Beautiful Banjaran

Waterfall near entrance to Meditation Cave
While working on Hotel Watch reviews, I have experienced many hotels and resorts both locally and abroad but some things just set The Banjaran apart.  While every resort strives to provide the best in services and facilities, this is a resort with exemplary quality standards that they work hard to maintain.  Recently I was at The Banjaran as my sister’s companion to relax and enjoy the stay– without an assignment in mind – and this made my discovery of such a unique destination much more delightful!

The award-winning Banjaran is not just a resort but a retreat for reconnecting with Nature, total relaxation and personal pampering.  The spacious and well-appointed villas, professional spa services and trained staff working efficiently in this exotically beautiful property, sprawled across a landscape of tropical jungle, hot-springs, waterfalls and limestone caves – all work well together to give discerning guests an extraordinary and memorable experience.  The balance of natural resources with modern amenities coupled with attention to detail in special touches gave us such a spectacular stay that it felt almost unreal!

Here’s a little peek into our Banjaran experience:

Swirls of steam hovering above hot-springs pond

Reflection of trees mirrored on placid pool
Placemat carefully laid out with cutlery placed equi-distance apart!
Relaxed after professional spa treatment
Having a drink in Jeff's Cellar - a bar built inside a limestone cave!
For a change, we had breakfast served in our villa
Friends of mine know that I often deliberately exaggerate how good a food or some thing is by labeling them, “Best in the world!” but even if this phrase aptly describes The Banjaran, I did not utter it – even to my sister who shares my sentiments about our stay.  We are, in fact, still reliving the experience as we exchange photos taken on our cameras!
Wash dusty feet here before entering villa!
After our return to Johor Baru, I learnt that The Banjaran was recognized as the World’s Best Resort accorded by Fiabci Prix d’Excellence at a ceremony held in St Petersburg, Russia on 15 May 2012.  Wow!  How uncanny?  This time there isn’t any exaggeration on my part because my sentiments are confirmed by this prestigious award!

Reviewing our photos of the Banjaran is bringing back vivid recollections of one of the most carefree short breaks I’ve had in a long, long time.  Its one thing to drool at photos but there’s nothing like being there for the experience.  Now if there’s just one more thing [besides a much-needed new car!] to add to my wish list, I know it’s another wonderful experience at the beautiful Banjaran!

The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat is located just a 15-minute drive away from Ipoh along Jalan Tambun.  For enquiries and reservations: Email or Tel: 605 – 210 7777, Fax: 605 – 210 7778.  Visit website:



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    Wow wow wow.. this is awesome!

  2. Anonymous7/12/2012

    Way to go Peggy! Have more holidays
    -Alicia, JB