menu of perfectly cooked, nutrient rich, healthy food in easy gourmet meals to enjoy for fitness and good health.

Working in partnership with a culinary team led by Chef Consultant & Manager, Andrew Thee, H Gourmet serves calorie-controlled meals in a dine-in menu, chilled, ready-to-eat takeaways, and tender sous vide products with easy-to-prepare reheating instructions.

I spied Chef Andrew Thee
[Far Right] in action...

Chef Andrew believes that eating healthy does not mean food must taste bland, so he chooses high-protein, low-fat and nutrient-rich meats that are marinated with 100% Italian extra-virgin olive oil, Himalaya salt and fresh herbs, perfectly prepared through the sous vide method before they are vacuum sealed for food safety.

The phrase sous vide in French, means ‘under vacuum’ and this is a low-temperature cooking method where food is vacuum-sealed and cooked slowly in a water bath.

The sous vide method uses heated water, well below simmering temperature, to gently cook food so that it stays juicy and full of flavour.

As discerning diners are eating healthier, H Gourmet provides a feasible dining option both for leisurely dine-in experiences and a choice of chilled takeaways for busy people, packed in tall see-through jars dubbed, Hurry Jars.

The H Gourmet dining hall is situated at the rear section on the ground floor level while the retail section up front has a counter for coffee, cakes and gelato as well as chillers for GWS Gourmet Healthy Food that display a range of Hurry Jars and a variety of vacuum-packed sous vide products.

Vacuum-packed sous vide Salmon in the chiller

Quinoa Salad, Avocado & Sous Vide Chicken Salad, Avocado & Sous Vide Chicken Pasta, Fresh Salmon Pasta Salad, Tuna Pasta Salad, and Sous Vide Prawn Salad are among the popular picks for Hurry Jars.

Just two to three minutes of reheating by pan-frying, using an electric cooker or by simply soaking the vacuum-packed pouch in hot water, is all you need to do to prepare the ready-to-eat sous vide products.

Among the popular products are seafood like de-shelled prawns, fillet of salmon, seabass and saba fish, meats like lamb chops, and poultry that include duck breast, chicken breast and chicken chops.

Vacuum-packed sous vide Chicken Breasts

To strike a balance with the meats, H Gourmet also offers ready-to-eat packs of Baked Vegetables and Kimchi Spicy Chicken Soup set that serves up to four diners.

And if you are like me – who prefer being served at a dine-in experience – these quality products are also presented in a calorie-counted yet tasty menu of food and snacks.

I am delighted to be among the diners invited for a food preview, to sample a few of the popular items in their menu.

Cold Cappuccino for me, please!

On such a warm day, my beverage choice is Cold Cappuccino, freshly brewed by the barista behind the counter.

The pleasing sight of the four portions in the tasting platter provokes a sense of curiosity as I identify them (clockwise) as a cube of Cheesecake (which I will taste last!), a twist of Prawn Avocado Cold Pasta, a piece of Chicken Breast Roulade and a piece of Ika Lobster Salad with Tamagoyaki.

The Chicken Roulade, made with sous vide prepared chicken breast, is smoothly cut through and a morsel to taste is enough to assure me of its juicy and tasty texture.

The satisfying taste of the items in this platter continues with a serving of a refreshing Dragonfruit with Seafood Salad to share, followed by individual bowls of tangy Kimchi Chicken Soup with Shirataki.

Tasty and tender sous vide Chicken Roulade

Dr H tells me that the Dragonfruit Seafood Salad is her favourite item on the menu and after tasting this appetizer, I know it certainly works well to whet my appetite for more.

And when the Lamb Chops with a side of vegetables and mashed potato is served, it was sheer pleasure to slice through the tender meat and savour its natural jus with every bite.

Fans of fish like salmon are also delighted with the juicy and tender flavour of the salmon steak served with a side of baked vegetables.

Tender and tasty sous vide Lamb Chop

For rice lovers, the menu also offers a healthier choice of rice – multigrain – topped with choices of meat like beef and chicken as well as Salmon and Unagi.

While it may take a bit more chewing to savour multigrain rice, it is an acquired taste and rather tasty when enjoyed along with the meat and seafood ingredients.

Earlier on H Gourmet’s Business Manager, Jamie Au, assured us that we will sample a selection of their popular gelato flavours so I saved some space for this sweet indulgence.

I wait with bated breath for the gelato to be served and when the serving staff presented the tray with a variety of icy scoops, she promptly replied when I quizzed her about the flavours.

A selection of refreshing gelato

There are (clockwise on the tray) Macadamia, Vanilla, Yogurt-Raspberry, Premier Chocolate, Pistachio, Calamansi Sorbet and (wait for it!) Nasi Lemak with Black Truffle (in the center).

This Nasi Lemak gelato is not only exotic but also extraordinary, and a must-try for fans of this local favourite.

A spoonful of this icy treat melts in my mouth with the taste of lemongrass infused with hints of coconut milk and the spicy zing of chilli, tinged with the fragrance of toasted ikan bilis (anchovies) and groundnuts, uncannily reminiscent of the taste of real Nasi Lemak.

But as for me, I just cannot get enough of the tangy and refreshing taste of Calamansi Sorbet, my personal favourite and a perfect end to a healthier meal.

P.S. I left H Gourmet with two Hurry Jars to savour at home.

Each jar was packed with Quinoa Salad and Avocado & Sous Vide Chicken Salad (sauce sealed-packed separately), which I popped into the refrigerator. When I enjoyed the salads over the next two days, it not only tasted fresh but was also a refreshing addition to my healthier diet.

H Gourmet, a Muslim-friendly café, is at No. 35 Jalan Eko Botani 3/4, Taman Eko Botani, 79100 Iskandar Puteri, Johor. Tel: +6011 1618 8124.

Open daily from 11am to 9pm. Cakes and Desserts served from 2.30pm to 4pm.

Closed on Thursdays.

For more info, visit Facebook page: or webpage:

A warm welcome to Jemput Makan

Renowned for serving a sumptuous spread in its popular dinner buffets, Café BLD at the Renaissance Johor Baru welcomes guests this Ramadan to help themselves to an impressive breaking-of-fast dinner buffet in the theme, Jemput Makan.

Festive favourites like lemang and ketupat
to savour with serunding and peanut sauce
Literally translated as Welcome to Eat, I can even feel the mouthwatering vibes from the spectacular sight of attractively displayed food stations – each vying for my attention – as I make a quick survey of the 400 types of dishes (Yes, you read it right!) served.

I may not be good with numbers, but I am quite sure that every type of salad and sauce, seafood, meat, poultry and condiments like pickles and crackers, are counted along with the range of local kuih and desserts, served in daily rotating menus throughout the month.

This much anticipated pre-Ramadan review is presented in full, complete with live traditional festive music provided by a band from Yayasan Warisan Johor, or the Johor Heritage Foundation.

Buffet Manners in the New Normal

In the New Normal, guests should only remove their masks to eat, keep their physical distance and must wear disposable gloves to hold the serving spoons at the buffet.

The generous spread is dotted with live-cooking stations, create-your-own stations and irresistibly interesting items that diners must-try from a range of traditional breaking-of-fast dishes to a variety of char-grilled meats and fresh seafood in an indulgent menu which also features a wide range of international dishes.

The breaking-of-fast meal may begin with a taste of juicy Safawi Dates along with comforting traditional Sup Ayam Berempah, a spiced chicken soup, and Bubur Lambuk the season’s rice porridge, from the Soup Station.

At the nearby tower of Seafood-on-Ice, I see fresh scallops, fresh-water prawns, New Zealand mussels, Green Lip mussels and Flower crabs, all chilled and ready to be savoured with a twist of fresh lime and a range of dip sauces.

To whet the appetite, there are fresh ingredients to create-your-own salad from the International Salad Station topped with a variety of sauces.

A range of kerabu, Ready-to-Eat Malay salads

There are also mouthwatering varieties of ready-to-eat traditional Malay salads or kerabu created with various ingredients like squid, beef lung, mixed seafood, barbecued chicken, mango as well as ulam-ulam fern leaves and cockles.

Fans of Middle Eastern fare will enjoy salads like Fattoush Salad, Hummus, Baba Ghanoush, Mutabbal, Tabbouleh and Tzatziki, Greek-style cucumber yogurt salad.

For diners who prefer a more local flavour, fresh ingredients and vegetables are prepared for you to create-your-own Gado Gado and Penang Pasembur, an Indian-Muslim savoury snack, tossed with a spicy peanut sauce.

Festive favourites like Lemang, glutinous rice with coconut milk baked within bamboo sticks, and Ketupat Palas, glutinous rice cakes steamed in coconut leaves, are served with a choice of Serunding or meat floss made from beef and chicken, as well as traditional spicy peanut sauce.

Whole roasted lamb at the Briyani Station 
created by Chef Hamizi

Then I watch as diners zero-in at the Lamb Ribs Briyani Gam, flavoured rice served with condiments and tender cuts from the whole barbecued lamb from the Briyani Station proudly presented by Chef Hamizi.

Traditional Malay dishes in the hot buffet, each served in deep kwali or wok, include Lamb Rendang, Udang (prawn) masak Lemak Chilli Api, Ayam (chicken) masak Tiga-rasa, Daging (Beef) masak Kunyit, and Pajeri Nenas, a dish made with pineapple.

The Noodles Station offers three types of noodles daily on rotation and the choices include Laksa Johor, Penang Prawn Noodles, Muar Mee Bandung, Tok Mizi Mee Rebus, Lontong Johor, Ipoh Curry Laksa and Mee Soto Ayam.

In the nearby steamer, four types of Dim Sum each of the steamed and fried variety are served daily on a rotating menu.


The Japanese Station is a popular choice among diners for a selection of sashimi and sushi served with condiments and wasabi to add an extra zing to each bite.

Freshly grilled seafood to savour with a
range of traditional sauces

Meanwhile the Western hot buffet features exciting dishes like Mediterranean Seafood Rice, Chicken Corden Bleu, Spaghetti Beef Bolognese, Baked Spinach Cheese Oysters, as well as two types of Pizza daily.

There is more in the outdoor alfresco section where the Indian Station presents local favourite, Teh Tarik or pulled frothy milk tea, and a choice of authentic Indian breads to savour with a range of gravies.

The Street Barbecue section is abuzz with activity as the culinary team busy themselves at the grill to prepare freshly grilled skewers of Beef and Chicken satay and seafood like prawns, squid and marinated whole fish are grilled, wrapped in sheets of banana leaves for an added fragrance.

While satay should be savoured with spicy peanut sauce and condiments of raw cucumber and onions, the grilled seafood is more tasty with a drizzle of delicious local sauces like Cincalok, Mango Sambal, Sambal Belacan, Sambal Tempoyak (fermented durian), Garlic Chili Sauce, Ayer Assam and Budu, a traditional fish sauce.

Executive Chef Fredrick Kho [Left] speaking
while a video was being recorded

I was checking out the Wok Specials of wok-fried dishes of carrot cake and oyster omelet when I spotted Executive Chef Frederick Kho who was chatting with a media friend while being recorded on video.

It was interesting to hear Chef Fredrick speaking about serving a range of street food items from live-cooking stations, a tradition of eating which is embraced by our multi-cultural community.

When the video recording ended, the media guy turned to say “Hello” to me and it took a moment for me to recognise the masked man and his distinct accent.

A happy trio [Left to Right]
Sonny, Chef Fredrick and me!

“Sonny?” I asked hesitantly because I could not be sure about the man behind the mask. When he spoke again, I was sure that he was Sonny whom I first met in April 2017.

What ensued was a lively catch-up with him as we returned indoors, escorted by Chef Fredrick, to learn more about the Renaissance tradition of serving such a sumptuous spread for the breaking-of-fast dinner at Café BLD again this Ramadan.

At the Desserts Station, an action station serves on daily rotation, street-popular snacks like Apam Balik, Kueh Ketayap, Belgian Wafer with Banana, Crepe Suzette as well as fried fritters like Cucur Pisang (banana) and Keropok Lekor.

A section of the Dessert Station with a mix of
local kuih, cookies, puddings and creme brulee

Then the Chef reminded us not to miss a taste of freshly fried durian cubes wrapped in crispy batter, along with popular local snacks like fried bananas and sweet potato slices.

The Jemput Makan dinner buffet comes with hot and cold drinks as well as a range of traditional festive cookies, assorted pastries and cakes, traditional Malay kuih and sweet porridge desserts like Bubur Cha Cha, Bubur Pulut Hitam, Pengat Pisang, and Bubur Gandum, just to name a few from their rotating menu.

There is also a selection of fresh cut fruits and inside a freezer, I spy sticks of Ice-Cream Potong. But I prefer to end this meal with a create-my-own shaved ice specialty topped with my choice of ingredients, drizzled only with palm sugar.

The Ramadan Jemput Makan Dinner Buffet will be served from April 13 to May 13 from 6.30pm to 10pm at Café BLD.

Deep-fried Durian, a delicacy for
connoisseurs of durian

Priced at RM158 nett per adult and RM78 nett per child aged between six to 12 years old, while children below six years old will enjoy complimentary dining.

Club Renaissance Johor Baru members are entitled to 15% discount.

Take advantage of the Early Bird Promotion by buying your dining vouchers without delay.

Every 10 vouchers bought from now to March 31 will receive three complimentary vouchers.

Every 10 vouchers bought between March 31 and April 12 will receive two complimentary vouchers.

Every 10 vouchers bought between April 13 to May 13 will received one complimentary voucher.

My create-your-own shaved ice dessert!

The hotel also offers Jemput Makan in Takeaway packages to savour in the comfort of your own home. Orders should be made 24 hours in advance or no later than 12pm on the same day to ensure that takeaways are prepared, ready for collection between 3pm and 6pm.

Café BLD is on the lobby level of Renaissance Johor Baru, at No. 2 Jalan Permas 11, Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, 81750 Johor Baru, Johor.

To host Private Dining breaking-of-fast with a minimum of 30 guests, select from two menus at prices starting from RM98 nett per person. For enquiries, send emails to: or

For reservations and enquiries, Tel: +607 – 381 3322 or +6017 – 771 3327 or place your orders online at Check out the full menu at

Indulge in Indahnya Ramadan Set Meals

The Grand Paragon Hotel Johor Baru is keeping traditions alive through their Indahnya Ramadan Set Meals that are traditionally served for celebrations in communal meals, shared among family and friends.

Family Iftar Set of Nasi Ambeng

Led by Head Chef, Chef Alvin, Chef Rohani, better known as Chef Y, and Pastry Chef Amber, the culinary team here have created set meals served with familiar local dishes for the breaking-of-fast meal this Ramadan month.

These set meals are provided for convenient takeaways in a choice of Family Iftar Boxes and Individual Iftar Boxes, offered in three menu options each for the Set Gembira and Set Selera Kampung to savour in the comfort of home.

This also gives an option for corporate groups to provide individual Iftar Boxes to each member of the team to conveniently enjoy either in the office or to take home.

Set Briyani Lebanese Ayam Golek comes
with Udang Masak Merah

The three menu options to choose from the Gembira set meals are Set Briyani Kambing Golek (roasted lamb), Set Briyani Roasted Beef Brisket and Set Briyani Lebanese Ayam Golek (roasted chicken), each served with Udang (prawn) Masak Merah and traditional Bubur Lambuk (rice porridge).

The Kambing Golek comes with a side of Honey Mint sauce and Black Pepper sauce, while the Roasted Beef Brisket and whole Lebanese-style Ayam Golek are served with a side of Black Pepper sauce.

Each of the above set meals come with juicy dried dates, achar or pickled vegetables, tubs of gravy and dip sauces as well as a bottle of syrup selasih (basil seeds) drink.

Individual Iftar Box for Nasi Kandar

The Gembira Family set meals in Set Briyani Kambing Golek (RM148), Set Briyani Roasted Beef Brisket (RM118) and Set Briyani Lebanese Ayam Golek (RM88), are portions for four diners while the Individual set meal are priced at RM40, RM32 and RM26, respectively.

The three menu options to choose from the Selera Kampung set meals are Set Nasi Kerabu and Set Nasi Kandar with a choice of Lebanese Ayam Golek or Ikan Tengiri (fish) Curry and Set Nasi Ambeng with Ayam Masak Kicap (chicken in dark sauce) and Beef Rendang, each served with Udang Goreng Berempah (deep-fried battered prawn).

Individual Iftar Box for Nasi Kerabu

The Set Nasi Kerabu is easily identified by its rice tinged blue by the blue-pea flower, that comes with halved salted eggs, fresh salad made with long beans, beansprouts, cucumber, cabbage, ginger torch flower and kesum leaves, and a side of dip sauces like vinegar chilli sambal and budu, a fish sauce.

The Nasi Kerabu set is also distinguished by a serving of Solok Lada, a local favourite made with whole green chilli stuffed with a blend of fish paste and grated coconut.

The Set Nasi Kandar is set apart by its three gravies – chicken curry, fish curry and dark sauce curry – provided in separate tubs to drizzle over the steamed white rice.

Check out what's stuffed inside the
Sotong Sumbat Kari Kering

This set also comes with halved salted eggs, stir-fried cabbage in turmeric, discs of crispy papadam and the hotel’s signature dish of Sotong Sumbat Kari Kering or stuffed whole squids.

A neat slice through the plump squid showed that they are stuffed chockful of a blend of otak-otak flavoured with the fragrance of kaffir leaves.

For diners who enjoy the Javanese tradition of Nasi Ambeng, this rice set comes with traditional dishes like Sayur Goreng Jawa (Javanese-style fried vegetables), bergedil or fried potato patties, halves of salted egg, salted fish and serunding kelapa (toasted shredded coconut).

The hotel's own-made signature
Ondeh Ondeh Gula Melaka cake

This Nasi Ambeng set meal is easily distinguished by a side of Mee Goreng or fried noodles with a dip sauce of spicy sambal belacan.

The Selera Kampung Family Set of Set Nasi Kerabu (RM80) and Set Nasi Kandar with a choice of Lebanese Ayam Golek or Ikan Tengiri (fish) Curry (RM85) and Set Nasi Ambeng with Ayam Masak Kicap (chicken in dark sauce) and Beef Rendang (RM80), serves four diners while the Individual set meal are priced at RM23, RM25 and RM23, respectively.

Each of the Selera Kampung set meals come with juicy dried dates and a bottle of syrup selasih (basil seeds) drink.

The hotel's signature sweet and
local favourite, Durian Goreng

The Grand Paragon is proud of their own-recipe signature sweets like the Ondeh-Ondeh Gula Melaka Cake, a rich confection made from fresh ingredients that reflect the true taste of traditional ondeh-ondeh. A whole cake (RM58) is a special sweet treat to share.

Another signature sweet to indulge in is local favourite, Durian Goreng or fried durian fritters that are crispy on the outside and gooey with real durian on the inside. A must-have sweet this Ramadan at RM13 for five pieces and RM25 for 10 pieces.

Indahnya Ramadan Set Meals packed in convenient takeaway boxes, are available from April 1 to May 31, for lunch and dinner.

The takeaway boxes are available for everyone to enjoy the season’s favourites even before the Ramadan month starts.

Lunch orders accepted from 8am to 11am for pick-up or delivery from 12pm to 2pm.

Dinner and Ramadan orders accepted from 8am to 2pm for pick-up or delivery from 3pm to 5pm.

Call F & B Hotline Tel: +6016 7337363 or +607 268 5251/5252/5329.

Delivery charges apply to a maximum of RM15 for up to 28km distance from hotel. More details of delivery charges will be provided when orders are made. Online banking for advance payment applies.

Grand Paragon Hotel Johor Baru is located at No. 18, Jalan Harimau, Century Garden, 80250 Johor Baru, Johor. Tel: +607 – 2685222.