Six months on ...

It’s October now, six months since the soft launch of my blog on 11 March 2011.  When the blog went “live” in March, it marked the start of a New Era where readers can access my articles online and at their convenience. 

I’m greatly encouraged by the feedback and am glad to post some comments here.  My cousins and relatives were as expected, brutally frank, but it was all good feedback for the overall improvement of my blog. 

I share all compliments, especially for the design concept, with Chris who spent countless hours working on the blog and patiently guiding me (duh!) step-by-step from zero blogging knowledge to where we are today!

Phoebe said:  Peggy, you’ve done it!  Yay!  It’s so great and I like it!  The way many of your stories are grouped and categorized makes it so easy to find what we want to read.  I like the “aged” look too!  Now I can catch up on many of the articles I never got to read (like the one about the cheong sam and sam foo!  You know how I love the cheongsam!)  Great job!  Keep it up.  God bless!

Roseline Ong [Left] and Irene Tan exploring my blog
Irene said:  Hello, hello… I love the picture of you la… VERY nice!!!  Am so pleased this is finally up.  Then I can read at leisure.

Siok said:  Hi Peg, I am totally impressed with your blog!  And that title frame picture of you is so well done.  Good job, Peggy!  Well done!  When I feel homesick, I will definitely click on your site and travel down Memory Lane.  Thanks Peg.

Shafina said:  Very nice.  Exactly you!  Actually prefer this pic of you to the one in NST.  I was thinking about your branding too when I saw the blog.  Really gets you out there.  I think your name by itself is a brand too.  It’s a gorgeous pic!

Putri said:  Congrats!  It’s a lovely blog!  You have put much thought to it.  I especially like its nostalgic look and tone.  Maintaining it will keep you really busy but I’m sure you’ll do very well.  You may like to include your photo gallery later, and make some money out of the pix you have, especially the old photos of Johor – these can’t be easily found, so offer them at premium rates, with copyright still belonging to you and your family.  So glad NST is mentioned almost everywhere!  Thanks Peggy.

Yin said:  Congratulations and best wishes on the launch of your blog – well done, dear friend!  I’ve found the perfect place to reminisce on Johor.  Superb artwork!

Chong LH said:  Congratulations on the launching of your blog!  A collection of well written articles – your collection can be published as a book.

Liz said: Love reading your stories… Keep up the good work and looking forward to reading the next one.

Nancy said:  Harlo Barlo!  Thanks for sharing your most interesting stories.  The moment I set eyes on your blog, I already warmed up to it and I’m sure I will visit and re-visit.  The warm colour tone of reddish brown is very soothing to the eyes (unlike some with hue of bright colours that may attract immediate attention but soon tire the eyes).  I like the layout of your pages which is easy to navigate and interesting to read.  The photos attached to each article are interesting and makes me want to look closely and recall personal memories attached to the place.  I simply love your portrait in the front page.  Who did that for you ah? Great work!

Eva said:  Congratulations on this blog!  I’ve not had a chance to go through it all, but from first appearances, I love the look of it.  The sepia tones really invoke a feeling of nostalgia.  One can almost hear the crackling of a gramophone playing in the background as one reads through these stories.  Eat ya heart out Amy Tan…and make way for the upcoming best-seller, Peggy Loh!

Keerban said:  You have done a wonderful job.  Surfed through and seem to like the variety of interesting windows and its content.  Will keep you updated as I read along.  My sincere compliments for your down-memory-lane blog!

Mark said:  I had a sneak peek just now.  Looks like I’ve to add it to my list of favourites!  Keep on chugging…cheers!

Sheila said:  Your blog is excellent and it gives an insight to interesting articles of our hometown, the folks and your travels and thoughts.  From what I have read through so far, I like it and would like to share it with my family.  It is user-friendly and easy to navigate.  I will be checking it whenever I go on my computer!

Nandita said:  Congratulations on launching your blog!  It’s very well-presented, easy to get around in and the font is comfortable to the eyes – very important to me as I usually surf late at night.  Good to know I can reminisce about the good ol’ days anytime.  Now, when can we expect the book…? :-)

Harban said:  Wonderful blog!  I like it and have stored it in my Favourites.  Keep up the great job to colour the local scene.  I cannot imagine JB without your fascinating articles!

Gwen said:  I’ve been reading the articles I missed and re-reading my favourite stories.  I’ve also posted your link on my Facebook page and already my ex-classmate has been reading for the last hour or so too!  Keep writing.  I’m hooked and I know many JB friends will be too.

Belinda said:  The site is nice and people will visit again and again to read if the stories relate to them – trust that Uncle Roland is recovering well.  Nice front page/pix and easy to read…Love your stories!

Karen-Ann said:  Very interesting and impressive indeed.  You have made Johor sound and look so exciting!

Cousin Bernice [all grown up!] and I on holiday
at Lamma Island [for yummy seafood dinner] Hong Kong
Thanks so much, everyone!  I appreciate your feedback and encouraging comments.  If you have not already guessed it, the inspiration behind the design of my picture on the blog’s banner is my granny’s face powder!

Fans of Facebook will be delighted to know that now Peggy Loh – My Johor Stories has another avenue for readers to send in their comments and messages through Facebook / PeggyLohJohor.

Meanwhile, look out for my regular round-up’s as I keep you posted on what I’ve been up to and the happenings in and around Johor!   Happy reading!


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  1. Anonymous10/06/2011

    Dear Peggy, you've done it again! 6mths on and your blog is getting bigger and better too! Enjoyed the articles .. and the accompanying pictures brought the life out in the stories. Keep 'em rolling in.