Two Years Old

Happy Two Years Old!
Two years ago on 11 March 2011, my blog went “live.”  It is an easy date to remember because it coincides with the day of the double catastrophe that hit Japan with a horrific earthquake and tsunami.  As a toddler, I’m still taking baby steps to develop my blog at a slow and steady pace, aware that My Johor Stories is attracting readers who read and truly appreciate my stories. 

I enjoy receiving comments from readers and it never ceases to amaze me that my stories have impacted them in some special way.  Readers respond in different ways: some post their remarks on that subject while some tell me about their plans to visit a particular destination – a restaurant or a museum – that interests them.  There are yet others who wrote me with weird queries about buying products like ceramic plates (Johor’s Claytan Ceramics) and even an ice shaving machine (Tropical Treat)!

12 - 12 -12 came and went uneventfully

Readers also write me on my blog’s Face Book page and I had some interesting interactions with some of them.  I’m glad that the credibility of my stories has encouraged readers to write me and I’ve been privileged to connect people and draw families together.

Time flies and the much anticipated December 12, 2012 came and went uneventfully but 2012 was certainly the tipping point for Iskandar Malaysia. 

My entrance ticket to Legoland Malaysia

When Legoland Malaysia opened in September 2012, I was privileged to be among the first to experience the excitement of an international standard destination in Johor.  It’s exciting that friends and relatives in Kuala Lumpur are organising their holidays in Johor Baru for the children and grandchildren to go to the theme parks while senior family members enjoy a nostalgic tour of the museums here.

Kway Chap specialty unique to Johor Baru
As education establishments, development projects, private hospitals and theme park attractions are opening here, I’m told by hotelier friends that hotels in Johor Baru have been running full-house during holidays and on weekends!  This really augurs well for Johor’s economy as more visitors pour in from across the causeway and the region.  While I discover more exciting destinations locally and abroad, you can be assured that these will be posted with lots of photos for your reading and viewing pleasure.

Food is always a passion and one thing readers are going to notice in my blog is more posts on non-Halal food.  In fact, I have already started with Sumptuous Steamboat and a Taste of Taiwan in Kulai.  This Johor Storyteller is sniffing out more stories on the families involved with serving delicious food and plans are afoot to reorganise my food posts so that readers can access them easily.  As my blog turns two, this and other changes are going to happen but it’s all good.  So carry on reading My Johor Stories!


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  1. Anonymous3/21/2013

    Congratulations Cousin! What a milestone, keep writing!
    Cousins fr Down Under