Barney's sincere food

Refreshing taste of Safe Sex on the Beach
If you’ve heard of “Sex on the Beach,” a cocktail invented in Florida in 1987 then you must try the non-alcoholic version, “Safe Sex on the Beach” at Barney’s.  

Besides being intrigued by its saucy name, enjoy this refreshing concoction created with a charming blend of grape juice mixed with orange juice and topped with a dash of fizzy Sprite. 

“My wife named it,” laughed Barnabas Lim Jit Tong, 41, who runs Barney’s with his wife and an able team.  Lim, better known as Barney, gained his culinary experience in Switzerland and the States before returning to Kluang where his family has an established coffeeshop business.  When he started making his pizza specialty from the back of his father’s coffeeshop, they quickly gained popularity because these delicious, loaded pizzas are twice-baked for soft insides and crispy edges.

Crunchy fresh Watercress Salad with orange wedges
Now in addition to pizza, Barney’s serves an exciting menu of Western cuisine with local flavours.  Lim, who calls himself an Entrepreneur Cook, believes in using local produce in his recipes to create dishes that are uniquely available at Barney’s.  Recently, he introduced several interesting dishes in a new menu that is well received by regulars.

“We sell sincere food here,” said Lim who is happy to tailor a menu for groups and private parties in Barney’s.  “I will make sure that your four-course meal is a total experience,” he added.  Regulars, familiar with his phenomenal specialties, often ask him to design new and original dishes for them and Lim is happy to oblige, especially when there are right ingredients in his kitchen. 

Yummy pesto pasta with smoked duck
At Barney’s you can taste his creation of an Ulam Salad made with local fresh ulam greens, jicama – a sweet root vegetable that looks like turnip – garnished with crushed peanuts and tossed in piquant Vietnamese sauce.  Watercress Salad is another refreshing salad here made with fresh sprigs of watercress mixed with orange wedges and drizzled with pulpy, tangy orange juice.

Pasta-lovers will enjoy the simple yet yummy pesto pasta made with slivers of smoked duck and sautéed mushrooms, and savour the distinct but subtle taste of sun-dried tomatoes.  The delicate balance of contrasting flavours makes this dish very palatable and most appetising!

Barney's Iron Steak
Steak fans who appreciate a stronger beefy flavour can dig into Barney’s Iron Steak.  This meat-lover’s dream dish is an aged steak served on a bed of fresh watercress with a portion of fries and your choice of sauce on the side. 

For your sweet ending, try the Pear Poached in Red Wine and Raspberry.  Don’t forget to add a dollop of custard cream, made with real vanilla before you sink your teeth into the tender slices of pear for a light taste of cabernet.  Nibble this delightful dessert with a warm blend of Lavender Grey designer tea to complete your satisfying meal.

Barney’s at 5 & 6 Jalan Yayasan, Kluang, is open daily from 11.30am to 10.00pm except on compulsory Public Holidays.  For reservations and catering, Tel: 07 – 774 4992.  Barney’s catering service offers an eclectic menu of authentic Western, Malay and Chinese dishes that may include roasted whole lamb and “live” stations for freshly made spaghetti dishes.  No pork products are used.

Freshly-made pizza with cheese and mushroom topping

Pear poached in red wine with side of vanilla custard cream


  1. Hi Peggy, I have been enjoying reading your articles about Johor. I appreciate the insights and depth you bring to your diverse topics. Thanks! After reading your interesting article on Barney's, I have to make another trip to Kluang to enjoy this unique restaurant and add another page to my "find dining" adventures ;D

  2. Hey Johor Kaki, Appreciate your kind compliments! [Blush! Blush!] When you are at Barney's, be sure to meet the man, Barney and let him know why you are there! I'm sure he will be thrilled... and you can be assured of a very memorable experience. Enjoy!

  3. Thanks Peggy. I definitely will ;D

  4. Peggy,

    Keep the Johor articles rolling & let everyone know what they are missing in JB especially.