My books available at the all-new JARO

With the support of Think City Johor Baru, the old wing of the building for NGO, Johor Area Rehabilitation Organisation or JARO, was renovated and is now ready to welcome visitors again.

Entrance to the showroom in the recently
renovated Lim Kee Jin Wing of JARO

JARO has a proud heritage in Johor Baru and is an established brand for quality products that are handmade by people with disabilities. 

The disabled have been given opportunities to be gainfully employed in the JARO sheltered workshops for bookbinding, basketry, tailoring, and handicrafts since 1952.  

My family and I treasure a long relationship with JARO as we have been using their products over the years and proudly presenting their beautiful, quality and useful handicrafts as gifts to friends and family, both locally and abroad.

Attractive display in the JARO showroom
to welcome shoppers this festive season
At the inaugural Iskandar Malaysia Social Heroes Award (IMSHA) gala event in 2014, I had the joy to witness how JARO was honoured as the deserving recipient of the prestigious Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Iskandar Malaysia Ultimate Social Hero Award.

With the festive season just around the corner, it is timely that the refurbished showroom is now to open for shoppers to browse around and choose quality handicrafts to present as gifts and souvenirs.

This building was officially declared open in November 1968 by then Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Abdul Razak Dato Hussain. 

A section of the showroom with handicrafts
by the bookbinding and tailoring workshops 
At an event held on April 6, 2013, this building was official renamed the Lim Kee Jin Wing to honour the contributions by Dato’ Dr Lim Kee Jin who was Chairman of JARO from 1962 to 2007, a role which he held for 46 years.

The work at JARO has its origins in 1952 when Dr Beryl Wilberforce-Smith, a Chest Physician in the Johor Baru General Hospital, now called Sultanah Aminah Hospital, started to rehabilitate recovering tuberculosis patients by training them with skills in basketry, book-binding and tailoring.

This rehabilitation workshop was then a unit of the Malaysian Anti-Tuberculosis Association. 

These patients came under the care of Dato’ Dr Lim Kee Jin in 1958 when he was posted to the hospital as Consultant Physician.

Another section of the showroom

This started Lim on a life-long mission to rehabilitate special people by training and equipping them with marketable skills so that they could have a sense of dignity with financial independence.

As the workshops started accepting rehabilitees with other disabilities, the rehabilitation workshop changed its identity to Johor Area Rehabilitation Organisation or JARO, a registered charitable society and sheltered workshop.  

When Lim stepped down from his role in 2008 for health reasons, Dato’ Jimmy Low Boon Hong took over as Chairman of the Jaro Management Committee, while Lim’s wife, Datin Patricia Lim, a professional historian and author of many books, continues to serve in this committee.

Furniture made from rattan or cane
Before Lim relinquished his role, he said, “We need to re-examine JARO’s mission to rehabilitate and train people with disabilities for gainful employment and operate a sheltered workshop for those who are unable to find employment.  

We need to expand and improve our existing facilities for these purposes and network with other welfare bodies not only in Johor but throughout Malaysia as well as organizations for the disabled throughout the world.”  

Lim’s words have indeed turned into reality when Think City Johor Baru and a host of big-hearted volunteers stepped up to support JARO in the building renovation project to upgrade its showroom and workshop section in the basement.

Useful items with designs sketched by
Yap Hanzhen, Johor's gifted artist
Think City is a wholly owned subsidiary of Khazanah Malaysia, established as a city-making institution to support the evolving urban landscape and to look at ways to make our cities more innovative, resilient and liveable.

Think City started out in Georgetown by undertaking a baseline study to fully understand the city – among other things – who lived there, what people did, how buildings were used.

From understanding the city and its challenges, they moved towards incubation where they either initiated projects or helped the community to initiate and carry out their own projects under a Grants Programme.

"Simply Butterflies" was created by Hanzhen
for me: He presented a framed sketch to me!

In 2017, I had the privilege to partner with Think City Johor Baru in their Grants Programme, and with the support of MPH Publishing, Kuala Lumpur, published my book – which neither of us knew, would end up as an MPH Non-Fiction Bestseller!

Incidentally, I had featured the work of several NGOs including that of JARO, in an exclusive story, A tribute to our unsung heroes, in my bestseller, My Johor Stories: True Tales, Real People, Rich Heritage.

In the recently renovated building, the wide entrance to the Lim Kee Jin Wing remains unchanged while the Reception counter and pay-point are arranged close to the rear wall of the lobby.

I could see to the left of the main entrance, through floor-to-ceiling glass walls, the showroom which has been extended to display a wide range of quality merchandise for visitors to shop in air-c0nditioned comfort.

Once again JARO is poised to become a popular destination for everyone who appreciates quality handmade products.

The book section with a display of books supported by Think City Johor Baru

It was pure nostalgia to see the range of rattan baskets and furniture for sale because we have been using these in our family and handed them down through generations.

There were also attractive displays of products from their bookbinding, basketry, and tailoring workshops as well as decoupage handicrafts contributed by volunteers.

One section of the showroom was dedicated to the distinctive designs and products that feature the art by Johor’s gifted young artist, Yap Hanzhen.

I am familiar with Hanzhen and his gift in sketching and drawing because I had the privilege to feature him along with Johor personalities who have impacted other lives, in my 2017 bestseller, My Johor Stories: True Tales, Real People, Rich Heritage.

With the success of Book One, Think City encouraged me to publish its sequel, My Johor Stories 2: Interesting Places and Inspirational People, which was launched in December 2018.

Meanwhile I was aware that Think City was also supporting Datin Pat Lim to publish a reprint of her book, Johor: Local History, Local Landscapes 1855 to 1957, a valuable resource that was first published in 2009.

Limited number of My Johor Stories books
are now available for sale at the all-new JARO

This book is now available from the JARO showroom, displayed among various books supported by Think City. While my eyes were riveted to her book, I could not help spotting the familiar cover designs of my books!

I am delighted that the books supported by Think City available for sale at JARO included a limited number of my books, My Johor Stories: True Tales, Real People, Rich Heritage and My Johor Stories 2: Interesting Places and Inspirational People.

So JARO supporters and everyone in search of something special this festive season, are welcome to browse around the showroom to shop for gifts and souvenirs.

JARO is located along Jalan Sungai Chat, between Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar (English College) and the building complex for Yayasan Warisan Johor (Johor Heritage Foundation).

Open Sunday to Thursday from 8am to 5pm, closed on Friday, Saturday and Public Holidays.  Tel: 607 – 2245632. 

Note: The nearest MPH bookstore to Johor Baru is located at Aero Mall, linked to Senai International Airport. My books are also available from MPH bookstores nationwide and online from

Wan Li presents creative Chinese cuisine

When I was introduced to the Chinese Head Chef at Renaissance Johor Baru last year, I remember quizzing Chef Linus Mak about his hometown because he shares the same surname as our late grandmother.

Wan Li Chinese Restaurant is at the
lobby level of Renaissance Johor Baru

No, we are not related by blood, but it was fun to connect with another person with the same (rare!) surname and whose forefathers probably hailed from the same province in China.

It was not important if that was really so because I still enjoyed the Halal Chinese cuisine prepared by Chef Linus and his team at Wan Li Chinese Restaurant.

Recently I was at Wan Li again for a preview of the exciting new ala carte menu that Chef Linus had created in collaboration with Executive Chef Fredrick Kho Choon Khim and the Wan Li culinary team.

I studied the list of dishes prepared for the preview and privately congratulated myself for bringing my appetite along to savour three appetizers, one soup, five dishes that featured meat, prawns, poultry and rice, and finally, a dessert.

Some specialties at Wan Lin Chinese Restaurant

Meanwhile Restaurant Manager, Henry Lee, was proud to show me a copy of their (regularly sanitized!) new menu.

As I turned the glossy pages and admired the slick photographs of some of their specialties, I wondered if the dishes would look and taste just as mouth-watering.

My curiosity was satisfied when the three appetizers were served – because they looked exactly like the images featured on the menu – so all I had to do was to discover if these dishes passed the taste test.

I could easily tell the Wok-fried White Bait flavoured with Spicy Crispy Garlic and Glazed air-dried Beef Fillet with Chilli Sauce, from the salad made with slivers of Free-Range Chicken tossed with (lots of!) Chinese Coriander, Fried Shallots and Black Truffle.

Double-boiled Silky Fowl Soup, rich with
ingredients like dark garlic king, conpoy
and vegetables  

A slow munch of the crispy white bait tinged with the rich flavour of deep-fried garlic and the chewy, beefy taste of the wafer-thin sheets of beef fillet, was enough to whet my appetite for more.

Served piping hot and kept warm in a covered, deep ceramic bowl, was the Double-boiled Silky Fowl Soup with Dark Garlic King, Conpoy and Vegetables.

When I dipped my spoon into the nutritious dark soup, I discovered the quality ingredients which included meaty portions of black chicken.

I thought the refreshing taste of grilled rack of Lamb flavoured with homemade Pineapple Barbecue Sauce was a rather untraditional Chinese dish while Stir-fried Prawn Fritters in Curry Butter Milk Sauce, made with deshelled plump prawns coated in an even more surprising taste, was reminiscent of North Indian cuisine.

Fried Chicken with Dried Chilli, Garlic
and Szechuan Pepper

At my first bite of the Fried Chicken flavoured with Dried Chilli, Garlic and Szechuan Pepper, I knew that even non-fans of fried chicken would just fall in love with this.

As my chopsticks reached out for yet another piece of tasty fried chicken, I must admit that one piece was just not enough!

The piece de resistance in this menu must be the Wok-fried Australian Wagyu Beef with Foie Gras and Asparagus that features tender slices of beef along with chunks of melt-in-your-mouth foie gras, the perfect foil for crunchy sticks of asparagus.

Stir-fried Prawns in Curry Butter Milk Sauce
The creativity continued in the Fragrant Fried Rice with Conpoy, Egg White, Garlic Crisps and Beet Root Juice, an ingredient which added its bright colour to the rice.

I had wisely saved some space for dessert because it was a double dessert of Chilled Mango Puree and Pomelo with a side of homemade Steamed Custard Bun.

[By the way, Wan Li also serves a Halal menu of dim sum with Steamed Custard Buns among its recommended items.]

Australian Wagyu Beef with Foie Gras
and Asparagus 
Aware that its gooey insides might burst through the light pastry, I turned the bun upside down and gently peeled open its pastry, taking care not to spill a drop of the generous dollop of salted egg puree. Mmm… It was no surprise that I finished it!

I had just washed (Malaysian style) a stain of salted egg puree off my fingers with a splash of Chinese tea when Chef Linus came to chat with us at the table.

Emerging from the kitchen where he was working hard to whip up this gorgeous meal, he looked rather flushed and sweat-soaked in his smart tunic but remained highly receptive as we gave him our constructive comments for each dish.

Double dessert of Chilled Mango Puree and
Pomelo with a Steamed Custard Bun

When I told him, “Full marks for creativity,” Chef Linus accepted the compliment with a charming smile.

From now till December 12, diners will enjoy 20% off ala carte orders at Wan Li.

Wan Li Chinese Restaurant (Halal) is on the lobby level of Renaissance Johor Baru, at No. 2 Jalan Permas 11, Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, 81750 Johor Baru, Johor.

For reservations, Tel: +607 – 381 3388 or email,

Enquiries and orders may also be sent by WhatsApp to Tel: +6018 – 7800787.

Handcrafted dim sum at Wan Li

A glance around the dining hall in Wan Li Chinese Restaurant showed me that almost all the tables were occupied during lunchtime.

Entrance to Wan Li at the lobby level
of Renaissance Johor Baru

Arranged further apart for physical distancing and with fewer diners per table, this restaurant which serves a Halal menu of quality dim sum and ala carte dishes, continues to be the preferred choice for business, family and social gatherings.

Over the years, Wan Li has earned an enviable reputation for their superior quality Halal dim sum and I was keen to discover if they have maintained the standard of their handcrafted dim sum consistently.

I am ushered to a table set for only four diners and introduced to the highlights of their handcrafted menu of dim sum, in an All-you-can-eat Dim Sum promotion.

A printed order sheet is provided
to let diners place orders more

A printed order sheet that lists a choice of dim sum, with descriptions (thankfully!) provided in English, is a helpful guide for placing orders in portions of up to a maximum of three times per item.

As I scanned through the listed items, I noted that the icon of a Chef’s Hat indicated those which are the Chef’s Recommendations.

There are steamed, fried and baked dim sum with choices of rice and noodles, porridge and vegetables, all for one price that includes tie guan yin quality Chinese tea.

My eyes zeroed in on the Recommended items and decided that I must have a taste of the Superior Siew Mai, Superior Har Kau with Water-chestnuts, Deep-fried Prawn Dumplings and the Steamed Golden Custard Buns.

In the tradition of dim sum dining, the items would be served hot from the steamer/stove.

Three dip sauces [Left to Right] Spicy
Chilli Oil, Mayonnaise, Chilli Sauce

So while waiting, I looked closer at the three dip sauces provided for diners who wished to enhance the taste of their dim sum, and recognised the choices of Chilli Sauce, Mayonnaise and Spicy Chilli Oil.

If you are unfamiliar with dim sum dining, just remember that there are no particular rules to follow in eating dim sum.

The dim sum dishes are served in tapas portions so just follow your personal preference on which items you liked to eat first. As for me, I like to start with the savoury followed by the sweet.

A dim sum spread to savour!

I also prefer to savour the deep-fried items first to enjoy the fresh, crunchy flavours while the freshly steamed items stood for a while to cool down.

One thing is clear about dim sum dining, which is the pleasure of leisurely eating tiny morsels of a wide variety of items to your own satisfaction.

When the dim sum were served, they arrived in batches of deep-fried items followed by steamed and cooked items so that I could enjoy them visually before I took my time to savour them the way I preferred.

Clockwise from the Top: Steamed Sweet Taro Buns, Steamed Phoenix (chicken!) Feet in Black Pepper Sauce, Steamed Scallop Dumplings, Deep-fried Beancurd Skin Rolls stuffed with Prawns, Pan-fried Shanghai Dumplings, Superior Siew Mai, Pumpkin Porridge and Superior Har Kau with Water-chestnuts.

The warm and gooey salted egg puree
inside the Steamed Golden Custard Bun

Center Left, Deep-fried Taro Croquettes; Center Right, Deep-fried Prawn Dumplings to savour with a Mayonnaise dip.

When I finally put down my chopsticks, I was happy to commend the dim sum chefs at Wan Li for their commitment to carefully preserving the taste and quality of their handcrafted dim sum.

A special mention goes to the Steamed Golden Custard Buns for the skillful art of creating a light pastry filled with a generous dollop of salted egg puree that stayed delightfully warm and gooey… and tasted oh-so good!

The All-you-can-eat dim sum at Wan Li is priced at RM64.15 per person with free flow of tie guan yin quality Chinese tea.

Wan Li Chinese Restaurant (Halal) is on the lobby level of Renaissance Johor Baru, at No. 2 Jalan Permas 11, Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, 81750 Johor Baru, Johor.

For reservations, Tel: +607 – 381 3388 or email,

Enquiries may also be sent by WhatsApp to Tel: +6018 – 7800787.

Mum and the MCO

Being confined at home during the Movement Control Order (MCO), Conditional or Enhanced, has taken a toll on many people – mainly the elderly – and my mother was no exception.

View of cloudy skies from our backyard
At age 88, mum is in the high-risk age group and she understands that the best place for her during the prevailing pandemic, is to be safely at home.

We have a garden for her to potter around comfortably and she kept a routine with reading the newspapers, doing the laundry, cooking up meals, doing light exercise and watching TV for daily news updates.

Since March 2020, our extended family have been staying in touch through modern technology and with the borders closed, it was truly a bonus to be able to chat with family and friends in locations abroad via video calls.

Pharmacy in Klinik Mahmoodiah
In August 2020, mum suffered acute pain on her right knee, and she decided to consult the Orthopedic Specialist at KPJ Puteri Specialist Hospital, Mr Lim Choh Keong, who is also a family friend.

When mum had a fall several years ago, Dr Lim treated her fractured ankle and to seek relieve for her painful knee, an appointment was made for mum to see him.

Mum was also suffering symptoms like shortness of breath and general discomfort, so we also fixed an appointment to consult Cardiologist and Physician, Dr Yap Sau Peng. [We are familiar with Dr Yap because he took care of our late father.]

Drive-Through pharmacy at
Klinik Mahmoodiah
That day, mum consulted with these two specialists in one visit. While Mr Lim performed a procedure to draw out the gunk from mum’s swollen knee, Dr Yap examined mum’s heart and chest condition from x-rays and found that she was fine.

Meanwhile as a pensioner, mum has her regular health checks at Klinik Mahmoodiah, the outpatient clinic where she received a prescription for her ailments.

Over the years, I would collect her monthly prescriptions which she took daily as prescribed. As a retired midwife, she is aware that it was essential to keep her health stable, especially when she was advancing in age.

Since the MCO, I brought mum for her appointments only twice when the clinic staff confirmed that mum should go in for a doctor’s review before receiving her next prescription.

Stopped at traffic lights on our
drive-about through the city
Due to the prevailing pandemic, the clinic issued her prescription with three months’ supply of medicine and when the date was due for the next collection recently, I was instructed to go to the Drive-Through pharmacy at Mahmoodiah clinic.

However, the pharmacist there told me that they did not stock one item in mum’s prescription, so I had no alternative but to go to the clinic’s pharmacy to collect it.

It was a rainy afternoon on Oct 19 while I trekked between the Drive-Through pharmacy and the clinic pharmacy to collect mum’s prescription.

[I could not help but wonder about the efficiency of this system which still compelled the patient to go to two places to collect one prescription?]

Mum with A&E doctor at PSH
Mum’s symptoms of shortness of breath and general discomfort had prevailed even before August and by early November, her condition had further deteriorated.

I was aware that many people were suffering strange symptoms due to the lockdown syndrome or cabin fever, so mum was probably also having similar symptoms.

To improve her mental health, I even took mum out on a drive-about to see familiar parts of the city.

But every morning, I observed that mum had much difficulty in eating her breakfast and had to pause often to take in deep breaths. As the day passed, her condition would stabilize but at dinner time, she again suffered shortness of breath while eating.

She has good days and bad days – with more bad days than good – because her general weakness and discomfort was causing her to lie down more often.

Mum went through a battery of tests
Sometimes in the morning, she would tell me that he heard the neighbour playing such loud music late into the night. I politely agreed with her but in fact, I did not hear anything. From this, I knew that her tinnitus was bothering her.

I knew that she was frustrated with her malaise and asked if she wished to consult her doctors. Each time her reply was a decline because if he asked her to describe her symptoms, she declared, “I don’t even know what to tell the doctor!”

Because she could no longer bear the physical discomfort, she would ask for a kuat sar massage, a traditional deep-tissue therapy on her back and shoulders that would give her some relieve.

Preparing mum for Mr Lim to
perform procedure on her shoulder
I knew that her condition was serious when she again needed another kuat sar massage within the span of a few days.

One morning, she could hardly hold up her head because she felt giddiness and such a heavy head. After a neck, head and shoulders massage, mum felt some relieve.

I observed that mum was trying to be brave by not complaining about her condition but on some days, she just could not help feeling poorly and the need to lie down.

For my mum who was so active, this was abnormal, and I was deeply concerned.

At this point, I did not think about mum’s daily prescription that she was taking religiously over the years but on hindsight, I should have guessed something was wrong because of her tinnitus.

Dr Yap examining mum as she had the chills
This condition is a ringing in the ear caused by the aging process and loss of sleep, stress and anxiety, but one of the causes of tinnitus was reaction to certain medication.

One night, mum said she suddenly could hardly move her limbs but after flexing her fingers, she managed to reach for her trusted eucalyptus medicated oil to massage herself and finally managed to move again.

Another night when our dog barked and woke us from sleep, mum told me that she had an acute pain on her right shoulder. This pain continued to bother her in spite of frequent massages with eucalyptus oil.

Her general weakness, shortness of breath and the additional painful right shoulder compelled mum to finally agree to consult Dr Yap again, so an appointment was fixed for the afternoon of Nov 5.

Mum with Dr Yap Sau Peng
Things came to a head on the morning of Nov 5.

After her breakfast, mum wanted to lie down again, with an instruction to pile two pillows (higher!) for her and to cover her with the blanket.

With chills emanating from within, mum was shivering with cold even after I had covered her with a blanket right up to her neck.

It was an absolutely harrowing experience to watch helplessly as my mum trembled with chills and struggled to breath.

I kept talking to mum to reassure her that I was there and said that I was going to call for an ambulance to admit her to the hospital nearest to our home. I also quickly informed my siblings and asked my sister to come over.

Mum sitting up to read newspapers
After a few minutes, mum was thankfully, no longer gasping for breath or shivering with cold but had calmed down and rested quite comfortably.

My sister and I agreed that we should admit mum right away and as we shared this decision with mum, she responded positively probably because she knew that she needed immediate medical attention.

It was interesting that mum recovered sufficiently to instruct us on what to pack along for her hospital admission. By this time, my sister and I saw that mum seemed steady enough for me to drive her instead of calling for the ambulance.

At the entrance of KPJ Puteri Specialist Hospital, we went through the QR code scan and temperature checks before my sister accompanied mum into the Accident & Emergency room.

Sitting up to read newspapers again
The A&E doctor called up mum’s file and x-rays and gave her immediate treatment to stabilize her condition before we took our turn to consult with Dr Yap who examined mum and admitted her for observation.

While mum was there, she also consulted with Mr Lim who examined her painful right shoulder and diagnosed it as bursitis. He then arranged for mum to undergo the procedure to draw out the gunk from her shoulder before it could heal.

Meanwhile mum went through a battery of tests to ascertain the cause of her ailment and it was reassuring to learn that her condition was not life threatening.

When Dr Yap studied mum’s prescription from the clinic, he thought that the dosage prescribed was too strong and reduced the dosage to observe her reaction.

Discharged and heading home
After Day Three, mum’s condition was still up and down so the doctor decided to keep her for another two days for further observation.

[In fairness, during the prevailing pandemic mum did not see the clinic doctor as regularly to highlight her symptoms but just continued taking the prescription in the prescribed dosage through these months of limited movement.]

Thankfully, mum regained her normal breathing pattern especially while eating and based on the record of her readings, the doctor deemed that she was ready to be discharged.

In my chats with family and friends who were sending wishes to mum for a speedy recovery from her ordeal, I learnt that they happened to know of elderly friends/relatives who also suffered strange symptoms when their prescriptions did not agree with their bodies.

The dosage for mum's prescription
was adjusted and reduced
My cousin, who is with medical sales, commented that this is a common occurrence with patients who were advancing with age. Once the dosage was adjusted, they were fine again.

By sharing this experience, I wish to create more awareness and to benefit others with this knowledge.

It is truly mind-boggling that sometimes it took the simplest of adjustments in the prescription to make a big difference in the patient’s reaction to the medication. 

Proton X50 unveiled in Johor Baru

The highly anticipated Proton X50 was officially launched on 27 October 2020.

The all-new Proton X50 was unveiled in JB

In Johor Baru, the authorized 4S dealer for Proton, AG Autoworld Sdn Bhd, partnered with R&F Development Malaysia to unveil the all-new Proton X50 at the Permaisuri Zarith Sofiah Opera House, the first opera house in Johor.

To celebrate the unveiling of the Proton X50, AG Autoworld hosted this exclusive event for their premium customers and the media as the privileged few to have a close encounter with the car.

Established in 2019, AG Autoworld was nominated by Proton Edar to be the first-ever Proton 4S dealer in Johor. The abbreviation 4S stands for Sales, Services, Spare Parts, Body and Paint.

I was among the priviledged few
to have a first glimpse!

When the car was presented for preview on 15 September, the Proton X50 received an overwhelming response with over 300 bookings recorded by AG Autoworld.


“The number of bookings was overwhelming!” said Mr. Kuek Ser Kee, Managing Director of AG Autoworld.

“We would like to thank all our customers for their interest and support,” he added.

The Proton X50 model is the second product created from the partnership between Proton and Geely.

Built on the group’s B-segment Modular Architecture (BMA) platform that also underpins products from Geely and Volvo, this model features turbocharged engines, a seven-speed DCT gearbox as well as the next generation of advanced driver assist systems. 

There are four variants to this model and six colour options to choose from.

A Proton X50 in Passion Red was unveiled
They include Snow White, Armour Silver, Jet Grey, Ocean Blue, Citric Orange (an exclusive colour) and Passion Red (the Hero colour). 

In a simple ceremony officiated by Kuek Ser Kee of AG Autoworld and Richard Hu, Chairman of R&F Development Malaysia, the Proton X50 was unveiled on the stage of the Permaisuri Zarith Sofiah Opera House.

At the car’s unveiling, Proton announced its package prices for the model with the highest specifications at RM103,300 while the model with the lowest specs was priced at only RM79,200.

“We are honoured to host the event and be among the privileged few to have the first experience of the Proton X50,” said Richard Hu.


Media partners taking a closer look
at the car's interior design

“The Permaisuri Zarith Opera House is set to inspire and cultivate a culture of the arts in the city.

The extravagant hall design and state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems in the opera house, makes it ideal for hosting various events, such as large conferences and product launches like this of the Proton X50.

We look forward to presenting more international level shows and events to Johoreans here,” he added.

AG Autoworld also announced its exclusive collaboration with R&F Development Malaysia to give away a brand-new Proton X50 in the R&F Mall’s ‘Shop & Win a Proton X50’ campaign.

It will kick off from the first day of the Christmas campaign on 26 November 2020 for R&F Mall JB shoppers to participate in a lucky draw with a minimum spend of RM100 to stand a chance to drive away with the all-new Proton X50.

Shoppers at the R&F Mall and new homeowners at R&F Princess Cove stand to win 
a brand new Proton X50 by taking part in their year-end campaigns.

In the New Home New Car campaign by R&F Princess Cove, homeowners who bought a property from now till 28 February 2021 will also stand to win the grand prize of a brand-new Proton X50.

The R&F Mall and R&F Princess Cove, a property development that overlooks the Straits of Johor, is located at Jalan Tanjung Puteri, 80300 Johor Baru, Johor.

For more information on the Proton X50, please visit;

For more ‘Shop & Win a Proton X50’ event details, please visit R&F Mall Facebook page &